Egg Materials

Trout Beads
Item # TC001

TROUT BEADS If you've ever fished rainbow trout in Alaska, you know about TROUT BEADS. Now they're exploding in popularity everywhere for steelhead and salmon. EGG-LIKE plastic beads. "Peg" a bead 2-inches up the tippet from the hook. When you set the hook, the fish is hooked on the mouth every time, and not allowed to swallow the hook. We've added four Great Lakes specific colors (8-11) to the list this year. SIZES: SMALL(6mm), MEDIUM (8mm), LARGE(10mm) in COLORS: (1)Natural-Roe, (2)Salmon-Egg, (3)Cream-delight, (4)Ruby-Red-Roe, (5)Translucent-Tangerine, (6)Orange-Roe, (7)Caramel-Roe, (8)Hot-Pink, (9)Sky-Blue, (10)Chartreuse-Swirl, (11)Fl-Fire-Orange (SM/45-beads per pak), (Med/40-beads per pak), (LG/30-beads per pak)
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Otter Soft Egg Material
Item # TC002

OTTER'S SOFT EGG MATERIAL Developed and tested in Colorado and the Great Lakes tribs with HUGE SUCCESS. Trout, steelhead and salmon grab these soft eggs and won't let go. STANDARD COLORS: (1)Tango-Pink, (2)Apricot, (3)Ruby-Red, (4)Kiwi-Chartreuse, (5)Tangerine-Orange, (6)Translucent-Blue. GLO-IN-THE-DARK COLORS: (7)Kiwi-Opaque-Glo, (8)Apricot-Opaque-Glo. NEW COLORS: (9)Salmon-Egg, (10)Fl-Chartreuse. FLASH COLORS: (11)Kiwi/Silver, (12)Tangerine/Red, (14)Tango-Pink/Silver.

FOUR SIZES: Micro-Trout(hook sizes:14,16), Trout (hook sizes: 10,12), Salmon(hook size-6) or Cluster (hook size-8)

(A) MICRO-TROUT 4mm "SOFT EGG MATERIAL" $3.95/24-pak
(B) TROUT 6mm "SOFT EGG MATERIAL" $3.95/20-pak
(C) SALMON 10mm "SOFT EGG MATERIAL" $3.95/20-pak
(D) CLUSTER 3-trout eggs "SOFT EGG MATERIAL" $3.95/20-pak
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Egg Veil
Item # TC003

EGG VEIL This super-soft, MILKY WHITE fiber is perfect for applying the "sperm veil" on eggs. Large PAK.
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Glo Bug Yarn
Item # TC006

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Pattern Sheet for Original Glo Bug Egg
Item # TC007

ORIGINAL "GLO-BUG" EGG PATTERN SHEET Also see my pattern-sheet for a super-easy-to-tye Brass-Bead Glo-Bug. The bead is inside the yarn.
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McFly Foam Egg Yarn
Item # TC008

McFLYFOAM EGG YARN Spongy feel when mashed, and expands right back to shape when released. Used just like GLO-BUG YARN for creating eggs. COLORS: (1)Bright-Red, (2)Ripple, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Red, (5)Golden, (6)Late-McRoe, (7)Pink, (8)McRoe, (9)Orange, (10)McCheese, (11)White, (12)Tangerine, (13)Early-Girl, (14)January, (15)Late-Pink, (16)Baby-Blue (Steelhead), (17)Flats-Crab-Tan, (18)Flats-Crab-Brown, (19)Cream-Delight, (20)Dead-Egg, (21)Steelhead-Orange, (22)Black, (23)Fl-Go-Flame
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Amazing Glo Bug Dispenser
Item # TC009

THE AMAZING GLO-BUG DISPENSER makes eggs faster, easier and more perfectly than any other method. This is the answer for anyone who's ever had trouble tying eggs. Three different size tubes allow for tying perfect egg-balls from Micro 1-2/14 to Medium 8/10 to Large 4/6. There is NO-WASTE. Every bit of Egg Yarn is used. Includes detailed instructions.
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Krystal Eggs
Item # TC011

KRYSTAL EGGS Use TMC 105 size 8 or 10 hooks. Wrap thread to the middle of hook-shank and whip finish. Push egg-ball part way onto the hook, add a touch of Zap-A-Gap super glue to the thread wraps, push the egg-ball into place. COLORS: (1)Salmon-Pink-Roe, (2)Cheese, (3)Pink, (4)Salmon-Egg, (5)Bubble-Gum, (6)Orange, (7)Fl-Chartreuse, (8)Red, (9)Fl-Cerise (per/DOZ)
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Glo Bugs "Bling" Yarn
Item # TC014

GLO BUGS "BLING" YARN - The original glo bug yarn w/ added explosion of built-in flash. Perfect "sparkling" egg patterns every time. Can also be used as super-bright dubbing for blugill, panfish & trout attractor patterns. COLORS: (1)Alaskan-Roe, (2)Baby-Pink, (3)Chartreuse, (4)Oregon-Cheese, (5)Salmon-Egg, (6)Shrimp-Pink, (7)Steelhead-Orange.
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Mini 5/16" Hot Glue Gun
Item # TC015

MINI 5/16" HOT-GLUE-GUN for perfect looking, easy to make egg patterns, plus Egg Sack Minnow patterns. Buy two guns and mix colors. Mini glue sticks sold Separately (our item TC016).
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Mini 5/16" Hot Glue Sticks
Item # TC016

MINI 5/16" HOT GLUE STICKS COLORS: (1)Champagne, (2)Chartreuse, (3)Clear, (4)Dark-Roe, (5)Orange-Roe, (6)Oregon-Cheese, (7)Pink-Lady, (8)Salmon-Egg (4-PAK)
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