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Douglas Upstream Fly Rod
Item # DG102

"The Upstream rod series harkens back to the roots of fly fishing, but with modern day materials, components and construction. These small stream jewels cast with old-school elegance, and bend in half while fighting average size trout. Loads of fun! You're going to want to add one of these special rods to your collection."...Bob

INTRODUCING: DOUGLAS 'UPSTREAM' SERIES FLY RODS - The new Upstream range from Douglas Outdoors brings four unique, ultra-lite fly rods to the river. These are light-medium to full flex action rods that will make you smile as soon as you hold one in your hand, and giggle while landing the first fish. Each rod is designed to have a minimum, but high function approach to bush and upcountry fishing environments (see deflection chart for action comparison). The challenge of both close casting and designing a rod that will control your line, fly and catch with authority, is a balance that Upstream strikes with ease. Each of these high modulus blanks are finished with cork cap, slide-ring reel seats and a natural Tonkin Bamboo color way with clear wraps. Hand fitted spigot ferrules insure a seamless transfer of feel and power between sections. A light weight 1 5/8" brushed aluminum rod tube and sock are included with each rod. Pick up a Douglas Upstream rod and you will want to get on the water and try this new approach to traditional light line angling! Lifetime Warranty.

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Douglas 'Sky' Fly Rod Series
Item # DG103

INTRODUCING: DOUGLAS 'SKY' FLY ROD SERIES - This new range of four piece, fresh and saltwater fly rods, is constructed with the next generation of nano carbon matrix materials. SKY represents the latest in high-performance rods that measure weight-to-strength in a ground breaking fast action rod that tracks for distance and reserve power. INTENSE LINE SPEED AND ACCURACY. While stealth in nature, SKY is beautifully appointed unlike any other rod on the market. SKY features Fuji stripper guides with Torite rings, REC Recoil snake guides and the most choice AAAA grade cork. Freshwater rods have an open reel seat appointed with an exotic dark burled wood and reverse-half-wells grips. Saltwater rods have aluminum reelseats with fighting-butt and full-wells grips. SKY comes complete with a lightweight aluminum rod tube and rod sock.

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Echo 'Carbon XL' Fly Rods
Item # EC109

NEW! ECHO "CARBON XL" SERIES FLY RODS & OUTFITS - Tim Rajeff has refined this series to be 20% lighter weight with more 'feel', fantastic cosmetics, and AT A LOWER PRICE! The next generation of affordable trout rods. These rods are so smooth and easy to cast. Crisp medium-fast actions that will load in close and have just the right power and accuracy for long casts. Gloss-Expresso blanks with single foot guides, half-wells grips with carbon fiber inserts, section alignment dots, and even a 20" fish hero mark. All rods include a Cordura-covered rod tube. Lifetime warranty.

ECHO "CARBON XL" COMPLETE OUTFITS include the rod of your choice with tube, appropriately matched ECHO 'ION' Fly Reel, floating WF Fly Line, backing, and FREE RIGGING. Tell us whether you reel Right or Left handed and your outfit will arrive ready to fish.

NOTE: The 484-4 Rods are not available at this time. No availablity date from manufacturer.
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Echo 'Ion XL' Fly Rods
Item # EC110

NEW! ECHO "ION XL" SERIES FLY RODS & OUTFITS - Tim Rajeff has refined this series to be 20% lighter weight with more 'feel', fantastic cosmetics, and AT A LOWER PRICE! Saltwater grade rods designed with crisp med-fast to fast actions that will easily punch big flies into crazy winds, with a little extra power in the back end for the final 20-feet. A wonderful blend of action and power. Gloss Pearl-Grey blanks, full-wells grips, anodized aluminum reelseat with fighting-butt, over-size stripper guides, single foot snake guides, section alignment dots, and even a 30" fish hero mark. All rods include a Cordura-covered rod tube.

