Feather-Craft Tying Tools

F-C Whip Finisher
Item # RF003

F-C WHIP-FINISHER Everyone's favorite style whip-finisher. Secures a fly head like no other knot tyer. (See also the original Matarelli Whip Finishers)
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F-C Extended Whip Finisher
Item # RF004

F-C EXTENDED-REACH WHIP-FINISHER Longer reach and height for finishing bass bugs, big saltwater streamers and more. (See also the original Matarelli Whip Finishers)
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F-C Bullet Bobbin
Item # RF005

F-C BULLET BOBBIN Narrow tube for precise thread control and the meaty "bullet" to hold while tying makes this one of our most popular bobbins. Tube is slightly flared on both ends.
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F-C Brass Dubbing Needle
Item # RF006

F-C SOLID-BRASS DUBBING-NEEDLE With a Half-Hitch tool on one end. Very nice.
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F-C Dubbing Loop Spinner
Item # RF007

F-C DUBBING LOOP SPINNER Fast, easy-to-use Dubbing Loop Tool. Place SPINNER in at bottom of loop(grab thread-loop with wire-ears). Lay material to be spun in loop. Spin tool with thumb and middle finger. The material is near instantly spun into a tight rope.
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F-C Bobbin Cradle
Item # RF008

F-C BOBBIN-CRADLE A beautiful machined solid-brass "shaft-fixture", and a stainless-steel BOBBIN CRADLE. Fits all vise shafts. Fully adjustable and swings out of the way with a flick of the finger.
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F-C Parachute Tool
Item # RF009

F-C PARACHUTE TOOL Hang your hackle pliers from it to hold the post firmly upright when wrapping the hackle. Looks and works like the more expensive models. Fits all 3/8-inch shafts.
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F-C SpringO Whip Finisher
Item # RF010

F-C SPRINGO-WHIP-FINISHER Tyes the neatest, strongest knot possible on your fly heads, PLUS has BUILT-IN "GIVE" to prevent thread breakage when tying with smaller diameter threads. Instructions incl.
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F-C Rotating Hackle Pliers
Item # RF011

F-C ROTATING HACKLE PLIERS Are "THE ONE" for wrapping hackle on parachute patterns! The pliers are "flat" on the bottom. This allows you to wrap parachute hackle very close to hook shank. The longer you use these, the better you get at it. The pliers-end rotates on its own shaft allowing for the correct tension without pressure.
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F-C Ceramic Bobbins
Item # RF012

F-C CERAMIC BOBBINS - Ceramic tube never wears out! For Kevlar thru 1-2/0 threads. (NOTE: The trout bobbin is a ceramic insert while the bass/salt is full ceramic)
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F-C Bobbin Threader
Item # RF013

F-C BOBBIN THREADER Loads any bobbin.
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F-C Fur Rake
Item # RF014

THIS BRASS & STAINLESS STEEL F-C "FUR RAKE" WILL AMAZE YOU. Just press and pull the serrated-rake thru a piece of Australian opossum, muskrat, rabbit or any piece of dubbing-fur hide. And you have instant pre-blended dubbing. A perfect blend of under-fur and guard hair, ready to pinch-dub onto the thread. You'll like this one.
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