Wading Boots

Simms Flats Sneaker
Item # LB108

SIMMS "FLATS SNEAKER" - SIMMS "FLATS" SNEAKER Looks and feels like a comfortable pair of Nikes, but features a tough rubber toe and heel PLUS heavy duty urethane quarter panels and an internal foot-bed plate for superior puncture resistance against rocks, coral and urchins. Neoprene padded collar and tongue seals out debris. Mesh tongue gusset drains water quickly and provides ventilation. Non-marking boat sole provides great traction in the water and on deck. Approx Weight: 46.4-oz. Width: EE. SIZES: 7-14 (Order your regular shoe size. Half sizes order one size up)
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Chota Cleat Kit
Item # LB111

STL CLEAT KIT Included with "STL" PLUS boot, but offered here in case you lose 'em. Package of 28
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Chota Quick Lace Kit
Item # LB112

QUICK-LACE Replacement Kit Includes instructions and all parts necessary to replace Chota's Quick-Lace system on one pair of boots or sandals.
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Chota Citico Creek
Item # LB114

CHOTA CITICO CREEK WADING BOOT Features Chota's now legendary cleat bases which allow for the addition and removal of the specially designed, case-hardened "STL" Cleats as wading conditions demand. The lace-up PVC leather and 1000 denier nylon upper incorporates a padded cuff, buttonhole drains and removable EVA sock liner with arch and heel support. "Dark-Grey" Polypropylene felt soles blend in with stream bottom. A cushy PU mid-sole provides great comfort. Color is Brown. SIZES: 5 thru 14 (generously cut, order your regular shoe size. Half sizes order one size up).
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Chota Hippies
Item # LB120

NOW IN CAMO! CHOTA "HIPPIES" CONVERTIBLE WADING SOCKS - Sometimes you need a hip wader, sometimes you need a knee high wading sock and at other times you need "something in between". Now you can have all in one with the Chota "Hippies" convertible wading socks. The Hippies feature a 3mm neoprene stocking foot attached to a three ply breathable laminate upper with an adjustable draw string at the top for a secure fit at any height. The Hippies also have a built in cinch strap just below the knee to help keep the socks in place and help prevent flooding just in case you go in a little too deep. SIZES: Small(5-8), Med(8-11), Large(9-12), X-Large(10-13), XX-Large(11-14). COLORS: (Tan $129.95), (Camo $139.95)

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Simms Vibram "Hard Bite Studs"
Item # LB126

SIMMS VIBRAM "HARDBITE STUDS" Super hard, zinc plated 1/4" hex-head screws with welded carbide gripper pellets on top and anti-reverse serrations underneath screw head. Hex nut driver included. $29.95 20-pak

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Simms Vibram "Hardbite Star Cleats"
Item # LB127

SIMMS VIBRAM "HARDBITE STAR CLEATS" Specially shaped to fit between the lugs in Vibram soles. Carbide chips welded to each arm of the cleat. Cleat pad has as much surface as 6 HardBite studs. Super hard zinc plated screws hold cleats in place. (10-pak)
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Chota "Carbide Tipped" Wading Cleats
Item # LB130

NEW! Chota "Carbide Tipped" Wading Cleats - Carbide tipped cleats are "pointed" to dig in deep for the ultimate wading traction. 20-pak
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Simms "Alumabite" Star Cleats
Item # LB140

NEW! SIMMS "ALUMIBITE STAR CLEATS" Specially shaped to fit between the lugs in Vibram StreamTread soles. Conform to the micro surfaces of rocks producing excellent grip. Cleat pad has as much surface as 6 HardBite Studs. (10-pak)
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Korkers "Omnitrax" Interchangeable soles
Item # LB142

KORKERS OMNITRAX 3.0 INTERCHANGEABLE OUTSOLES - Should you ever need to replace the soles, or if you'd like to add another outsole style to your collection. MEN'S WHOLE SIZES: 7-15. Per pair:

Felt Sole $29.99
Studded Felt Sole $39.99
Studded Kling-On Sticky Rubber Sole $39.99
Studded Vibram Idrogrip Sole $59.99
Alumatrax Sole $59.99
Svelte II Sole - Synthetic material that absorbs 5x less water and dries 4x faster than felt with superior traction $64.99
Studded Rubber - Ideal for extremely slippery aquatic environments. Replaceable carbide tipped spikes. $59.99

KORKERS AlumaTrax - LIMITED RUN malleable aluminum bar outsoles cut thru slime, grabbing rocky river beds providing the best traction available while doing the least damage to stream bottoms. This design is also boat deck friendly!

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Korkers "RockTrax Plus" Fishing Cleat
Item # LB161

KORKERS "ROCKTRAX PLUS" FISHING CLEAT - A versatile cleated overshoe product that provides sure-footed traction on mossy rock, ice, and slick terrain. 52 durable push-through carbide spikes per pair placed under toe, heel and ball of foot. Quick release buckle & strap system for easy on/off. Molded rubber walls at toe, heel, and side provide secure fit. (shown installed on Korkers Chrome Boot). SIZES: M(8-9), L(10-11), XL(12-13), XXL(14-15)

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Korkers DEVIL'S Canyon Wading Boot
Item # LB164

KORKERS DEVIL'S CANYON WADING BOOT with Omnitrax Interchangeable Sole System. Unbelievably lightweight with extreme durability and comfort, these boots fit like a glove and deliver athletic and agile performance. Change out soles in mere seconds with no tools. Comes outfitted with TWO STYLES of OmniTrax Interchangeable full perimeter traction outsoles, one set of Kling-On Sticky Rubber, and one set of Felt. The tried-and-true M2 BOA LACING SYSTEM (guaranteed for life) provides a glovelike fit with infinite degrees of fine tuning in and out of the water with a simple one handed adjustment. Turn the dial clockwise to tighten the boot, pull the dial out to remove tension. Boots open wide for easy in/out. Rubberized anti-abrasion synthetic materials, reduced seams, recessed triple-stitched uppers and a molded toe cap ensure extreme durability. Hydrophobic construction, integrated, large drainage ports and internal drainage channels reduce water retention keeping boots light and comfortable all day. Approx. wt: 46-oz. MEN'S WHOLE SIZES: 7-15 (Half sizes order up)

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