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Survival Guide For Beginning anglers
Item # 499490

NEW! SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR BEGINNING ANGLERS - The Complete Beginner's How-to Guide for Learning to Fly Fish by Skip Morris. This book makes learning to fly fish easy-and fun! And it teaches this magnificent sport in new and highly effective ways. TWO COMPREHENSIVE DVD's ARE INCLUDED WITH THE BOOK. The instructions are a snap to follow, and pared down to only what you need to know in order to start catching fish. In fact rather than offering heaps of information on all kinds of rare and exotic species and kinds of fly fishing, it limits itself to sound and appropriately thorough instruction on just four kinds of fly fishing you can find almost anywhere in North America; two of the types are found around the world. Learning something new always goes best when you're not overwhelmed with mountains of advanced or largely impractical detail. Covers all of the basics, PLUS equipment, flies and the creatures they imitate, knots, casting and much more. Learn how to catch trout in rivers, bass and panfish in lakes and ponds, smallmouth bass in rivers, and trout in lakes. At the end of each of these four chapters on different kinds of fly fishing comes a narrative walking you through a typical day of such fishing-basically, you go out fishing for a day with Skip, get the feel of the fishing, see and experience it in your mind. A great way to prepare you for actually going out on your first fishing adventure. Softbound, 9" x 11", 80-page full color book plus 2-DVD set.
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The Salmonfly
Item # 499502

NEW! THE SALMONFLY - Guide to the Dream Hatch of the West by Skip Morris. The Awe-Inspiring Salmonfly Hatch. Fly fishers travel from all over the world to attend the legendary Salmonfly hatch that takes place every year in Western North American Rivers. Why do they make such a trek? How about great stout nymphs and flying adults almost two inches long driving big trout mad-do you think that might explain it? Learn critical techniques for successful fishing. This Salmonfly guide covers the flies, strategies, tackle, timing, and fine-but-critical points that make for success when these amazing insects are all over the river. The Salmonfly hatch (and the hatch of another stonefly almost as big) can provide incredible fishing... if you do a number of critical things right (and bring a little luck with you)-it can be a tricky hatch to mine. Fish the hatch without understanding it and you can be in for slow fishing. So unless you're an old hand at working the Salmonfly hatch (and even if you are, you may find some important insights), you need an edge. This Salmonfly guide will provide you that edge, and more. Illustrations appear wherever they best express details and ideas-rigs for nymph and dry-fly fishing, the important effects on sun and cloud cover and shade on fishing, effective hook setting with unseen nymphs, and more. 9 QR codes to take you directly to video segments that support or add to the chapter's ideas. Softbound, 120-pages, 5.5" x 8.25", full-color with illustrations.
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Tactics For Trout
Item # 499516

TACTICS FOR TROUT by Rick Hafele, Dave Hughes and Skip Morris, three fly fishing masters with about a combined century of fishing experience and have published over thirty fly-fishing books and thousands of magazine articles in fly-fishing magazines-one is a bonafide entomologist. These guys know fly fishing. you'll learn to simplify the daunting process of fishing artificial nymphs in rivers, to think outside of convention and make nymph-fishing effective when conventional approaches fail, and even how to avoid common mistakes so you can keep the strikes coming. You'll learn a lot more than just how to fish a nymph-there's instruction on fishing wet flies and flymphs, emerger-flies, dry flies, and streamers. Other chapters cover matching insects with flies, achieving a drag-free float, fishing spring creeks, fishing small streams, fishing dry flies in fast water; the topics just go on and on-and they're all important topics. There's even a chapter on fly-rod design and action and other rod characteristics-besides taking you inside the fascinating world of rod-shaft design and construction, this information ultimately helps you select your rods wisely and understand how to work in concert with them. Even how to match those rods with the right fly lines (trickier than it might seem...). While most of the book is focused on practical instruction and information-the sort that makes you a better fly fisher and catches you more trout-some of it is really for the easy chair, and the imagination. Ideas about fly selection and fly design, fishing situations that intrigued or have gloriously confounded Rick, Dave, or Skip. 7 QR codes to take you directly to video segments that support or add to the chapter's ideas. Softbound, 240-pages, full color, 9" x 11".
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Seasons For Trout
Item # 499520

