Wading Essentials

Korkers "RockTrax Plus" Fishing Cleat
Item # LB161

KORKERS "ROCKTRAX PLUS" FISHING CLEAT - A versatile cleated overshoe product that provides sure-footed traction on mossy rock, ice, and slick terrain. 52 durable push-through carbide spikes per pair placed under toe, heel and ball of foot. Quick release buckle & strap system for easy on/off. Molded rubber walls at toe, heel, and side provide secure fit. (shown installed on Korkers Chrome Boot). SIZES: M(8-9), L(10-11), XL(12-13), XXL(14-15)

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Standard Weight Folstaff
Item # LF002

FOLSTAF WADING STAFF - Most over-looked item in fly fishing. I would never fish the Roaring Fork in Colorado or the Gallatin in Montana without a wading staff. Fast water, slippery rocks. PLUS, you can get into a much better fishing-position using a wading staff (regardless of the stream). The FOLSTAF rides out of the way on your wading-belt in its own holster. When needed, all you do is Quick-Draw the staff. It instantly unfolds to save our neck, or allow us to safely wade to the best fishing position on the stream. Sometimes when we need one, we need it bad. Cork grip and lanyard, carbide-tip and holster. Owning one of these things is the right thing to do. FOLSTAF is 50-inches long, 3/4-inch diameter. Carry holster included. Double shock-cord makes automatic "unfold" happen twice as fast when drawn from the holster! Carry holster included. Made in USA

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Fishpond Slippery Rock Wading Pro
Item # LF003

Fishpond Slippery Rock Wading Pro "Gotta be one of the finest wading staffs ever made!" -Bob Story. Locking, telescoping aluminum shaft and integrated combi-tip twist mechanism that switches between a rubber tip and a tungsten carbide tip. Best of both worlds for water AND land. Thick foam grip feels great in hand. Cork knob unscrews for use as a camera mount. 3-pc aluminum body with sealed, anodized finish. Expands from 29.5" to max length of 57"
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Simms Wading Staff
Item # LF004

SIMMS WADING STAFF Sectional wading staff breaks down to fit in its own self-draining neoprene holster. Anodized aluminum shaft allows flex while maintaining strength. Top section is super-strength bar-stock 7075 aluminum for additional durability. Retractor has braided Spectra Fiber cable for extreme durability. 52" length
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Black Diamond "Z-Pole" Wading Staff
Item # LF005

BLACK DIAMOND "Z-POLE" WADING STAFF Z-POLES' Rapid Deployment System consists of three key components: a concealed inner cord, a single push-button release to collapse the staff and one-pull speed cone deployment. Flintlock swing-arm is used to adjust the height of the staff from 47" up to 55". Non-slip foam grip with mini extension for quick choke-ups. Wading staff features secure, interchangeable tip system; non-scratching, durable RUBBER TIP and CARBIDE TIP for traction on extremely hard surfaces, ice and streambeds. Aluminum construction, neoprene sheath, and GEARKEEPER attached retractor. 3-section staff, collapsed length is 16.5"
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Item # LF006

NetStaff combines a fishing net, wading staff, and fly retrieval hook in one device! It's easy to store and carry and is readily available when needed. Check it out: AS A NET - Available in two sizes; for trout (9" wide) or salmon/steelhead (12" wide). Each net is 16" tall and is specifically designed to this length to optimize traveling in a standard suitcase. The rubberized net bag material is fish friendly and prevents hook snags. Net bag capacity and shape are crafted specifically to capture and immobilize the fish once netted, without harm. AS A WADING STAFF - Storage and access of wading staffs is typically difficult. But with its patented design, the NetStaff stores and carries in a custom, simple-to-use Gear Dock receptacle that can be installed on your vest, jacket, or pack. Carries on your back without any effort and when needed is quick and easy to use either as a net or a staff. A wading handle is on the net hoop opposite the net handle, and net shaft telescopes to 54" for the overall system. You don't even know it is there until you need it! AS A FLY/EQUIPMENT RETREIVAL TOOL - A built-in, stainless-steel retrieval hook helps you grab flies from trees and bushes or equipment dropped into the stream. EFFECTIVE CARRY & STORE SYSTEM - The carry-and-storage system designed for the NetStaff is part of why it works so well. When needed, simply reachreach behind and grab the net handle, push up to release it and use it to either net a fish or wade. Once finished just put it back with one simple motion. Each NetStaff comes with one gear docking system. Specify Color: (1)Green, (2) Brown, (3)Red. Specify Size: TROUT (9" wide) or SALMON/STEELHEAD (12" wide)

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NetStaff Gear Dock Carrying System
Item # LF007

GEAR DOCK CARRYING SYSTEM for the NETSTAFF - Each NetStaff comes with one GearDock Carrying System, here we offer extras if you would like to keep multiple garments rigged for the system.
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Quick Release Coil Lanyard
Item # LI003

QUICK-RELEASE COIL LANYARD For Wading Staff or Net Lanyard One end attaches to a D-ring on vest, waders, pack, float tube, belt-loop or holster, the other end attaches to net or wading staff. Heavy-duty coil lanyard will stretch to arms length and more. Extra clip allows staff or net to be attached close to body when not in use.
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Simms Back Saver Belt
Item # LS003

SIMMS BACK-SAVER BELT SIMMS "BACK-SAVER" WADING BELT I rarely fish without this piece of equipment, never without it on multi-day trips (Bob). Thick 5 1/2" wide high-density Neoprene padding built-in for LOWER BACK SUPPORT, it really does save your lower back from stress and fatigue on those long days on the stream. Specially designed thermo-formed foam interior of the belt promotes breathability and comfort. Quick-action, side-release buckle for fast on/off. The extra support feels phenomenal, and of course it doubles as a potentially lifesaving wader belt if you take a dunk, preventing your waders from loading up with water. One size fits 30"-46" waist.
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Simms Wade Safe Neoprene Wading Belt
Item # LS005

SIMMS NEOPRENE WADE-SAFE BELT Adjustable from 28" to 46". Soft 2-inch wide Neoprene that "moves" with you. Quick-action release buckle. COLOR: Black
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Simms Neoprene Wading Sock
Item # LS121

NEW DESIGN! SIMMS NEOPRENE WADING SOCKS with improved anatomical fit. Perfect for wearing with sandals or boots while wet wading on hot summer days. These super comfortable stretch-neoprene socks offer great foot protection from sand and gravel. 2.5mm with airprene in the underfoot to allow feet to breath. COLORS: (1)Charcoal, (2)Electric-Blue in SIZES: S(7-8), M(8-10), L(10-12), XL(12-13)
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Simms 3.5mm Neoprene Guard Socks
Item # LS122

NEW DESIGN! SIMMS 3.5mm NEOPRENE GUARD SOCKS "Fill" your regular wader-boots when wet wading and have built-in gravel guards with boot hook tab. New design is more comfortable, and easier to get on/off. SIZES: Sm(7-8), Med(8-10), Lg(10-12), X-Lg(12-13)
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