Cements Adhesives and Epoxies

Super 77 Adhesive Spray
Item # TB021

SUPER-77 SPRAY ADHESIVE The fastest, easiest way to bond foam sheets. Dries fast, remains pliable. Great for making "sandwich" flies, bumble-bees & more. (4.4-oz net wt. spray can)
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Disposable Micro Brushes
Item # TJ031

NEW! DISPOSABLE MICRO BRUSHES - 1001 uses for these tiny little brushes that remind me more of micro Q-Tips. The tiny tips on these brushes are really more like pipe-cleaners. Apply paint, dot eyes, shape epoxy, Tuffleye or E-Z Body, then just toss them in the trash. 100 per pack.
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Fly Tite Cement
Item # TZ001

FLY-TITE FLY TYING CEMENT Best we've ever used. First recommended to us by famous deer hair fly tyer Chris Helm, now a FEATHER-CRAFT favorite. All natural ingredients, NO TOXIC SOLVENT FUMES. Dries clear, tough and flexible. 2-ounce bottle.
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Fly Tite Thinner
Item # TZ002

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Daves Flexament
Item # TZ003

DAVE'S FLEXAMENT Flexible Tying Cement is preferred by bass fly tyers when fast "high-build" finish is desired. Also on "Bullet-Head Hopper" (Madam-X). Prevents deer hair from splitting. Same for winging material. (1-oz bottle)

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Daves Flexament Thinner
Item # TZ004


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Loon Water Base Head Cement System
Item # TZ005

LOON WATER-BASE HEAD-CEMENT SYSTEM is a penetrating fast drying type. Non-flammable. DRIES CLEAR, TOUGH, AND WATERPROOF. Great needle-top applicator bottle with 20-gauge needle.
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Loon Water Base Head Finish System
Item # TZ006

LOON WATER-BASE HEAD-FINISH SYSTEM type cement contains more solids than their regular cement. A faster build-up on fly head or body applications. Great applicator bottle with 18-gauge needle.
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Loon Water Base Head Cement Thinner
Item # TZ007

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Loon Empty Applicator Bottle
Item # TZ008

LOON EMPTY APPLICATOR BOTTLE comes with both 18 & 20 gauge needles. Use with your favorite head cement.
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Loon Hard Head Finish
Item # TZ009

LOON "HARD-HEAD FINISH" Thick like Epoxy. HANDLES LIKE EPOXY (without the mixing). WORKS EVERY TIME. Builds a beautiful GLOSSY HARD FINISH over the thread-wraps when finishing a fly head. We use the "clear" to overcoat Decal Eyes on fly heads for a 3-D look. Two thin coats is best. Thin with Loon's Water-Base Thinner. With applicator bottle (trim the brush a bit). COLORS: (1)Clear, (2)Black, (3)Red, (4)Pink, (5)Orange, (6)Yellow, (7)White-Pearlescent, (8)Red-Pearlescent, (9)Blue-Pearlescent, (10)Green-Pearlescent, (11)Green, (12)Blue. 1-oz bottle w/brush
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Item # TZ010

SOFTEX Clear Flexible Coating Easiest & fastest way to seal thread-heads and eyes on big-game streamers, deceivers, Clouser minnows and more. PLUS put a clear-coat finish over your poppers for durability. Just dip finished fly head or popper body in wide-mouth container, allow 3-5 drops to return to jar, then hand rotate fly for 15 seconds to prevent sagging. Use in well ventilated area. ("Wide-mouth" 100ml jar)
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