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Smallmouth Fly Fishing
Item # 442883

BACK IN PRINT: "SMALLMOUTH FLY FISHING" The Best Techniques, Flies and Destinations by Tim Holschlag. 15-chapters of instruction. 40 Best smallmouth flies. 100 top smallmouth destinations. Cutting edge presentations. How to catch smallies in any size water. Targeting big bronzebacks. It's all here, brilliantly written in a "no nonsense" fashion with over 200 illustrations and photo's. Softbound, 326-pages.
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Item # 464241

NEW BOOK: "SELECTIVITY" by Matt Supinski FAETURING more that 200 breathtaking photos from the top streams around the world and hundreds of innovative fly patterns and recipes and notes, this unique introduction to the world of selective feeding is perfect for all anglers seeking to master the more intricate technical aspects of fly fishing. From practical biology to the fine art of matching baits, the strategies presented here will help you fool tough fish in all types of enviorns, including tailwaters, spring creeks, and Gaspe salmon streams. Hardbound, 8 1/2" x 11", 260-pages.

"Matt Supinski is very engaging as an author because he has the ability to drive home a point through the use of stories. The "theory" of fussy trout can be quite dry, but Matt has found a way to combine the textbook information with tons of practical stream side applications and stories." --David Knapp,

"The sweet spot of Matt's book are the observations and the anecdotes that accompany the techniques." --Steve Zakur,

"You'll find a wealth of knowledge packed in these pages. All of it backed up by numerous photographs, and color fly plates. . . . Whether you're stringing up a fly rod for the first time, or patching your 19th pair of waders, this book has something to offer." --Ed Mitchell,

"Wow. What a book and what an undertaking. This should be a must-read for the most exacting fly fisherman. I would guess that it will be one of the most important reference volumes ever written. It should be read and re-read many times." -- Ed Shenk, author of Ed Shenk's Fly Rod Trouting

Strategies for fooling tough fish in all types of environs, from tailwaters to spring creeks to Gaspe salmon streams Breathtaking photos from the top streams around the world Hundreds of innovative fly patterns with recipes and notes
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Survival Guide For Beginning anglers
Item # 499490

NEW! SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR BEGINNING ANGLERS - The Complete Beginner's How-to Guide for Learning to Fly Fish by Skip Morris. This book makes learning to fly fish easy-and fun! And it teaches this magnificent sport in new and highly effective ways. TWO COMPREHENSIVE DVD's ARE INCLUDED WITH THE BOOK. The instructions are a snap to follow, and pared down to only what you need to know in order to start catching fish. In fact rather than offering heaps of information on all kinds of rare and exotic species and kinds of fly fishing, it limits itself to sound and appropriately thorough instruction on just four kinds of fly fishing you can find almost anywhere in North America; two of the types are found around the world. Learning something new always goes best when you're not overwhelmed with mountains of advanced or largely impractical detail. Covers all of the basics, PLUS equipment, flies and the creatures they imitate, knots, casting and much more. Learn how to catch trout in rivers, bass and panfish in lakes and ponds, smallmouth bass in rivers, and trout in lakes. At the end of each of these four chapters on different kinds of fly fishing comes a narrative walking you through a typical day of such fishing-basically, you go out fishing for a day with Skip, get the feel of the fishing, see and experience it in your mind. A great way to prepare you for actually going out on your first fishing adventure. Softbound, 9" x 11", 80-page full color book plus 2-DVD set.
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The Salmonfly
Item # 499502

NEW! THE SALMONFLY - Guide to the Dream Hatch of the West by Skip Morris. The Awe-Inspiring Salmonfly Hatch. Fly fishers travel from all over the world to attend the legendary Salmonfly hatch that takes place every year in Western North American Rivers. Why do they make such a trek? How about great stout nymphs and flying adults almost two inches long driving big trout mad-do you think that might explain it? Learn critical techniques for successful fishing. This Salmonfly guide covers the flies, strategies, tackle, timing, and fine-but-critical points that make for success when these amazing insects are all over the river. The Salmonfly hatch (and the hatch of another stonefly almost as big) can provide incredible fishing... if you do a number of critical things right (and bring a little luck with you)-it can be a tricky hatch to mine. Fish the hatch without understanding it and you can be in for slow fishing. So unless you're an old hand at working the Salmonfly hatch (and even if you are, you may find some important insights), you need an edge. This Salmonfly guide will provide you that edge, and more. Illustrations appear wherever they best express details and ideas-rigs for nymph and dry-fly fishing, the important effects on sun and cloud cover and shade on fishing, effective hook setting with unseen nymphs, and more. 9 QR codes to take you directly to video segments that support or add to the chapter's ideas. Softbound, 120-pages, 5.5" x 8.25", full-color with illustrations.
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Orvis 'Beginers Guide To Carp Flies'
Item # 499566

NEW! ORVIS "BEGINNERS GUIDE TO CARP FLIES" by Dan Frasier. Carp fishing is rapidly gaining popularity in the fly-fishing world, and for good reason. Carp are found across much of North America, are fun to fish to, and for many anglers are more accessible than trout. Even the most savvy fisherman can be tempted by carp's unique appearance, large size, and shallow-water ways , only to quickly learn the fish are far more selective than first imagined. By taking a look at the diet basics of carp, Dan Frasier has helped all levels of angler better understand the process of fishing for the "golden bonefish." An understanding of the fish's diet allows anglers to select the correct fly per situation and have more success on the water. In The Orvis Beginner's Guide to Carp Flies, enjoy 101 patterns, each thoroughly described and well illustrated. Frasier also discusses proper presentation, carp habits, and provides detailed tips to help bring success to your carp stalking. Shave months off your carp trial-and-error process with Dan's tried-and-true knowledge. Softbound, 6" x 9", full-color, 160 pages.

