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Douglas Dxf Fly Rods
Item # DG100


INTRODUCING: DOUGLAS DXF FLY RODS - Born of proven tapers that have evolved over 20 years of design and practice. The DXF series fly rods are built on an improved version of the same high-modulus graphite blanks that famous fly tyer and White River, AR guide, Davy Wotton, has been endorsing for years. Every rod in this series is built to purpose, and don't overlook the 10-footers. They are spectacular nymphing and wet fly rods, and will also present a dry fly with the best of them. DXF fly rods are a collaboration of modern action, fresh carbon matrix and a traditional fit and finish. Great balance, progressive med-fast to fast actions that cast, shoot and mend beautifully. 7-12 wt single hand rods have a faster saltwater action. AAA cork grips with first class hardware in Fresh (3-6 wt), Salt (7-10 wt). Rods come in a Cordura triangle case with rod bag. Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.
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Douglas Dhf Fly Rods
Item # DG101

DOUGLAS DHF FLY RODS - These days, tackle performance happens with surprising value. The vast offering of 'value-priced' fly rods requires the sharpest design resource to break out of the crowd. DHF is about years on the water. Reliable for the expert and first casters alike, they are the common ground that proves enthusiasts participate in each proficiency. DHF features IM7 Blanks with Dura Resin for strength and durability, carbon fiber insert reel seat with anodized up lock, cork grip with fiber-cork edges for durability, and power-cast actions with fine tips for tippet protection. THREE CORK GRIP/REELSEAT CONFIGURATIONS: Fresh (4-6 wt), Salt (7-10 wt), Switch and Double-Hand (6-8 wt) configurations. Freshwater blanks are green, saltwater blanks are blue. Cordura tube with integrated sleeve-pockets. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
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Echo "SOLO" Fly Rods & Outfits
Item # EC106

NEW MODELS! ECHO "SOLO" 4-PIECE SERIES FLY RODS Creating a travel rod that helps more people get into the sport of fly fishing was something that Tim Rajeff had waited a long time to do. ECHO SOLO rods blend performance and durability into a great looking new four piece design that will turn more than the fish's head. A beautiful gloss brown blank and premium components wrapped around a forgiving Medium Fast action blank will help every new fly angler get the feel for a sport that will stay with them for a lifetime. Carbon fiber reelseats with anodized components, hard chrome single foot snake guides and first-class cork grips. Cordura covered rod tube included. Available in three trout sizes as well as an eight weight to cover salmon, steelhead, and saltwater species. Lifetime Warranty.

ECHO "SOLO" COMPLETE OUTFITS include the rod of your choice with tube, appropriately matched ECHO "Solo" Fly Reel, floating WF Fly Line, backing, and FREE RIGGING. Tell us whether you reel Right or Left handed and your outfit will arrive ready to fish.
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Echo Glass Fly Rods
Item # EC107

ECHO GLASS FLY RODS - Wonderful soulful actions that only fiberglass can create. Tim designed these rods to be all about the feedback missing from stiff graphite rods. ECHO Glass offers deep loads and smooth recovery that transmits from tip to hand. These rods are an absolute hoot to battle small stream trout, and super-fun bluegill and panfish rods. Even small fish equal big rod bends! All rods include a Cordura-covered rod tube. Lifetime warranty.

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Hardy Zenith Sintrix Fly Rods
Item # GY104

Multi-Award-Winning HARDY ZENITH SINTRIX FRESHWATER Fly Rods - Built from HARDY'S industry changing SINTRIX material, which makes rods 60% stronger, up to 30% lighter and with hugely improved impact resistance over conventional carbon fiber. Specially treated silica nanospheres are blended into a SINTRIX resin. 1000s of the nanospheres surround every individual carbon fiber, giving an even distribution of the particles throughout the resin, which results in rods with unparalleled smooth casting actions. A SINTRIX fly rod will bend further without damage and will also take incidental impacts far better than any conventional fly rod design. High performance fast-action design delivers smooth casting performance. Blanks are Olive-Slate. Titanium recoil guides and Fuji strippers. Trout models equipped with new Burl wood/machined aluminum anodized reelseats and Reverse Half Wells grips, 9'6" 6-wt and heavier rods come with salt-safe anodized machined aluminum reelseats with fighting-butt and full-wells grips.
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Lefty Kreh Finesse
Item # LK104

