Dyna King Vises

Dyna-King Barracuda Vise
Item # RD007

DYNA-KING "BARRACUDA" FULL-ROTARY VISE: A world-wide favorite. Full-Rotary of course, with ball-bearing smoothness. Rotary-arm operated. Right or left hand. Short Cam-Stroke locking jaws hold the full range of hooks as only a Dyna-King can. Stainless steel and polished brass. Bobbin-cradle included. Remember, a FULL-ROTARY VISE converts to a fixed-position vise anywhere you stop in a 360 degree circle. You will never tye in a position a common vise makes you tye in again. After you tye FULL-ROTARY, you can never go back!! SPECIFY: (1)Pedestal-Base or (2)C-Clamp version.
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Dyna-King Barracuda Trekker Vise
Item # RD008

DYNA-KING BARRACUDA JUNIOR TREKKER FULL-ROTARY FLY TYING VISE A lighter, more compact version of the original Barracuda, but don't let its size fool you. This little vise packs all of the hook-holding power of the original (uses the same jaws). PLUS a ball-bearing operated vise-head for smoothness and rotary-arm driven for FULL-ROTARY tying. Stainless-steel and aluminum construction. Weighs less than 1/2-pound without ped-base. Smaller size (approximately 2/3 of the original), is perfect for travel or as everyday vise. SPECIFY: (1)Pedestal-Base, or (2)C-Clamp version.
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Dyna-King Barracuda Complete Package
Item # RD009

DYNA KING BARRACUDA COMPLETE PACKAGE includes Barracuda Vise, Bobbin Hanger, DVD, 90-degree Handle, Trim Bag & Midge Jaw. SPECIFY: (1)Pedestal-Base or (2)C-Clamp version.
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Dynaking Barracuda Junior Vise
Item # RD0110

DYNA-KING "BARRACUDA JUNIOR" FULL-ROTARY VISE - Back By Popular Demand! The newly revised and improved BARRACUDA JUNIOR Full Rotary Vise. NEW FEATURES include double material clip, two adjustable friction screws for comfort in rotary tying. Packs all of the hook-holding power of the original (uses the same jaws). Fast and easy jaw adjustment and changing. Powered by Dyna-King's revolutionary "Notch Lock Cam". Smaller then the full size Barracuda, so more compact for the traveler. All stainless steel.... A virtual work horse! SPECIFY: (1)Pedestal-Base or (2)C-Clamp version
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