SEASONS FOR TROUT by Rick Hafele, Dave Hughes and Skip Morris. The first thing you need to know about Seasons for Trout is that it teaches you all about the insects trout eat, especially in Western North America, and about how to use that knowledge both to improve your fishing and to discover the fascination of the life in a trout-river. The second thing you need to know about this book, is that many of its chapters include QR codes to take you directly to video segments that support or add to the chapter's ideas. The third thing you need to know about Seasons for Trout is that, as its title implies, it's about how to fish effectively no matter the time of year or the weather or the condition of the water. If the water's low and air-clear in autumn, Rick, Dave, and Skip will tell you how to hook the skittish trout in that thin water. If the river's brimming with the cold springtime flows of rain and runoff, they'll provide you with insight and strategies for catching trout under these difficult conditions. They'll show you the fine inner workings of that revered day's-end bonanza fly fishers call the "evening rise," and help you fish it successfully. And that's just the start. Want to know when and where to find that mainstay mayfly of the long summer season on western rivers, the Pale Morning Dun, and how to fish the hatch so you consistently take those single-minded trout, whether they're taking the nymph, emerger, dun, or spinner? How to present your PMD imitation of one of those stages convincingly in front of a trout? All this is covered and much more. Same goes for the long off-season-reigning Blue-Winged Olive mayfly-the tactics, the flies, the timing and strategies. Same goes for the October caddisfly. The midge. Same goes for a bunch of important insects trout seek in and atop your rivers. Then there are the terrestrials-ants, beetles, grasshoppers. You'll learn five important lessons for effectively fishing grasshopper flies. The when, where, and how of fishing beetle imitations. And finally, all about ants and trout rivers. 8 QR codes to take you directly to video segments that support or add to the chapter's ideas.Softbound, full color, 9" x 11", 240-pages.
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Fly Tying Made Clear & Simple
Item # 499534

FLY TYING MADE CLEAR & SIMPLE by Skip Morris - Here's the granddaddy of fly-tying books for beginners. The proof is in the reprints-twenty-three to date. It's a rare fly-tying book that even gets to its third printing. It's been adjusted and updated from time to time over the years making it ever-better. It takes you step-by-step with concise photos and instruction through the tying of fifteen excellent fly designs, from the elemental to the challenging-such flies as the Woolly Bugger, Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail nymph, Partridge and Orange Soft Hackle, Adams, and Parachute Light Cahill. The first chapter teaches you the techniques needed to start tying your first fly, and as you progress through the book, each chapter builds on the previous one, so you learn the techniques and lessons in the first chapters that you'll need for the following chapters (and for the rest of your life, for that matter). Do you have a fly tying problem? There are sections throughout titled "Problems, Solutions, and Suggestions" that help you figure out how to work out a snag or mistake when you run into one, and how to avoid them in the future. And once you're through all the chapters, there's more... At the end of the book is a collection of excellent fly dressings you can tie using your new skills. These fly patterns were specifically selected for this book because the techniques you learned can be applied to tying any of these additional patterns. Spiral bound, full color, 9" x 11", 80-pages.
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Trout Flies For Rivers
Item # 540470


Trout Flies for Rivers is a fly pattern book unlike any other...

Most fly pattern books simply include the barest information and a photo of each fly design, or "pattern" - as a result, most tiers can't figure out how to tie many of the flies, and then may tie them incorrectly. Not so with Trout Flies for Rivers - many of the flies are shown from two or even three angles, the information for complex flies includes tying instruction and sometimes even tying steps with captions and photos to help you tie all 626 flies in the book. There is even information on the insects the flies imitate.

