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Survival Guide For Beginning anglers
Item # 499490

NEW! SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR BEGINNING ANGLERS - The Complete Beginner's How-to Guide for Learning to Fly Fish by Skip Morris. This book makes learning to fly fish easy-and fun! And it teaches this magnificent sport in new and highly effective ways. TWO COMPREHENSIVE DVD's ARE INCLUDED WITH THE BOOK. The instructions are a snap to follow, and pared down to only what you need to know in order to start catching fish. In fact rather than offering heaps of information on all kinds of rare and exotic species and kinds of fly fishing, it limits itself to sound and appropriately thorough instruction on just four kinds of fly fishing you can find almost anywhere in North America; two of the types are found around the world. Learning something new always goes best when you're not overwhelmed with mountains of advanced or largely impractical detail. Covers all of the basics, PLUS equipment, flies and the creatures they imitate, knots, casting and much more. Learn how to catch trout in rivers, bass and panfish in lakes and ponds, smallmouth bass in rivers, and trout in lakes. At the end of each of these four chapters on different kinds of fly fishing comes a narrative walking you through a typical day of such fishing-basically, you go out fishing for a day with Skip, get the feel of the fishing, see and experience it in your mind. A great way to prepare you for actually going out on your first fishing adventure. Softbound, 9" x 11", 80-page full color book plus 2-DVD set.
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Modern Terrestrials
Item # 499598

NEW! MODERN TERRESTRIALS: TYING & FISHING THE WORLD'S MOST EFFECTIVE PATTERNS by Rick Takahashi & Jerry Hubka. Terrestrials, a broad category of potential fish food ranging from land-dwelling insects to mice, are one of the most important food sources for trout around the world. Whether you tie or buy your flies, this collection of cutting-edge advice from experts around the world will help you catch more fish. First comprehensive book of contemporary terrestrial patterns--grasshoppers, crickets, ants, beetles, and more Over 600 patterns and recipes from around the world Tying steps for 15 essential pattern styles plus fishing techniques, tips, and tricks from experts on rivers and stillwaters Stunning photos and detailed illustrations. Hard-Spiral bound, 11" x 9.5", full-color, 245-pages.
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Fleye Design
Item # 515468

FLEYE DESIGNS: Techniques, Insights & Patterns by Bob Popovics and Jay Nichols. In the twelve years since his landmark book Pop Fleyes, Bob Popovics has continued to develop new fly patterns and improve old favorites. His new book includes 36 step-by-step tying and technique tutorials, over 12 new patterns, and numerous variations for every situation, plus contributions from a new generation of fly tiers who have been influenced by his signature style. Hardbound, 8.5" x 11", full color, 259-pages.
* Includes the Bucktail Deceiver, the Hollow Fleye, and other new patterns that have greatly influenced saltwater tying in the past ten years

* Improves on old favorites, including a full update for the Surf Candy

* Features contributions from well-known tiers such as Steve Farrar, Dave Skok, Johnny King, David Nelson, Paul Dixon, and Nick Curcione
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Czech Nymphing 101
Item # 515471

CZECH NYMPHING 101 with Steve Parrott covers it all in this thorough. Pragmatic presentation. Czech, French, Polish and Spanish methods are all covered as well as; Approaching the River, Effective waters for each method, Casting techniques for each method, Line Control, Strike Detection, incorporating indicators, Hook Set, and Leader Set-up for Czech, French, Polish and Spanish styles. Detailed in struction ON THE RIVER. PLUS a Fly Tying Bonus - 4 proven patterns with step-by-step instruction and recipes. 146-minute DVD.
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Flyfisher's Guide to California
Item # 515484

FLYFISHER'S GUIDE TO CALIFORNIA by Greg Vinci. Greg brings a long-time local's point of view, with tips like access areas where vehicle numbers/parking spots are limited, campgrounds where you'll need reservations, and historical context of the fisheries. His spectacular full-color photography fills the pages with flyfishing bliss. The biggest, most comprehensive fly fishing guide ever on California. Includes 45 detailed maps and expert coverage of: Bishop Creek, Cosumnes River, Crowley Lake, Davis Lake, Eagle Lake, East Carson River, East Walker River, Fall River, Feather River, Hat Creek, Hot Creek, Klamath River, Lake Almanor, Little Truckee River, Lower American River, Lower Kings River, Lower Owens River, Lower Sacramento River, Lower Stanislaus River, Lower Yuba River, McCloud River, McGee Creek, Merced River, Mi. Fork Feather River, Mi. Fork Stanislaus River, Mokelumne River, No. Fork Kern River, North Yuba River, Owens Gorge, Pit River, Putah Creek, Red Lake Creek, Rush Creek, Russian River, So. Fork American River, So. Fork Kings River, So. Fork San Joaquin, Truckee River, Tuolumne Meadows, Upper Owens River, Upper Sacramento River, Upper Trinity River, West Carson River, West Walker River, and Yellow Creek. Softbound, full color, 8.5" x 11", 238-pages.
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Trout Streams of Central New York
Item # 515497

