Salmon Steelhead

Otters Soft Milk Eggs
Item # JF190

OTTER'S SOFT MILK EGGS Gummy-soft egg material with a white sperm veil. If it was any more realistic, it would hatch. (1)Apricot, (2)pink, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Ruby, (5)Orange - Sizes: 6, 12
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Otters Soft Milk Egg Clusters
Item # JF191

OTTER'S SOFT MILK EGG CLUSTERS Gummy-soft eggs are unbelievably realistic. (1)Apricot, (2)Pink, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Ruby, (5)Orange, (6)Blue - Size 8
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Item # JF193

POPSICLE George Cook's "Popsicle" is the hottest fly for Alaskan kings, silvers, and even steelhead. Don't get caught short! Size 1/0
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Guide Intruder
Item # JF197

GUIDE INTRUDER Another proven AK pattern by Scott Howell. Size 1/0 stinger.
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Flesh Fly
Item # JF200

FLESH FLY Imitates decaying carcass. Second only to egg patterns for enticing big scavenger rainbows on Alaskan salmon waters. Size: 4
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Lady Flesh
Item # JF201

LADY FLESH It's a good idea to carry more than one style flesh fly depending on the "hatch." This one has built-in sparkle. Size: 6
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Flash Fly
Item # JF202

FLASH FLY One of the most popular silver salmon flies in Alaska. Size 2
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Item # JF205

TECHNOWOG If you haven't caught a silver on top, you're missing the boat. Swing or slash over aggressive fish early and late in the day. Size 1/0
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Articulated Leech
Item # JF206

ARTICULATED LEECH This hinged body leech swings & swims tempting even the most wary rainbow trout and steelhead. (1)Purple, (2)Chartreuse, (3)Black Size 2
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Egg Sucking Bunny Leech
Item # JF207

EGG SUCKING BUNNY LEECH Wildly popular Alaskan big rainbow getter. (1)Black, (2)Purple - Size 4
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Egg Sucking Crystal Leech
Item # JF208

EGG SUCKING CRYSTAL LEECH One of the best BIG RAINBOW flies in Alaska. Purple works great on fresh sockeyes. (1)Black, (2)Purple - Sizes: 2, 4
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Dali Lama
Item # JF211

DALI LAMA This articulated monster has been our number #1 producer in AK for giant bows, now available in size-6 for use everywhere. (1)Blk/White, (2)Olive/White, (3)Pnk/Purple, (4)Pnk/White - Sizes: 2, 6
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