Anvil Tying Tools

Anvil Long Reach Accutip Scissors
Item # RA002

ANVIL LONG-REACH ACCU-TIP Ice Scissors The same blades as the "midge" version, but overall length is 4" for extra reach. SPECIFY: (1)Straight or (2)Curved
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Anvil Midge Accutip Scissors
Item # RA003

ANVIL U.S.A. BRAND MIDGE ACCU-TIP ICE SCISSORS Preferred by tyers wanting short fine blades of razor sharp stainless-steel. One blade micro-serrated to grip the material for exacting cuts. Adjustable finger loops. 3" long. SPECIFY: (1)Straight or (2)Curved
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Anvil Push Button Hair Packer
Item # RA004

ANVIL "PUSH BUTTON HAIR PACKER" Solid brass heavy duty construction feels great in your hand. After spinning the hair on the hook-shank, simply insert tool over hook eye, push down on the brass button and pack hair towards rear of hook shank. Pushes and Tightly Packs Hair AND Thread At The Same Time for the tightest spun heads of your life. Built-in safety flange protects your fingers from the hook point.
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Anvil Ultimate Ice Scissors
Item # RA006

ANVIL ULTIMATE ICE SCISSORS This is one tough, sharp utility scissors to have on the bench. A favorite with deer-hair tyers. SPECIFY: (1)Straight or (2)Curved
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Anvil Ultimate Taperizer (90T)
Item # RA008

ANVIL ULTIMATE-TAPERIZER Works as described above, but comes on a Heavy-Duty scissors frame with 1-1/2" cutting blade. Adjustable finger loops.
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