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    Thank you for joining us in the EDWEB SECTION of our Website. Here Robyn and I offer some very SPECIAL-ITEMS to include Special-Prices, Materials, New-Items, Items that we did not have room for in our hard-copy catalogs, Tips about everything fly fishing, Gossip, Lose Weight, Gain Wealth, Plus A Bit Of Humor(fun type jokes). Robyn will also have some ITEMS FOR THE LADIES, to include "GIFTS" for the ladies that can bail the guys out at those "gift times" of the year. Expect to find great items at great prices. NOTE that you can add these EDWEB ITEMS to your order from our other catalogs, E-Mail Specials or catalog-website, with no additional shipping-charge. Here, simply use the "EW" ITEM NUMBERS. **All newer(ish) edweb items will be towards the end of the pages**

T/Base (1 oz bulk)
Item # EW125

>> F-C BRIGHT WHITE T-BASE FEATHERS for parachute posts(ala John Gierach). Big users, pro-tyers and contract fly tyers continue to ask for a price on our most beautiful T-Base by the ounce. White T-Base is now the number-1 material for posts on parachute patterns. Hand picked, dyed bright white > This is the neck feather from the white turkey that John Gierach wrote so glowing of in one of his books. $8 per1-Oz bulk pak(an ounce is a small pillow)
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White T-Base Feathers
Item # EW126

The Nov-Dec 03 issue of FLY ROD & REEL MAGAZINE has an article by A.K. Best regarding using our White T-Base Feathers as the winging material for the wings on Royal Wulffs, rather than hair wings, like calf tail. It's an easy wing to tie, and I think it's the most beautiful wing for the Royal Wulff in sizes 12 thru 16. Almost looks hair like, because it's the nature of the feather-fibers on a T-Base Feather. You have to know how to do this, so get this issue of that magazine OR if you miss it, ask for Ed. Another thing, I have a number of Lee Wulff flys. He was friend and customer for many years. Lee never used a hair stacker for the hair wings on his Wulff patterns. The hair wings are not only un-even, but also sparse. More sparse then any I've ever seen tied, other then by Lee. Another thing, the bright-white MARABOU at the base of a T-Base feather is perfect for small white marabou streamers or jigs. We package T-Base in $2.50 bulk paks, or a BIG 1-ounce(small pillow) bulk-pak for $8 (see ITEM EW125 for 1 ounce pak).
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Rabbit Leech Kit
Item # EW130

$9.95 and includes the hooks(25), the lead-wire, the thread, the - white rabbit hide and the pattern-sheet. This is an easy pattern to tye, and one of those patterns that you should have with you at all times.
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Rabbit Hide - Ed's 1/4 Hides (tan to cream)
Item # EW135

Rabbit Hide - ED's 1/4 HIDES (tan to cream) - SPECIAL Tanned Rabbit Hides in the color "tan changing to a cream base" for tying the Alaska Flesh-Fly and certain bonefish (SimRam, Bunny Gotcha, Scampi) patterns. As you know, these hides are hard to find. 1/4 hide (that's a bunch!)
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Bou (White Marabou Fluffs)
Item # EW152

In the late Buz Busek's 1959 catalog, Buz wrote that on the Firehole river(Yellowstone Park) he released over 35 large trout one afternoon. Buz and I were friends for many years. In the 60's, Buz made saltwater leader butt-sections for us. Anyway, he goes on to say he took those trout on a simple little WHITE MARABOU-STREAMER. LOOK: Tye in the red 6/0 thread at > the end of the hook shank. Tye in a length of gold or silver tinsel, leaving the tag-end almost as long at the hook shank, and the standing-end 3-inches long. Wrap over the tinsel tag-end with the thread-wraps, building a body up to just short of the hook-eye, leaving room for a fly head. Now wrap the standing-end of the tinsel that's still at the end of the hook-shank, up to the waiting thread, forming a tinsel body as you go. Take a white marabou-fluff and bend the marabou-stem, so that you can grab and smooth a wing of marabou fibers that will extend past the hook-bend, when we tye it in at the waiting thread behind the hook eye. Finish the fly head with thread wraps and whip-finish. And note that one marabou-fluff, when using the end plus a wing off each side of the stem will tye 3-flys. Buz fished these in sizes-6, 8 and 10. And fished like a streamer, YOU CAN TAKE TROUT ANYWHERE ON THIS PATTERN. I have since I was a kid. Today, I tye them on the DAIICHI #1530 hook in size-10. Or the size-12 when a little more sparse is needed(clear shallow water, small streams). This is a 2X strong, 1x short heavy-wire wet fly hook. I also like it for Soft-Hackle patterns). A Dai-Riki 070 or 075 hook would also be nice, plus a 100 or 180th ounce jig head. TO FISH: For shallow water, no additional weight. To get a bit deeper, add a split-shot 15-inches above the fly. For really deeep, a sinking line with a 4-foot tippet and skip the fly just off the bottom. All deadly methods with this so easy to tye little streamer. Hard to find WHITE MARABOU FLUFFS > bulk pak $2 NOTICE: This same pattern tyed with black & yellow marabou fluffs has fished successfully for me since I was a kid also, fishing our state trout park Bennett Spring State Park where someone developed the pattern long before I started tying and fishing it. I still fish the pattern at that park. And I'm dying up fluffs in both black and yellow now. Tyed on the same hooks as above, with a yellow fluff tail and a black fluff over-wing. Fish it as this a streamer. The hook shank should be wrapped with gold or silver tinsel. Easy to tye, patterns that work. At this hour, I do-not have black & yellow fluffs(later). For now, use our strung black & Yellow marabou. NOTE that I often elaborate more than is necessary on easy to tye and fish patterns like these Marabou Streamers. 'OL sage fly tyers, please remember that so many reading this are beginning fly tyers and fly fishers. I try to offer entry level fly tyers and fishers patterns that are easy to tye, and easy to fish for success. PLUS I have a half dozen or more Marabou Streamers in a box in my shirt pocket right now, along with Cracklebacks in size-10 & 12, Bobs Flys in 16 & 18, Caddis in 14 & 16 and gray Whispys to size-24. I'm ready for that afternoon call from a fishing pal to hit the 9-miles of trophy trout water an hour and a half from where I'm sitting. ANOTHER THING: For many of these patterns mentioned, I have a TYING-KIT in a poly-bag stuck on the dry-wall of my office here in the warehouse. When I need more flys, I pull the bag down and have the exact hooks, materials and even a pattern-sheet for tying that pattern.
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Boukit White Marabou-Streamer Kit
Item # EW153

