Pike Musky

Puglisi Peacock Pike
Item # JF173

NEW! PUGLISI "PEACOCK/PIKE" The fibers on these bad boys shed water, so you can cast for the big ones all day w/o needing a chiropractor. (1)Orange/Chartreuse, (2)Red/Black, (3)Red/Yellow - Size: 3/0
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Gen X Bunny
Item # JF175

GEN-X BUNNY Another outstanding SURE THING PATTERN by the guy who wrote the book(s) on Pike fishing with a fly, Barry Reynolds. (1)Black, (2)Fire-Tiger, (3)Red/White, (4)Red/Yellow - Size: 3/0
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Murdich Minnow
Item # JF564

NEW! MURDICH MINNOW This will be your new favorite smallmouth pattern. Also puts the hurt on trout, stripers and every other minnow chaser that swims. One of our go-to streamers. Great for the salt as well!
(1)Chart/White, (2)Gold/White, (3)Gray/White, (4)Copper/White Size: 1/0
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STATON'S Prostitot
Item # JF566

STATON'S PROSTITOT You may have seen this featured in Fly Fisherman magazine in 2013. Lots of buzz around these realistic articulated patterns. They are easy to cast and make a great addition to any streamer box. 5" (1)Bow, (2)Brownie, (3)Cuttie, (4)Brookie, (5)Perch. Size 1.
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F-C Big Fish Deciever
Item # JF572

F-C BIG FISH DECIEVER We had these tied up for our guys headed to South America for peacocks but they have been flying out of the bins for those targeting stripers, blues, pike and more. (1)Red/White, (2)Orange/Yellow/White, (3)Red/Yellow/White Size: 3/0
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F-C Articulated Cf Baitfish
Item # JF573

F-C ARTICULATED CF BAITFISH Articulated with flexible steel wire for you guys and gals targeting those toothy fish. Pike and Musky love them, but we also send gobs of these to customers targeting Peacock's, Dorado and Payara in South America. (1)Perch, (2)Rainbow, (3)Orange Attractor, (4)Red/Black. Size: 4/0
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Item # JF574

UV2 CALCAVECHHIA'S BIG EYE BAITFISH Created to imitate the main food sources for stripers, bluefish and others along the NE Atlantic Coast, this pattern also works great for pike, musky and anything looking for a mouthful. (1)Natural, (2)Black, (3)White. Size: 6/0
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