Jigs and Specialty Hooks

Gold Brooch Pin Sz 1
Item # 466610

GOLD BROOCH PIN- SZ 1 These make great gifts. These pin on hooks (no point) fly outta here, especially around the holidays. Get a handful and whip up your favorite pattern to give to family and friends.
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Waddington Shanks
Item # PR110

WADDINGTON SHANKS Clamp in the flat section of the Waddington shank into your vise and you are on your way to tying Intruders and string leeches. The doubled over shank also gives a nice wide profile. Great way to tie big flies with small hooks, we use Gamakatsu "Octopus" Hooks for the trailer. SIZES: #1(2 3/8"), #2(1 3/4"), #3(1 3/8"), #4(1") $3.95/10-pak

TIP: RIGGING WADDINTON SHANKS for fishing is very easy. It can be as simple as using 20# mono secured with a clinch-knot to the back of the Waddington Shank, and then to the trailer hook. Another method is simply running your tippet thru the hook-eye, around the shank and back out thru the loop in the rear of the shank where the hook can be tied on as normal. Obviously this method can be used with finished flies/shanks right on the stream, and allows you to change hook sizes as needed while you're fishing. A more advanced technique is running a mono or Spectra-Fiber loop thru the eye of the trailer hook using a loop-to-loop type method, then both loose ends go thru the loop in the rear of the shank, then both ends are secured to the shank before the fly is tyed. All of these methods of rigging can be found online with a simple search. The trailer hook (Octopus) typically rides 1-2" behind the shank, depending on the length of the fly.

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F-C #42 Green Caddis Hook
Item # TA311

FAMOUS F-C #42 "GREEN CADDIS LARVAE" HOOK: Lazer-Sharp. Slightly off-set. The favorite STEELHEAD stonefly and Glo-Bug egg hook. But it's the Bright Green Caddis Larvae that gets 'em. Caddis "larvae" are the main food source for new and in-stream steelhead. This is ol' reliable year after year on all steelhead streams. Sizes: 6, 8, or 10 $5.95/50-PAK
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F-C Saltwater Popper Hook
Item # TA314

STRONG SALTWATER POPPER-HOOKS Size-2/0, 4X-long "Kink-shank". Super sharp. BUT LOOK: Tye a Bar-Bell (Real-Eyes Size-3/16 or 7/32) in the kink. A sparse hackle or hair-streamer behind the eye. Then ESTAZ wrapped in front of Bar-Bell Eye to hook eye, for a 3-4-inch long deep streamer. (10-PAK)
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Super Jig Heads
Item # TA415

SUPER JIG HEADS Molded on Mustad's newest jig hook which features a chemically sharpened point, micro barb, wider gap, heavier wire, and a tough black-nickel finish. The perfect jig hook! SIZES: (1/124 or 1/80-oz on Size-10), (1/64-oz on Size-8), (1/32-oz on Size-6) $3.60/10-pak
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Ball Style Lead Jig Heads
Item # TA500

"BALL STYLE" LEAD-HEAD FLY ROD JIGS on gold hooks. (1/124 or 1/80-oz on Size-10), (1/64-oz on Size-8), (1/32-oz on Size-6) $2.95/doz
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Plated Ball Style Jigs
Item # TA501

PLATED "BALL-STYLE" LEAD-HEAD FLY ROD JIGS. (1/124 or 1/80-oz on Size-10), (1/64-oz on Size-8), (1/32-oz on Size-6). COLORS: (1)Gold, (2)Nickel $3.95/doz (Specify size & color)
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Articulated Shanks
Item # TA502

ARTICULATED SHANKS simplify the tying of articulated flies. Attach a ring-eye hook or stinger hook to/from the built-in loop at the back of the shank. Place the built-in loop into your vise jaws and tye the fly. These shanks work perfectly with FISH SKULLS and SCULPIN HELMETS, or any bar-bell eyes. 3-SHANK LENGTHS: SMALL(20mm), MED(35mm), LARGE(55mm) (20-shanks)
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Senyo's Articulated Shanks
Item # TA503

NEW! NEW! SENYO'S ARTICULATED SHANKS for Steelhead AND Salmon Flies - Greg Senyo, , has developed a new articulated shank specifically for tying steelhead and salmon flies. This exciting new shank is poised to replace the aging Waddington Shank as the defacto platform for tying Intruder-style and other modern steelhead & salmon flies. These shanks work perfectly with Senyo's new INTRUDER TRAILER HOOK WIRE. SIZES: 25mm or 40mm in COLORS: (1)Pink, (2)Blue, (3)Green, (4)Copper-Orange, (5)Black (20 per pak)
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Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
Item # TA504

NEW! SENYO'S INTRUDER TRAILER HOOK WIRE Now the wire can match the color of the fly. Super strong coated wire dyed to eight great colors. SIZES: THIN (for sizes 6 or smaller), STANDARD (for sizes 6 or larger) in COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Gray, (3)Blue, (4)Copper-Orange, (5)Pink, (6)Purple, (7)Red, (8)Chartreuse
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Articulated Wiggle Shanks
Item # TA505

NYMPH HEAD ARTICULATED WIGGLE TAIL SHANKS - Create an articulated tail (or rear body section) on nymphs, dry flies or small streamers in the hook size #6 to #20 range. These shanks make it so easy, trim the shank to the desired length needed, then tye and attach the rear tail section. The shank can be bent if a cyrved tail section is desired. per 20-shanks
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Fish Skull Articulated Fish Spines
Item # TA506

FISH SKULL'S ARTICULATED FISH SPINES - Now this is cool! These interconnected, articulated shanks really make your streamer creations come to life. Each package includes four specifically designed articulated shanks of varying lengths for a total of 6 Fish Spines per pack (24 individual segments), and are saltwater safe. Look for Blane Chocklett's "Game Changer" (pictured)... a fantastic new pattern we'll have in the shop in a few months. It uses Fish Spines to achieve the most lifelike action I've ever seen on a fly - Bob.

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