WHITE MARABOU-STREAMER KIT like the one on my wall: Includes 1-Pattern-Sheet, 1-Pak White Marabou Fluffs, 1-spool 6/0 RED Uni-Thread, 1-Spool tinsel, 24-Pak DAIICHI 1530 hooks Size-10 > all packed in a poly Kit-Bag >> This FLY-TYE KIT is one of the most popular kits we have ever offered. Reports of success using this little streamer have come back to us from everywhere
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The "Crease-Fly" Pattern Sheet
Item # EW177

Joe Blados designed the Crease Fly, and sent Bob the original hand drawn beautifully illustrated pattern-sheet on tying this great unique flat Popper Like streamer pattern . I mean a beautiful hand drawn(illustrated) . This is a two-part pattern-sheet, with over-size illustrations and written instructions > $1.50
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World's Lightest Mesh Fishing Vest
Item # EW185

World's Lightest Mesh Fishing Vest - It weighs a little less than nothing. Packs flatter with less bulk, than any other vest made today. The two large zip-pockets on the front are big enough to hold our big DEWITT 18-compartment fly box, as are the two large inside-pockets. A total of 15 Velcro pockets, 4- zippered pockets, large back pocket for rain coat, zippered front, 3-utility D-Rings and a rod holder tab. The pocket arrangement is perfect. A fine first vest or the perfect 2nd vest. A vest for the casual fisher like mom or the kids. Or the perfect specialty vest for smallmouth to walk in mountain brook trout, where you leave the vest loaded and ready to go. Or the super hot days vest. Color is a medium-olive in SIZES: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
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F-C Surf Dart Pattern Sheet
Item # EW186

The F-C SURF DART Baitfish Pattern cast into a wind like a bullet. Great sand eel pattern for stripers, bluefish and albies anywhere these fish are found, to include bonito along the Florida Gulf Coast. You can walk a beach and shoot this pattern out there 70-feet and further into a wind. Where I'm going with this is that the revised 1985 Pattern-sheet(I first wrote the pattern-sheet in the 1970's) with step by step tying photo's is still available($1.50). But more important, we again have the F-C Clear Wide Clear Lace($1.50 pak) to tie the pattern. Easy to tie, easy to cast and designed to imitate small baitfish everywhere. As soon as it hits the water, start stripping it back, and it will ride just under the surface. Or, let it sink to a desired depth before stripping it back.
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F-C Empty Soft Spools
Item # EW187

These are the empty spools that our F-C FLUOROCARBON TIPPET-MATERIAL is spooled on. These soft-spools, as you know, easily open up to be re-used for other materials than tippet. We've had many requests to buy the spools empty so that you can spool chenille, wires, tinsels and other like materials on them. When you stop pulling tying material or tippet material off the spool, it stops, so there is no waste. There is never any F-C Tippet-Material waste with our spools, as you know. The empty spools are .50 ea
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Pattern Sheet - F-C City Rat
Item # EW193

The F-C CITY RAT trout fly is part nymph, and part not. It can be fished dead-drift deeeep as a great nymph pattern, and by using the Jim Liesenring-Lift at the end of the drift, expect this trout fly pattern to be very productive. Others have skipped the pattern with the rod tip as you do when fishing a streamer or F-C Crackleback, and found this to be productive. Allow the fly to get deep in any depth of water, meaning just off the bottom. The key material for tying this fly is the philo-plume(after-shaft) marabou like feather found under most feathers on a ringneck pheasant skin. Here we offer a pattern-Sheet to include THE HISTORY AND ILLUSTRATED EASY TYING INSTRUCTIONS. > $1.50 (This pattern will be one of your favorite go-deeep trout fly patterns
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Drake Mallard (Silver Belly)
Item # EW210

Drake Mallard...for tying fan-wing dry fly wings. And if you want to see exactly how to tie a fan-wing in, see it done on page-50 of the March issue of FLY ROD & REEL MAGAZINE, or ask for a pat-sheet from Ed when you order these mallard belly feathers. Beautiful dry fly wings, and a white-wing Adams is easy to see on the water. Plus these are used for the wing case on Zug Bugs, cheeks on streamers and more. Tough feather to come by as they must be hand plucked. And you know who the head plucker is around here. Nice pak $1.50
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