Head Lamps

Mini Led Pocket Light with Clip & Magnet
Item # HP075

MINI LED POCKET LIGHT with CLIP & MAGNET - This lightweight, compact six LED lamp puts out a ton of light (60-lumens). Find your way along the dark trail and back to the car after fishing the moonlight caddis hatch. Clips to a vest pocket or pack. Strong magnet in one end for mounding to your vehicle while you change out of your waders. Handy if you drop a fly on the ground; the magnet will vacuum it right up.
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Adap Tikka System
Item # HP690

50% OFF! ADAPT TIKKA SYSTEM converts any TIKKA Lamp, new or old, to be used with the new ADAPT SYSTEM. Allows you to remove your lamp from the headband and mount it on a jacket, vest, pack or any rigid surface. Includes: elastic headband, connecting plate, clip and universal attachment. WAS $16.50, NOW $8.25!
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Spotlight Rechargeable Led Light
Item # HP7010

"SPOTLIGHT" Rechargeable LED Light for Your Vehicle AMAZINGLY BRIGHT for its size, producing 10x normal LED Light High output! Powerful .5 watt (28 lumens) shines up to 150-foot beam. This compact (2-inch) Spotlight lives in any cig-lighter outlet in your vehicle, always charged and at the ready. Whether it's for changing a tire, searching for lost items, or flagging down help, the SPOTLIGHT will always be at its peak power. Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (180+ minutes of light per charge), 6061 Aircraft aluminum body, water resistant and submersible. Red glow charging indicator makes it easy to find in a dark car. COLORS: (1)Red, (2)Green, (3)Yellow, (4)Blue, (5)Black $19.95 NOTE: If your vehicle is not equipped with a cig-lighter outlet, you'll need to purchase the optional Super Socket to charge the Spotlight in your vehicle.
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Spotlight Lanyard
Item # HP701A

The SPOTLIGHT LANYARD is custom made to fit the Spotlight rechargeable LED Lights. Spotlight slips on to the neck lanyard. Really handy for finding your way back to the car or camp after fishing till dark.
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Spotlight "Super Socket"
Item # HP703

SPOTLIGHT "SUPER SOCKET" Plugs into any vehicle power outlet. Has one socket for charging your Spotlight and another socket for charging any other 12v devices.
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Spotlight "Home Helper" A/C Wall Charger
Item # HP704

SPOTLIGHT "HOME HELPER" A/C Wall Charger Charges your Spotlight in any home 110-220v wall outlet. Red glowing charging indicator works as a convenient home night light!
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