Body Tubing and Braids

Uni Axxel Flash
Item # TJ001

UNI AXXEL FLASH Axxel Flash is six narrow strands of flash material interlaced with nylon micro-filaments for strength. Use it by itself for sparkling fly bodies down to size-16, combine it with other body materials to add more subtle sparkle, or use it as glimmering "ribbing" on larger patterns. (1)Black, 92)Copper, (3)Gold, (4)Pearl, (5)Rainbow-White, (6)Rainbow-Black, (7)Red, (8)Silver, (9)Peacock, (10)Holo-Gold (12-yard spool)
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Uni Flat Braid
Item # TJ002

NEW! UNI FLAT BRAID Made of 8 small plies of UNI-Mylar. It is .05" wide, very bright and reflective. Makes outstanding butts, bodies and ribs for large flies. You can also fray this material for tailing. COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Gold, (3)Silver, (4)Holographic Silver, (5)Red (6)Pearl/Red. (7-yard spool)
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Pearl Core Braid
Item # TJ003

PEARL CORE BRAID A thin pearl braid (looks like pearl Diamond-Braid), but with a dyed core giving a dual color depth. You'll like this stuff. SIZES: Standard or Micro. Pearl w/CORE COLORS: Black, Chartreuse, Olive, Orange, Pearl-White, Pink, Purple, Red, Rootbeer, Tan, Yellow, Gray-Ghost, Brown, Damsel-Blue (3-yard PAK)
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Diamond Braid
Item # TJ004

DIAMOND BRAID For the body on the Super-Gotcha and many other fresh and saltwater streamer patterns. COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Gold, (3)Silver, (4)Copper, (5)Red, (6)Black, (7)Purple
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Dyed Pearl Diamond Braid
Item # TJ005

"DYED-PEARL" DIAMOND BRAID Fantastic braided "body-wrap" with thousands of pearlescent highlights throughout. Looks like its plugged into a light socket. Perfect for streamer bodies and "charlie's". COLORS: (1)Fl-Hot-Pink, (2)Orange, (3)Bonefish-Tan, (4)Fl-Chum-Green, (5)Fl-Chartreuse, (6)Blue, (7)Purple, (8)Olive, (9)Black, (10)Fl-Shrimp-Pink, (11)Fl-Yellow, (12)Rootbeer, (13)Caddis-Green, (15)Med-Brown, (16)Peacock, (17)Pearl, (18)Red, (20)Yellow, (21)Claret
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Midge Diamond Braid
Item # TJ006

TINY DIAMETER MIDGE DIAMOND-BRAID Great for soft-hackle fly bodies, skipping-woolly's, wrapping hot-butts on caddis, bluegill, or steelhead/salmon flies, braided nymph bodies, PLUS caddis larvae, rock worms, small bonefish flies & more. COLORS: (1)Dun-Grey, (2)Black, (3)Fl-Chartreuse, (4)Fl-Hot-Pink, (5)Fl-Shrimp-Pink, (6)Fl-Yellow, (7)Med-Brown, (8)Blue, (9)Olive, (10)Olive-Dun, (11)Orange, (12)Peacock, (13)Caddis-Green, (14)Cream, (15)Dk-Brown, (16)Pearl, (17)Bonefish-Tan, (18)Red, (19)Rootbeer, (20)Rust, (21)Tan
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Mylar Tubing Piping
Item # TJ007

MYLAR TUBING/PIPING for realistic minnow and Zonker bodies. COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Silver, (3)Gold, (4)Black, (6)Copper in SIZES: Small, Med, Large, X-Large. (Specify Size & Color)
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Jumbo Mylar Tubing
Item # TJ008

JUMBO MYLAR TUBING - Large enough to slip over BIG saltwater poppers. This is the size necessary for making the original GULF COAST REDFISH SPOONS. COLORS: (1)Pearl, (2)Goldtone, (3)Silvertone, (4)Greentone, (5)Coppertone
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Flexi Cord Body Tubing
Item # TJ009

FLEXI-CORD LIGHT BODY TUBING - Like the "Corsair Tubing" popularized by Jack Gartside. Woven tubing made from monofilament and mylar. Great baitfish/minnow bodies, plus eels, squid, shrimp and more. SIZES: (Sm 1/8"), (Med 1/4"), (Lg 3/8"). COLORS/SIZES: (Holographic-Gold: L), (Holographic-Silver with black lateral line: L), (Pearl: S, M, L), (Pearl with black lateral line: S, L), (Pearl-Silver: M, L), (Black-Pearl: S, M, L), (Olive-Pearl: S, M, L), (Chartreuse-Pearl: S, M, L)
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Item # TJ018

D-RIB Stretchy D-shaped body material/ribbing. Used for Crazy Charlies and segmented bodies. SIZES: Small(14-20) or Medium(6-12) in COLORS: (1)Amber, (2)Black, (3)Blood-Red, (4)Brown, (5)Clear, (6)Light-Olive, (7)Olive, (8)Rust, (9)Tan, (10)Grey, (11)Yellow, (12)Orange, (13)Dk-Golden-Stone, (14)Lt-Golden-Stone, (15)Olive-Brown, (16)Chartreuse, (17)Purple
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Item # TJ019

V-RIB A clear D-shaped popular material for Crazy-Charlies and segmented bodies. MIDGE(16-20), NYMPH(12-16), MEDIUM(6-12), LARGE(1-8). COLORS: (1)Clear, (2)Amber, (3)Orange, (4)Rust, (5)Red, (6)Green, (7)Olive, (8)Brown, (9)Black, (10)Shrimp, (11)Chartreuse. (per spool) NOTE: SHRIMP IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN sz LARGE
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