Tiemco Tying Tools

Tiemco Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin
Item # RG021

NEW! TIEMCO ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC BOBBIN - A masterful piece of engineering, this beautiful bobbin will blow your mind with its smooth and elegant operation. Thread tension is controlled by magnetic force. A vertically adjustable ceramic tube, thread keeper and self-standing design round out this ultimate bobbin. (A)STANDARD, (B)HEAVY-DUTY

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Tiemco Std Ceramic Tube Bobbin
Item # RT005

TIEMCO "Standard" Ceramic-Tube Bobbin (C) (3/4" tube-length). I'm still using the sample sent to me years ago. It's still in perfect condition. I don't think you can wear out the ceramic tube. (1) Straight-Feet or (2) Curved-Feet
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Tiemco Hvy-Duty Ceramic Tube Bobbin
Item # RT006

TIEMCO "Heavy-Duty" Ceramic-Tube Bobbin is a premium Bass/Saltwater tyer's bobbin. The tube is about twice the diameter of the above "trout-size" bobbins. Use with heavy threads where a lot of pressure is applied. Straight-legs. (1) Straight-Feet, (2) Curved-Feet
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Tiemco Hackle Plier
Item # RT007

TIEMCO Hackle Plier With protective rubber-pad on one jaw to prevent hackle from being cut. Open construction allows wrapping with one finger. A favorite.
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Tiemco Ring Hackle Pliers
Item # RT008

TIEMCO RING HACKLE PLIERS The best style available for use in combination with any parachute tool. The rubber ring allows you to stretch the hackle-pliers down to grab the post, then it holds it with just the right amount of tension to wrap the hackle around.
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Tiemco Midge Whip Finish Tool
Item # RT009

A really neat little whip finisher working on the same principle as the Matarelli type finisher. Terrific control for building tiny heads with 8/0 or 12/0 thread on hook sizes 20 and smaller
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Tmc 921
Item # TA233

TMC 921 PARACHUTE HOOK 1x fine wire, 2x short shank with bronze finish. Makes neat little parachute patterns. Sizes-12, 14, 16, 18 (25-PAK $8.75), (100-PAK $29.80)
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Tmc 3761SP-BL
Item # TA235

TMC3761SP-BL NYMPH/WET FLY HOOK Barbless super-point, down-eye, 2x heavy, 1x long, sproat bend. Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16 (25-PAK $8.85)
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