Anvil Tying Tools

Anvil Long Reach Accutip Scissors
Item # RA002

ANVIL LONG-REACH ACCU-TIP Ice Scissors The same blades as the "midge" version, but overall length is 4" for extra reach. SPECIFY: (1)Straight or (2)Curved
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Anvil Midge Accutip Scissors
Item # RA003

ANVIL U.S.A. BRAND MIDGE ACCU-TIP ICE SCISSORS Preferred by tyers wanting short fine blades of razor sharp stainless-steel. One blade micro-serrated to grip the material for exacting cuts. Adjustable finger loops. 3" long. SPECIFY: (1)Straight or (2)Curved
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Anvil Ultimate Ice Scissors
Item # RA006

ANVIL ULTIMATE ICE SCISSORS This is one tough, sharp utility scissors to have on the bench. A favorite with deer-hair tyers. SPECIFY: (1)Straight or (2)Curved
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Anvil Ultimate Taperizer (90T)
Item # RA008

ANVIL ULTIMATE-TAPERIZER Works as described above, but comes on a Heavy-Duty scissors frame with 1-1/2" cutting blade. Adjustable finger loops.
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