TFO LEFTY KREH FINESSE SERIES - A more traditional taper with a sweet, smooth medium action for those who fish small flies and fine tippets on light lines. At short to medium distances, these rods cast effortlessly, turning over long leaders easily. Rods are well appointed with rosewood inserts on an uplocking reel seat that looks great with the deep olive color blank. NOTE: The .550-3 model has a cork reelseat with slide-bands to keep it feather weight.

NOTE: The NEW TFO FINESSE "S-GLASS" fly rods take the traditional Finesse Series action to a whole new level of smoothness. Fantastic fun on small trout streams or panfish ponds. Offered in a 3/4 weight or 4/5 weight version.
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Tfo Tenkara Fly Rods With Free Line
Item # LK120

NEW! TEMPLE FORK OUTFITTERS "SOFT HACKLE" TENKARA RODS with FREE TENKARA FLY LINE - Based on the traditional Japanese method of fishing using only a rod, line and fly. Tenkara fishing permits the angler to make precise casts, delicate presentations, and manipulate their fly with great ease. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Tie on a soft hackle fly (or two using the dropper method) at the end of a 9-foot 3X leader with 2-3 feet of 4X tippet attached. Make 45-degree downstream casts. After the line is downstream of you and your fly begins to "drag" hold the rod tip high enough so that only the leader and tippet are in the water, then give a slight twitch (only moving the rod tip an inch or so) to imitate a Caddisfly emerging, skittering along the surface. The twitching, if done correctly, is usually when the fish hits. Unbelievably effective... a great extension to our sport. This is also a wonderful way to introduce kids to fly fishing, and a much easier way to fly fish for people with certain disabilities. Telescoping down to 20 and 20.5 inches, these rods are not only great for the backpacking angler, but for every angler. Carry one in the back pocket of your vest or lash one to your pack. This allows you to switch back and forth between Tenkara and your standard fly rod as you work your way downstream. Rods come with a spare tip and second section and a line holder built into the rod sock to organizing line when not in use. We're including a FREE F-C CUSTOM MADE TENKARA FLY LINE with each rod. The line lengths are the max that each rod will handle; you can shorten them by cutting down the back side if you like. Go to YouTube and search "Tenkara" for lots of video demonstrations. Patagonia owner/founder, Yvon Chouinard, is an expert on the subject and is currently writing a book on Tenkara fishing that will be available spring 2014.
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Tfo Mangrove Series Fly Rods
Item # LK121

TFO MANGROVE SERIES FLY RODS by Flip Pallot. Superb feel and control for real, honest fishing situations. For decades Flip Pallot has shared his knowledge, enthusiasm and friendship with countless anglers in the pursuit of some of the most wary and challenging fish around the world. From spellbound anglers tuning into The Walker's Cay Chronicles, to those fortunate enough to share a boat with him...most all would agree that Flip's experiences have enriched us - made us better anglers - and made us better stewards of the environment. And now he's sharing his experience once more through the new Mangrove rod series. Built with the hardcore angler in mind, the Mangrove series utilizes TFO's proprietary TiCr blank coating, which helps protect the rod from the occasional collision with a weighted fly, and TFO's proprietary Tactical Guides that are braid and saltwater they can't break or pop out like traditional ceramic guides. The unique non-glare chestnut colored blank features a full wells grip with an instant rod weight burled cork ID system, fighting butts and cleverly machined hook keeps on each side of the aluminum up-locking reel seat. TFO's Tactical Guides are high performance guides designed to withstand the most rigorous fishing conditions while providing the ultimate in weight savings. The guides feature super hard-chrome anodized, stainless steel inserts pressed into a machined, hard-anodized, stainless steel frame for extreme durability in both fresh and saltwater.

