Peacock, Dorado, Payara

Bronze Tyger Wire 30lb
Item # 409941

30LB BRONZE TYGER WIRE Nylon coated, micro braided, stainless steel leader that allows you to tie it just like it was monofilament. TIE ANY KNOT! Softest, most flexible steel you've ever touched. It is kink resistant, flexible and super strong. For "toothy-fish" like you will see in South America. THE BEST WIRE WE'VE EVER USED.
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F-C "Meat Locker" Fly Box
Item # HG090

FEATHER-CRAFT "MEAT LOCKER" FLY BOX The brainchild of F-C team member Evan Muskopf who proves the "Big Fly Big Fish" theory almost every weekend! He's designed the ULTIMATE BIG-FLY FLY BOX. This bulletproof fly box features our new SUPER-TOUGH "SLOTTED" FOAM with extreme hook holding power. Simply push the hook down into one of the foam slots and the fly is held firmly in place. Hooks do not pierce the foam, so there is no damage to the foam no matter how many times the box is loaded and unloaded. holds hook/fly sizes-12 thru 8/0 rock solid, you can't shake them loose, we tried. The front of the box is also covered with our slotted foam, acting as an on-deck holding point for flies when fishing from a boat, a drying station for fished flies, and gives you an all important visual reference of what patterns you have thrown throughout the day. Made in USA.

Want the ULTIMATE set up for the streamer chucker on the go? Match this box with the Fishpond Lodgepole Fishing Satchel (item MF036 or MF039) for the perfect 'on the go' streamer fisherman. You Gulf Coast guys, bass chasers and steelheaders will love it too. Carry PLENTY of those BIG flies that BIG fish love! PVC construction with double locks, this box is as tough as they come. 10" x 6.5" x 3.25"

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NEW! F-C Big Fish Deciever
Item # JF572

NEW! F-C BIG FISH DECIEVER We had these tied up for our guys headed to South America for peacocks but they have been flying out of the bins for those targeting stripers, blues, pike and more. (1)Red/White, (2)Orange/Yellow/White, (3)Red/Yellow/White Size: 3/0
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NEW! F-C Articulated Cf Baitfish
Item # JF573

NEW! F-C ARTICULATED CF BAITFISH Articulated with flexible steel wire for you guys and gals targeting those toothy fish. Pike and Musky love them, but we also send gobs of these to customers targeting Peacock's, Dorado and Payara in South America. (1)Perch, (2)Rainbow, (3)Orange Attractor, (4)Red/Black. Size: 4/0
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Clouser/Kreh's Half & Half
Item # PDP01

Clouser/Kreh's Half and Half This half deciever, half clouser is a great baitfish immatation when you are looking for a clouser type fly with some bulk. Get a handful of each for the peacocks and dorados. 1/0, 3/0
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Bubble-Head Popper
Item # PDP02

Bubble Head 3/0 Popper Want to see an aggressive, acrobatic take from the depths? This is your fly. This one moves a lot of water and will get the attention of predators on the hunt. Tied on a 3/0 hook.
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Garrett's Payara Fly 5/0
Item # PDP05

Garrett's Payara Fly 8/0 Designed by the world's foremost expert on payara fishing on the fly, Garrett VeneKlasen, this pattern is a proven winner.This fly measures about 7-8" in length and is tied in Garrett's favorite color combo.
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Flashtail Whistler 2/0
Item # PDP06

Flashtail Whistler 2/0 Two peacock loving colors, plenty of flash and tied on a 2/0 hook.
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