Trying to match hooks between different companies? Check out Skip's Hook Chart... Finding the right hook is no easy challenge these days with all those hook companies and hook modelsóbut inside Trout Flies for Rivers is a carefully researched hook chart to help you match similar hooks between different companies. You'll be using this chart for decades.

A tying DVD is included... In a sleeve inside the back cover, is a step-by-step tying DVD on which Skip shows you how to make some of the book's most challenging techniques and fly designs work for you (this DVD covers the most unusual and interesting thirteen of the thirty-one sequences outlined in the book).

* Step-by-step instructions for tying the most effective trout flies for rivers across North America
* Hundreds of photographs show top and side views of 626 premier patterns
* Includes a DVD with clear instructions on 31 critical fly-tying techniques
* Every fly tier will strike gold in this book of fly patterns, filled with both hot new flies and proven, reliable standards plus tips on how, where, and when to fish these patterns.
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Art Of Tying The Nymph
Item # 540483

ART OF TYING THE NYMPH by Skip Morris - This is one of the finest book available for tying nymphs. Totally illustrated in color with over 400 step-by-step photographs. Learn to tie all nymphs from simple to the very complex. Skip Morris carefully guides you step-by-step. Ninety nymphs shown in color with dressings allow you to match virtually all naturals for any fishing situation. Large format stays open easily. Morris is also one of the world's finest display fly tiers, guaranteeing you learn from a master. Softbound, 112-pages.
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Fly Tying Made Clear & Simple II: Advanced Techniques
Item # KB095

NEW! "FLY TYING MADE CLEAR & SIMPLE II: ADVANCED TECHNIQUES" Skip Morris takes off where the original best-selling book ends. As its subtitle proclaims, it's a book of advanced fly-tying techniques, explained & demonstrated in simple steps w/concise instructions and easy to follow step-by-step color photography. Tie the Anatomical Green Drake, Copper John, an asst of deadly emerger-flies & many more. 8 1/2" x 11", 148 pgs. Spiral Softbound.
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The Art of Tying The Dry Fly: Morris
Item # KB115

The Art of Tying The Dry Fly by Skip Morris Nearly every fly tier wrestles with dry-fly hackles-and The Art of Tying the Dry Fly gives the subject of hackles a royal treatment. The nuances of selecting hackles and tying with them are presented with lots of color photos, captions, illustrations, and concise explanation. Thirty-eight great dry flies, tied in detail, step-by-step... and at the end of the book is a collection of additional dry flies with a photo and dressing of each, a total of eighty more flies. All color, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 112 pages total.
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Morris On Tying Flies
Item # KB116

MORRIS ON TYING FLIES Are you looking for a tying book with about every imaginable type of fly-emergers, nymphs, imitative and attractor designs, streamers, freshwater, saltwater, trout, bass, panfish, bonefish, even sea-running cutthroat trout? If you are, then this book is it. And, there's more...

If you're also looking for a book that's worth reading for fishing and tying information and because you enjoy essays about fly fishing, Morris on Tying Flies provides these as well. Solid, standard fly patterns, and proven great flies...

You'll find such rock-solid standards as the Madam X, Montana Stone, Lefty's Deciever, Tap's Bug, and the Green Machine, along with some great flies you may never have seen, such as the Fluttering Salmon Fly, Royal Flush, and the Peacock Chenille Leech. 8 1/2 x 11 and 112 pages.
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Fly Fishers Guide To Western River Hatches
Item # KB120

Fly Fishers Guide To Western River Hatches this little streamside handbook gets straight to the point... only the important information about successfully fishing the mayfly, caddisfly, stonefly, and midge hatches of western trout rivers are here. When, where, what, and how... You'll understand when and where to find each hatch, what flies work for it and how to fish them. Illustrations and photographs show every stage of every one of the major insects. The size range of each insect is shown in actual size. Three popular, effective flies are listed for each hatch and there is a seasonal chart showing when the various insects hatch.
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