Vise Fly Rack
Item # RS010

The VISE FLY RACK will fit on any vise stem. The foam discs have slotted fly stations all the way around. Simply back the fly into a slot and it's held securely. Great for allowing cements or epoxies to dry before placing them into a fly box. Pkg includes 2 Racks: 1 black & 1 grey.
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Uni Tray 2 Dispenser
Item # SA004

UNI-TRAY II DISPENSER swallows up all your colored-wires, flat mylar and oval tinsels. Hinged lightweight plastic box with foam inserts in top and bottom. Load spools in foam holes "labels-up" and start a tag end of the material protruding upwards. Just pull tag end to dispense the perfect amount. Holds 36-spools.
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20 Compartment Pro Hook Box
Item # SA007

20-COMPARTMENT PRO HOOK BOX Sold by the box, without hooks.
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Cloudy 12 Compartment Empty Dubbing Boxes
Item # SA019

DUBBING DISPENSER BOX Empty 12-compartment boxes. These opaque boxes fit our OASIS Dubbing Towers $3.95 each.
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Spool Safe
Item # SA021

"SPOOL SAFE" This handmade solid-oak storage system holds a whopping 72-SPOOLS of thread, wires, tinsels, etc. Simply rotate the cylinder to select your choice.
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10 Compartment Pro Hook Box
Item # SB001

10-COMPARTMENT PRO HOOK BOX Long, narrow-box with 10-compartments. Curved bottom for easy hook removal. Great for glass & metal beads, bar-bell eyes, etc. 10" x 21/4" x 11/4".
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20 Compartment Pro Hook Box
Item # SB002

20-COMPARTMENT DOUBLE PRO HOOK BOX Two of the above "PRO" boxes welded together.
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21 Compartment Organizer
Item # SB003

21-COMPARTMENT ORGANIZER HOOK BOX Perfect for storing and managing Size-8 and larger hooks. Plus beads, bar-bell eyes, etc. Clear plastic-box with curved-bottom. Great for large saltwater and bass hooks. 10-1/2" x 7" x 11/2".
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Clear Empty 12 Compartment Dubbing Box
Item # SB004

CLEAR DUBBING DISPENSER BOX Empty 12-compartment dubbing dispenser box measures 6" x 3" x 1". Load your own blends.
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Renzetti Tool Caddy
Item # SL003

RENZETTI TOOL CADDY A SOFT FOAM fly-tying tool holder. A favorite way to organize tying-tools (I own two). Sits "firmly" on the bench. Soaks up fly tying tools and head cement bottles, both round and square. This little tool-caddy will un-clutter your bench. You'll love it.
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Quad Bead Dispenser
Item # TL007

QUAD BEAD-DISPENSER Conveniently stores and dispenses metal or glass beads. Press down on one of the four "silos" and a single bead is dispensed. (Silo #1 holds and dispenses beads up to 3/32"), (Silo #2 up to 1/8"), (Silo #3 up to 5/32"), (Silo #4 up to 3/16"). FOR TRAVEL: Push each silo half way down and turn counter-clockwise to lock closed. $19.95 OR 2 or More for $17.95
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Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Bag
Item # WF021

FISHPOND ROAD TRIP FLY TYING KIT BAG Compact in size, thoughtfully designed. Bring all of the essentials to match every hatch that Mother Nature throws at you. Integrated vise storage pocket with two zippered compartments, 22 small storage pockets, four large see-thru zippered mesh material pockets, two 9" thread tubes, one 4.5" x 9" x 1" plastic box to organize hooks, beads, etc., Nine 4" x 6" resealable clear poly bags, and nine 3" x 4.5" resealable clear poly bags with Velcro binding attachments. Much of the bag is Velcro-lined for customization, and for adding additional accessory pouches. Durable Diamondtech fabric. 12" x 4" x 9.5". Color is Sand
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