Saltwater Flats

F-C Sand Shrimp Sr
Item # JF223

F-C SAND SHRIMP SR. by Ed Story- About the only inshore saltwater fly pattern you need for Redfish, Permit, Snook, Spec's and pompano. Now #1 for Corbina in the California surf. Everything hits this one. Strip it just off the bottom. Size: 1
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F-C Sand Shrimp Jr
Item # JF224

F-C SAND SHRIMP JR. by Ed Story- Caught everything we threw it at around the weed-beds (redfish, specs, pompano, jacks and more), plus bonefish on the flats. Size: 4
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Item # JF225

GOTCHA Now the number-1 flats fly throughout the keys and Bahamas. Boatload of double-digit bonefish and big permit on this fly. Sizes: 2, 4, 6
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Super Gotcha
Item # JF226

SUPER GOTCHA Plated lead eyes, heavier wing and fur-collar for a more minnow-like appearance. Andros Island west side favorite. Sizes: 2, 4, 6
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Gold Gotcha
Item # JF228

GOLD GOTCHA Gold is gaining in popularity every year as a go-to color in the Bahamas. Sizes: 2, 4, 6
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Sugar Daddy
Item # JF230

SUGAR DADDY Rubber legs, banded wing and just the right amount of sparkle. This fly has proven itself time and again in the Bahamas, Mexico, and Belize. Size: 6
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Mantis Shrimp
Item # JF231

MANTIS SHRIMP Mantis shrimp are a favorite prey of bonefish and permit that are hunting up in the mangroves. Sizes: 2, 6
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Bonefish Clouser Minnow
Item # JF232

BONEFISH CLOUSER MINNOW Double digit bonefish delight! Sizes: 4, 6
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Corona Crab
Item # JF233

CORONA CRAB Hot new bonefish/permit crab on Keys and Bahamian flats. Size: 2
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Bahamas Special
Item # JF237

BAHAMAS SPECIAL This fly was responsible for back to back double digit days for me at Andros this years. Light-Tan. Size: 6
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Item # JF238

PUGLISI "BONEFISH SHRIMP" Gorgeous new shrimp pattern complete with weed-guard and tantalizing rubber legs. (1)Tan, (2)Pale Olive, (3)Pink - Size 6
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Puglisi Spawning Shrimp
Item # JF239

PUGLISI SPAWNING SHRIMP The outer veil creates a 3-D translucent halo around sparkling underbody. Good as gold for reds, bones and permit. (1)Olive, (2)Tan, (3)Translucent. Size: 4
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