Books Knots and Rigging

Fisherman's Ultimate Knot Guide
Item # HS110

FISHERMAN'S ULTIMATE KNOT GUIDE features step-by-step illustrations the top 10 fishing knots of all time with easy to follow, detailed instructions. The waterproof, hard-plastic cards are bound together with metal grommets and unfold to make a 12'' ruler. 4-1/4'' x 2-1/4'' when closed. A great little gift for anyone who fishes.
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Fishing Knots, Kreh
Item # KB045

BOOk/dvd combo: "FISHING KNOTS" - Proven to Work for Light Tackle and Fly Fishing by Lefty Kreh; illustrations by Dave Hall. No matter how superb the rod, reel, and tackle, if a knot fails, it's game over. Lefty offers a complete guide to essential knots for light tackle and fly fishing, from simple loop knots to the complex, with precise illustrations. Helpful tips for achieving max line strength, methods for connecting lines of varying diameters, securing knots in different types of wire, and attaching hooks, swivels, and flies. Includes an instructional 72-min. DVD featuring 30 knots and reinforcing techniques explained in the book. Hardbound with hidden spiral, 128-ps, 180 illus, 6"x9" BOOK + DVD.
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Trout Rigs and Methods, Hughes
Item # KB047

NEW! "TROUT RIGS AND METHODS: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO CONSTRUCT RIGS THAT WORK FOR ALL TYPES OF TROUT FLIES & THE MOST EFFECTIVE FISHING METHODS FOR CATCHING MORE & LARGER TROUT" by Dave Hughes. Clear & simple instruction & explanation describes 18 trout rigs & 81 methods to fish them. In moving water: rigs & methods for dry flies & emergers, nymphs, wet flies, streamers, & dry flies & droppers. In stillwater: dry flies & sunk flies. Gearing up for all types of trout fishing on creeks, rivers, tailwaters, & lakes. Softbound, 292 B&W illus; 6"x9", 322-pgs.
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