TROUT STREAMS OF CENTRAL NEW YORK - Locations, Strategies, and Techniques for all Angers by J. Michael Kelly. A must-have guide for any and all area trout fishermen, Trout Streams of Central New York reveals the little-known treasures that are to be found in the trout waters at the heart of New York State. This unique region boasts some of the country's best trout fishing, with diverse waters that have something special to offer every angler. Section One is organized by geographic area (covering the areas between Rochester, Syracuse, and the Southern Tier regions), with detailed descriptions of over 100 trout streams and rivers (including Nine Mile Creek, Chittenango Creek, Oriskany Creek, and the bountiful Monroe County creeks) in a total of 18 counties. Section Two covers invaluable strategies for fishing these streams, with an emphasis on timing, fly selection and hatch-matching, as well as lures and techniques for spin-fishing and bait-fishing. The practicality, insight, and detail of the information in this book is unparalleled. Softbound, 9" x 6", 236-pages.

A spirited angler with over fifty years of experience trout-fishing central New York's waters, J. Michael Kelly writes for anglers of all kinds, beginning to advanced, as he guides the reader through this area's many trout-fishing jewels.
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Making Better Flies
Item # 526701

MAKING BETTER FLIES: How to Design, Develop, and Improve Fly Patterns for Salt and Fresh Water by Lou Tabory. Not only a fly-tying manual for imitating saltwater baits, but also a study in successful fly design from one of the most influential designers in the country. Learn how to make flies behave like naturals, adapt patterns to imitate numerous baits, and trigger strikes when fish aren't feeding. WONDERFULLY WRITTEN AND LAID OUT IN FULL COLOR. Softbound, 8.5" x 11", 190-pages, full color.

* Covers all important design considerations, including shape, movement and action, color, and sink rate and balance

* Advice for how to set up a fly box

* Learn how to tie 21 of the most effective salt- and freshwater patterns
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Catching Shadows
Item # 526717

Autographed copies while they last.

CATCHING SHADOWS: Tying Flies for the Toughest Fish and Strategies for Fishing Them by Rich Strolis. Noted commercial tier Rich Strolis shares his most effective patterns as well as the inspiration behind them to help anglers develop their own flies. Features dry flies, emergers, nymphs, and streamers for all seasons. Hardbound, 8.5" x 11", full color, 208-pages.

* Features 20 favorite custom flies, including the Rock Candy Larva, the Headbanger Sculpin, and the Shucked Up Emerger, as well as multiple variations for each pattern

* Learn how to fine-tune your own flies and tie patterns for any situation

* Covers a wide variety of tying materials, from the newest synthetics to traditional natural materials

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Fly Fishing For Redfish
Item # 531727

FLY FISHING FOR REDFISH - When it comes to explaining how to catch the world's most interesting gamefish, no one does it better than Chico Fernandez. His explanations are clear, memorable, entertaining, and informed by a lifetime of observation.--Marshall Cutchin, publisher of MidCurrent If you're looking to spend some time chasing one of the Atlantic's most popular sport fish, this book can help make it time well spent. Chico Fernandez shares a lifetime of expertise and experiences fly fishing for redfish up and down the Atlantic Coast, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Mexico.

* The quintessential book on redfish by the author of the quintessential book on bonefish
* Complete with Aaron Adams's informative science on the fish's lifecycle, habitats, tides, and foods
* Covers the essentials of fishing and tying for redfish: rods, reels, rigs, casting techniques, and flies
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Feather Brain
Item # KB137

NEW BOOK! "FEATHER BRAIN" by Drew Chicone, including insights from nine top saltwater fly tiers, including Bob Clouser, Joe Mahler, Jonny King, Jon Cavel, Bob Popovics, Norm Zeigler, and Chris Helm. Wonderful step-by-step tying instructions and explanations of how the author designed 14 winning saltwater flies. Drew's shares his own creative thought process to help you design your own effective patterns, PLUS advice on tying with saltwater materials, and fixing typical problems. FEATHER BRAIN is a great roadmap for tying better looking and better performing saltwater flies. Softbound, 8 1/2" x 11", 444 color photos, 168-pages.

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Trout Tips: A Guides Secret's Tactics & Techniques
Item # KB150

NEW! 101 TROUT TIPS: A GUIDES SECRET'S, TACTICS & TECHNIQUES by Landon Mayer. A unique perspective of common problems that anglers might encounter on the water followed by solutions collected from journal and river notes taken over landons last 18 years of guiding. Matched with still and sequence photography and drawings, it has 224-pages packed with quality information for anglers of all skill levels. Softbound, 203-pages, 7.25" x 9.125".
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Orvis Beginners Guide To Carp Flies
Item # KB151

NEW BOOK! THE ORVIS BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO CARP FLIES by Dan Frasier. Carp are found across much of North America, are fun to fish to, and for many anglers are more accessible than trout. Even the savviest angler can be tempted by carp's unique appearance, large size, and shallow-water ways, only to quickly learn the fish are far more selective than first imagined. Frasier teaches the diet basics of carp that will help you to select the correct fly per situation and have more success stalking these 'Golden Bonefish'. Enjoy 101 patterns, each thoroughly described and well-illustrated. Proper presentation, carp habits, and detailed tips to help bring success. Softbound, 6" x 9", full-color, 160 pgs.
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