ECHO "ION XL" COMPLETE OUTFITS include the rod of your choice with tube, appropriately matched ECHO "Ion" Fly Reel, floating WF Fly Line, backing, and FREE RIGGING. Tell us whether you reel Right or Left handed and your outfit will arrive ready to fish.
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Echo 'Base' Fly Rods
Item # EC111

NEW! ECHO "BASE" SERIES FLY RODS & OUTFITS use the latest materials and technology to put together a rod that'll help even the greenest greenhorn to toss loops like a pro. This med-fast action, 4-piece phenom casts 'freaky good' and is an unbelievable value. Gloss Deep-Blue blanks with single-foot guides, first class cork grips and maintenance free anodized reelseats. All rods include a Cordura-covered rod tube.

ECHO "BASE" COMPLETE OUTFITS include the rod of your choice with tube, appropriately matched ECHO "Base" Fly Reel, floating WF Fly Line, backing, and FREE RIGGING. Tell us whether you reel Right or Left handed and your outfit will arrive ready to fish.

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Hardy "Zephrus" Sintrix Fly Rod
Item # GY105

NEW! HARDY "ZEPHRUS" SINTRIX FLY RODS represent the evolution of the original, multi- award winning Hardy Sintrix ZENITH Series. ZEPHRUS blanks are refined to have even more 'feel' and a bit faster action than the originals. Built from HARDY'S industry changing SINTRIX 440 material, which makes rods 60% stronger, up to 30% lighter and with hugely improved impact resistance over conventional carbon fiber. Specially treated silica nanospheres are blended into a SINTRIX resin. 1000s of the nanospheres surround every individual carbon fiber, giving an even distribution of the particles throughout the resin, which results in rods with unparalleled smooth casting actions. A SINTRIX fly rod will bend further without damage and will also take incidental impacts far better than any conventional fly rod design. High performance fast-action design delivers smooth casting performance. Black-Pearl REC recoil guides and Fuji Titanium strippers. Trout models equipped with new Burl wood/machined aluminum anodized reelseats and Reverse Half Wells grips, 9'6" 6-wt and heavier rods come with salt-safe anodized machined aluminum reelseats with fighting-butt, carbon insert and full-wells grips.
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Hardy Zephrus Sws Sintrix Saltwater Fly Rod
Item # GY106

NEW! HARDY "ZEPHRUS" SWS SINTRIX SALTWATER FLY RODS - Hardy's development team, led by five-time Tarpon Gold Cup Grand Champion, Andy Mill, have pushed Hardy's SINTRIX 440 technology to the absolute limit. ZEPHRUS SWS takes the original, multi-award winning Hardy PROAXIS blank design to the next level of saltwater evolution. More feel, more power, more strength... these are absolute cannons (Bob). The end result is staggering in performance and durability. Lightweight salt-safe hardware, Black-Pearl recoil guides, heavy-duty machined/anodized aluminum reelseat with fighting-butt and Full Wells grips. 5-8 wt reelseats have a graphite insert. These are built to take the punishment and perform at an ultra-high level in any situation. NOTE: One-Piece ZEPHRUS SWS Rods available by special order.
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Lefty Kreh Finesse
Item # LK104

TFO LEFTY KREH FINESSE SERIES - A more traditional taper with a sweet, smooth medium action for those who fish small flies and fine tippets on light lines. At short to medium distances, these rods cast effortlessly, turning over long leaders easily. Rods are well appointed with rosewood inserts on an uplocking reel seat that looks great with the deep olive color blank. NOTE: The .550-3 model has a cork reelseat with slide-bands to keep it feather weight.