Author Dan Frasier grew up fishing and hunting the prairies of eastern South Dakota. He is constantly traveling the States in search of carp, and is the fly-fishing editor of the e-magazine Carp Pro.

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Fly Fishers Guide To Colorado's Lost Lakes & Secret Places
Item # 499570

FLY FISHER'S GUIDE TO COLORADO'S LOST LAKES & SECRET PLACES" - Colorado's high elevation offers spectacular, often tremendous fishing that is more often relayed via rumor than reliable report. But in the Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado's Lost Lakes and Secret Places, veteran angler Mike Kephart gives you the scoop on which Colorado mountain and wilderness lakes and creeks fish well, how to get there, the difficulty of access, and what you can expect to catch. These largely untapped fisheries can be off the table to anglers who can't invest the time and effort required to access them only to find poor fishing. Kephart has done the leg-work - and the cast-work - to determine which lakes hold the big ones, the high populations, the hatches, and the rare species like greenback cutthroat and golden trout. The fish in these hard-to-access places can be eager to eat, so getting to the right ones is worth the effort. Beyond the lakes, Kephart covers some remote canyons and gorges, and side canyons within gorges where he's found excellent fishing. The author has done the research, sometimes fishing the lakes several times before discovering the bounty. He also covers forest fires, oil development and grazing as those topics apply to fly fishing in the area. Mike Kephart has paid his dues and yours - take advantage of this great opportunity with this new guide. Includes GPS coordinates. Souftbound, 9" x 6", 366-pages.
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Modern Terrestrials
Item # 499598

NEW! MODERN TERRESTRIALS: TYING & FISHING THE WORLD'S MOST EFFECTIVE PATTERNS by Rick Takahashi & Jerry Hubka. Terrestrials, a broad category of potential fish food ranging from land-dwelling insects to mice, are one of the most important food sources for trout around the world. Whether you tie or buy your flies, this collection of cutting-edge advice from experts around the world will help you catch more fish. First comprehensive book of contemporary terrestrial patterns--grasshoppers, crickets, ants, beetles, and more Over 600 patterns and recipes from around the world Tying steps for 15 essential pattern styles plus fishing techniques, tips, and tricks from experts on rivers and stillwaters Stunning photos and detailed illustrations. Hard-Spiral bound, 11" x 9.5", full-color, 245-pages.
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Striking Steel
Item # 499601

NEW DVD! "STRIKING STEEL" with Kevin Feenstra. Striking Steel focuses on catching fish in tough conditions, addressing many of the overlooked food sources for steelhead, fishing structure and reading the water are covered in detail. Several fly patterns are included and their use is explained. The River Footage is spectacular, providing insight into the world of a steelhead. Striking Steel is a must have for beginning and experienced steelhead anglers alike. It is a culmination of many days of fishing and filming by our friend Kevin Feenstra and Erik Rambo.

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The Best Carp Flies
Item # 500025

NEW BOOK! "THE BEST CARP FLIES: How To Tie & Fish Them" by Jay Zimmerman. Carp are the fly rodder's ultimate gamefish. This is the first comprehensive book on tying the best flies for carp, featuring patterns and techniques from anglers around the United States. 0ver 550 step-by-step photos with tips on techniques, tools and materials. 22 patterns by tiers ranging from Barry Reynolds to Bob Clouser to author Jay Zimmerman (includes Jay's famous 'Backstabber' fly), including fishing information, this book is the definitive fly-tying resource for those who love the challenge of fooling carp on the fly. Softbound, 8 1/2" x 11", full color, 241-pages.
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Tying Glass Bead Flies
Item # KB130

BACK IN PRINT! "TYING GLASS BEAD FLIES" by Joe Warren. Everything that you need to know about incorporating glass beads into your flies. Joe shows you the best hooks and beads to use (including charts and color plates); effective tools and accessories; different uses and techniques for beads; tying instructions; hundreds of color photos; tons of tips; and hundreds of fly patterns for both fresh and saltwater. If you missed the first printing, GRAB ONE NOW. Softbound, 8 1/2" x 11", full color, 64 pgs
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101 Fish: A Fly Fishers Life List
Item # KB131

"101 FISH: A FLY FISHER'S LIFE LIST" by Lefty Kreh. From farm ponds to the Amazon, Lefty's wit & wisdom captured in 101 stories about his most memorable fly-caught fish. Includes favorite flies & natural history facts for each species: tarpon, brown trout, catfish, lemon shark, king salmon, & many more. Full of fly-fishing anecdotes as only Lefty can tell 'em. Each chapter opens with a vibrant color illustration by artist Bill Bishop. Hardbound, 6" x 9", 118 color illustrations; 208 pgs
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Feather Brain
Item # KB137

NEW BOOK! "FEATHER BRAIN" by Drew Chicone, including insights from nine top saltwater fly tiers, including Bob Clouser, Joe Mahler, Jonny King, Jon Cavel, Bob Popovics, Norm Zeigler, and Chris Helm. Wonderful step-by-step tying instructions and explanations of how the author designed 14 winning saltwater flies. Drew's shares his own creative thought process to help you design your own effective patterns, PLUS advice on tying with saltwater materials, and fixing typical problems. FEATHER BRAIN is a great roadmap for tying better looking and better performing saltwater flies. Softbound, 8 1/2" x 11", 444 color photos, 168-pages.

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