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Orvis Helios-2 Fly Rods
Item # OR105

NEW SWITCH MODELS! ORVIS "HELIOS 2" FLY RODS featuring all new tapers tuned to transfer energy along a smoother curve with steeper tapers and lighter tips resulting in unrivaled tracking. Aligned graphite fibers throughout with proprietary materials integrated into the tip using an Orvis exclusive veiling process increases the impact strength and dampening without adding weight. This layering of material also absorbs impacts to the rod, thus protecting the scrim and creating a stronger than ever tip. There is a 20% reduction in felt swing-weight compared to the original Helios. Steeper rear tapers provide fantastic lifting power. Midnight-Blue blanks are appointed with crushproof Recoil guides, California Buckeye Burl reelseat with Black-Nickel Skeleton (Black-Nickel with Carbon-Fiber inserts and fighting-butts on Salt and Switch models), super-grade cork handles, UV inhibiting paint coating, ferrule alignment dots and carbon fiber rod tube. Made in Manchester, VT. Orvis 25-year rod guarantee. FIVE NEW SWITCH ROD MODELS FOR 2014.

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Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outffits
Item # OR106

NEW! ORVIS "ENCOUNTER FLY ROD OUTFITS" - These perfectly balanced outfits arrive rigged and ready to fish. You wouldn't think that a rod in this price range could be this great. Wonderful med-fast to fast action 4-piece fly rods with great "feel" that REALLY CAST. Perfect for anyone just getting started in fly fishing, and plenty good enough to be a favorite backup rod, no matter what your fishing now. Or maybe just leave one of these babies in your car all the time so you're ready for any accidental fishing opportunity that might arise. The lightweight large-arbor Encounter fly reel has a more than competent, smooth adjustable drag system. Outfits include Encounter rod and reel, weight-forward floating fly line, backing and rod tube. Specify Right or Left hand retrieve.
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Orvis Superfine "Glass" Fly Rods
Item # OR107

NEW! ORVIS SUPERFINE "GLASS" FLY RODS - You're going to want at least one of these amazing rods in your collection (Bob). I've not cast anything quite like it before. By using today's tapers coupled with modern S2 fiberglass construction, ORVIS rod designers have come up with what I call "fast-glass". These are full-flex rods that have a wonderful medium to medium-fast feel with accuracy beyond any other glass rod that I've cast. They weigh near nothing in your hand and retain that classic fiberglass "bend the rod in half" while fighting a nice fish. Unsanded S2 fiberglass blanks are a nostalgic moss-green color with brown wraps, and feature an uplocking cork and polished silver reelseat, super-grade cork handle and chrome guides. Classic Superfine unsanded fiberglass rod tube included. Made in Manchester, VT. Orvis 25-year rod guarantee.

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ST. Croix "Legend-X" Fly Rods
Item # SC107

NEW! ST. CROIX "LEGEND-X" FLY RODS - A beefy, multi-dynamic blend of four carbon materials capable of getting big flies out to the meanest predatory fish - bass, pike, musky and all saltwater species. The revolutionary new Xtreme-Skin handle provides rigidity for improved casting power, plus it's extremely durable, comfortable, easy to clean and more sensitive than cork.

- Blanks built with a multi-dynamic blend of four carbon materials provide dialed-in performance for casting big flies to the meanest predatory fish.
- Integrated Poly Curve (IPC ) tooling technology.
- Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART ).
- Super high-modulus SC-4 graphite with FRS in lower section for maximum power and strength with reduced weight.
- High-modulus/high-strain SC-5 graphite with FRS and carbon-matte scrim for unparalleled strength, durability and sensitivity.
- Premium-quality SC-2 graphite with FRS in the tip section.
- Slim-profile ferrules.
- Xtreme-Skin handle repels water, dirt and fish-slime and cleans up easily. Manufactured by St. Croix to provide outstanding angler comfort, casting efficiency and sensitivity.
- Anodized, machined-aluminum reel seat.
- Fuji K Series Tangle-Free stripper guides with Alconite rings.
- REC Recoil snake guides.
- Two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.
- Alignment dots.
- Rugged rod case with handle and divided polypropylene liner.
- 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.
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