NOTE: The NEW TFO FINESSE "S-GLASS" fly rods take the traditional Finesse Series action to a whole new level of smoothness. Fantastic fun on small trout streams or panfish ponds.
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Tfo 'ESSOX" Fly Rods
Item # LK123

NEW! TFO ESOX FLY ROD SERIES - Musky, barracuda, pike and roosterfish (to name a few) are big, mean, apex predators that want large meals, meaning big bushy, air resistant flies. Built for the hardcore angler, with lots of input from famous fly fisherman and fly designer, Blane Chocklett, the "ESOX" Series utilizes TFO's proprietary TiCr blank coating, which helps protect the rod from the occasional collision with a weighted fly or gunnel. Topped with TFO's proprietary Tactical Guides, won't break or pop out like traditional ceramic guides. Non-glare chestnut colored blanks feature a modified full-wells grip and an extended, IGFA compliant fighting butt. The exaggerated fighting butt aides the angler in picking up and casting large flies and heavy lines. It is also beneficial in the alluring 'figure-eight' motion when attempting to elicit a strike near the boat. Cleverly machined hook keeps on each side of the aluminum up-locking reel seat finish out the rod.
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Tfo 'Impact' Series Fly Rods
Item # LK124

INTRODUCING: TFO "IMPACT" SERIES FLY RODS - A wonderful, innovative fusion of presentation, lifting power and casting distance. IMPACT rods are unbelievably smooth and powerful, loading and unloading with maximum efficiency affording an effortless feel and level of performance that will impress the most accomplished angler along with the easy loading fish-ability newer fly casters need. IMPACT rods are designed to exceed every angler's expectations. Each blank offers a very slim profile finished with TFO's exclusive Tactical Series Stripping Guides and ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides. Their reduced profile burl cork handles are both handsome and durable - plus they retain their superb feel under all fishing conditions. The handsome blanks are matte black with black thread wraps and emerald trim. Smoke-gray machined aluminum reel seats with gray carbon fiber inserts adorn the larger models with beautiful rosewood inserts on the smaller models.
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Tfo 'Clouser" Series Fly Rods
Item # LK125

TFO "CLOUSER" SERIES FLY RODS - For 2016, Bob has redesigned his popular family of rods using cutting-edge materials and technology. The new Clouser series fly rods are lighter, stronger and faster... Oh, and they're now nine-foot in length. Powerful enough for casting weighted lines and wind-resistant flies, yet delicate enough to protect fine leaders, the Clouser rods are perfect for every species from trout to false albacore. The Clouser series' midnight blue blanks are tipped with gold lettering and copper accents. Tactical Series stripping guides, ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stainless snake guides, and select-grade cork grips further adorn these handsome rods. 6-weights and larger feature a salt safe reelseat with fighting-butt.
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Gary Loomis "Edge" Fly Rod Series
Item # LK126

NEW! GARY LOOMIS "EDGE" FLY ROD SERIES distributed by Temple Fork Outfitters. Created out of a demand for Gary Loomis to venture back into fly rod building, this exciting new offering is aimed to please those looking for high performance, cutting-edge designs. Introducing a new series of fly rods, built by the master himself. Available in two distinct actions, from the highest modulus carbon-fiber. These are among the lightest in-hand, most responsive and efficient fly rods on the market. This new series incorporates two main actions: A moderate action in the freshwater series, and a fast action saltwater series. All models are four-piece, eight and a half to nine foot, and ship with a premium fabric sock and carbon-fiber rod tube. The moderate action rods are fitted with an alloy threaded, up-locking natural, Buckeye hardwood spacer, aluminum seat, locking nuts and hook keeper. Rods are adorned with premium cork grips, XN titanium ALPS stripping guides, and the impressive Snake Brand snake guides by Mike McCoy. The fast action saltwater family also features XN titanium ALPS stripping guides and Snake Brand snake guides by Mike McCoy. Each rod is finished with an ALPS machined and anodized aluminum reel seat and is fitted with a premium cork full-wells grip with appropriately sized fighting butt. EDGE Rods are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the life of the original owner. Mail in the attached registration card to activate your warranty. In the event of a damaged fly rod, simply return it with $95 and TFO will immediately repair or replace your rod.
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