Body Tubing and Braids

Uni Axxel Flash
Item # TJ001

UNI AXXEL FLASH Axxel Flash is six narrow strands of flash material interlaced with nylon micro-filaments for strength. Use it by itself for sparkling fly bodies down to size-16, combine it with other body materials to add more subtle sparkle, or use it as glimmering "ribbing" on larger patterns. (1)Black, 92)Copper, (3)Gold, (4)Pearl, (5)Rainbow-White, (6)Rainbow-Black, (7)Red, (8)Silver, (9)Peacock, (10)Holo-Gold, (11)Holo-Silver, (12)Purple (12-yard spool)
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Uni Flat Braid
Item # TJ002

NEW! UNI FLAT BRAID Made of 8 small plies of UNI-Mylar. It is .05" wide, very bright and reflective. Makes outstanding butts, bodies and ribs for large flies. You can also fray this material for tailing. COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Gold, (3)Silver, (4)Holographic Silver, (5)Red (6)Pearl/Red. (7-yard spool)
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Pearl Core Braid
Item # TJ003

PEARL CORE BRAID A thin pearl braid (looks like pearl Diamond-Braid), but with a dyed core giving a dual color depth. You'll like this stuff. SIZES: Standard or Micro. Pearl w/CORE COLORS: Black, Chartreuse, Olive, Orange, Pearl-White, Pink, Purple, Red, Rootbeer, Tan, Yellow, Gray-Ghost, Brown, Damsel-Blue (3-yard PAK)
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Diamond Braid
Item # TJ004

DIAMOND BRAID For the body on the Super-Gotcha and many other fresh and saltwater streamer patterns. COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Gold, (3)Silver, (4)Copper, (5)Red, (6)Black, (7)Purple
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Dyed Pearl Diamond Braid
Item # TJ005

"DYED-PEARL" DIAMOND BRAID Fantastic braided "body-wrap" with thousands of pearlescent highlights throughout. Looks like its plugged into a light socket. Perfect for streamer bodies and "charlie's". COLORS: (1)Fl-Hot-Pink, (2)Orange, (3)Bonefish-Tan, (4)Fl-Chum-Green, (5)Fl-Chartreuse, (6)Blue, (7)Purple, (8)Olive, (9)Black, (10)Fl-Shrimp-Pink, (11)Fl-Yellow, (12)Rootbeer, (13)Caddis-Green, (15)Med-Brown, (16)Peacock, (17)Pearl, (18)Red, (20)Yellow, (21)Claret
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Midge Diamond Braid
Item # TJ006

TINY DIAMETER MIDGE DIAMOND-BRAID Great for soft-hackle fly bodies, skipping-woolly's, wrapping hot-butts on caddis, bluegill, or steelhead/salmon flies, braided nymph bodies, PLUS caddis larvae, rock worms, small bonefish flies & more. COLORS: (1)Dun-Grey, (2)Black, (3)Fl-Chartreuse, (4)Fl-Hot-Pink, (5)Fl-Shrimp-Pink, (6)Fl-Yellow, (7)Med-Brown, (8)Blue, (9)Olive, (10)Olive-Dun, (11)Orange, (12)Peacock, (13)Caddis-Green, (14)Cream, (15)Dk-Brown, (16)Pearl, (17)Bonefish-Tan, (18)Red, (19)Rootbeer, (20)Rust, (21)Tan
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Mylar Tubing Piping
Item # TJ007

MYLAR TUBING/PIPING for realistic minnow and Zonker bodies. COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Silver, (3)Gold, (4)Black, (6)Copper in SIZES: Small, Med, Large, X-Large. (Specify Size & Color)
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Jumbo Mylar Tubing
Item # TJ008

JUMBO MYLAR TUBING - Large enough to slip over BIG saltwater poppers. This is the size necessary for making the original GULF COAST REDFISH SPOONS. COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Goldtone, (3)Silvertone, (4)Greentone, (5)Coppertone
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Flexi Cord Body Tubing
Item # TJ009

FLEXI-CORD LIGHT BODY TUBING - Like the "Corsair Tubing" popularized by Jack Gartside. Woven tubing made from monofilament and mylar. Great baitfish/minnow bodies, plus eels, squid, shrimp and more. SIZES: (Sm 1/8"), (Med 1/4"), (Lg 3/8"). COLORS/SIZES: (Holographic-Gold: L), (Pearl: S, M, L), (Pearl with black lateral line: L), (Black-Pearl: S, M, L), (Olive-Pearl: S, M, L), (Chartreuse-Pearl: S, M, L)
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Hollow Body Tubing
Item # TJ016

HOLLOW BODY-TUBING From Shane Stalcup, including a MICRO DIAMETER! The tiniest diameter body tubing ever offered (pictured on size-22 micro brass-bead caddis larva). Also available in MIDGE and STANDARD sizes. This is the stretchiest (gummiest) tubing ever made. Easy to work with. Stretch it flat and rib nymphs or wrap fly bodies size-8 thru 26. SIZES: Micro, Midge, or Standard in COLORS: (1)Clear, (2)Red, (3)Orange, (4)Yellow, (5)Grey, (6)Tan, (7)Black, (8)Brown, (9)Mahogany, (10)Rust, (11)Olive, (12)Lt-Olive, (13)Chartreuse, (14)White*, (15)Peacock, (16)Olive-Brown, (17)Dk-Golden-Stone, (18)Lt-Golden-Stone, (19)Blue. (20)Buckskin*, (21)Pheasant-tail*, (22)Cream*, (23)Pink*, (24)Purple* * N/A in all sizes


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Item # TJ018

D-RIB Stretchy D-shaped body material/ribbing. Used for Crazy Charlies and segmented bodies. SIZES: Small(14-20) or Medium(6-12) in COLORS: (1)Amber, (2)Black, (3)Blood-Red, (4)Brown, (5)Clear, (6)Light-Olive, (7)Olive, (8)Rust, (9)Tan, (10)Grey, (11)Yellow, (12)Orange, (13)Dk-Golden-Stone, (14)Lt-Golden-Stone, (15)Olive-Brown, (16)Chartreuse, (17)Purple
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Item # TJ019

V-RIB A clear D-shaped popular material for Crazy-Charlies and segmented bodies. MIDGE(16-20), NYMPH(12-16), MEDIUM(6-12), LARGE(1-8). COLORS: (1)Clear, (2)Amber, (3)Orange, (4)Rust, (5)Red, (6)Green, (7)Olive, (8)Brown, (9)Black, (10)Shrimp, (11)Chartreuse. (per spool) NOTE: SHRIMP IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN sz LARGE
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