New Fly Tying Gear

Fish Skull Fly Tester
Item # HK1110

NEW! FISH SKULL "FLY TESTER" - Enables fly tyers to 'swim-test' and, ultimately, design better fly patterns. An innovative, complete, out-of-the-box solution for fly testing and demonstration. High quality, crystal-clear, acrylic swim tank with innovative circular water flow design. Upper, middle and lower sections allow you to swim up to 3 different types of flies (streamers, nymphs and surface flies) at the same time if you like. The lower section of the tank provides a focused, strong flow of water perfect for testing any size or type of streamer fly up to a 12" in length. The upper and middle sections provide a slower, more dispersed flow of water in the opposite direction allowing you to test subsurface flies (nymphs, wet flies, emergers) and surface flies (foam poppers, sliders etc...). The pump has a flow control allowing you to adjust and 'fine tune' the speed of the waters to suit the type and size of fly being tested. OBSERVE the action of your fly immediately after you've tied it in the comfort of your own home - before you tie a dozen of them and discover they don't swim or look right in the water! The FLY TESTER also allows you to video your fly creations and post to social network/websites. DESIGN better, more effective flies (by testing before you go fishing), shorten the new fly development life-cycle, and catch more fish! The slim line design is light-weight (less 8 lbs.), portable with a small footprint for any fly tying table. Height: 12", Width: 3.5", Length 24". Powerful water pump with adjustable speed flow control. 1-year limited warranty. $285 Plus an additional $5 over our regular shipping charge. Ground shipping only.

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Item # JS112

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Item # JS113

NEW! J:SON "SPENT CADDIS/STONEFLY" WING SHEET MATERIAL - Beautifully marked, clear/translucent (can be colored with waterproof markers), harmless to use while burning. SIZES: Micro, X-Small, Small, Med, Large $8.95
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Item # JS114

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Item # JS115

NEW! J:SON "CADDIS/MIDGE/HOPPER' WING SHEET MATERIAL Beautifully marked, clear/translucent (can be colored with waterproof markers), harmless to use while burning. SIZES: Micro, X-Small, Small, Med, Large
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NEW! J:SON "MAYFLY Nymph BODY' Burners
Item # JS116

NEW! J:SON "MAYFLY NYMPH BODY" BURNERS make a perfect mayfly profile every time. Extremely effective when used with Articulated Wiggle Tail Shanks (our item TA505). SIZES: Micro, X-Small, Small, Med
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Item # JS117

NEW! J:SON "MAYFLY NYMPH" BODY MATERIALin SIZES: Micro, X-Small, Small, Med $8.95
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The Pathological Tier
Item # KD155

NEW DVD! "THE PATHOLOGICAL FLY TIER" with Dennis Potter. Learn and master crucial fly tying techniques that you will use daily in your personal fly tying. 40 different techniques that fly tyers of any level of experience can use to perfect their tying. Splitting tails drive you crazy? Setting perfect Adams wings make you want to bark at the moon? Wrapping wet fly hackle give you a fiery heat rash? These DVD;'s are the answer to your tying prayers. Sit back and learn from the Rivergod himself (a.k.a. Dennis Potter). It's like sitting across the table with Dennis "spinning a few bugs" together. You WILL master key tricks of the trade that he has developed or borrowed over 35-years of fly tying. This is one of the best fly tying tools available. Learn at your own speed in the comfort of your own fly tying chair. Filmed in amazing super-close-up HD clarity with macro lens. 2-disc set includes...

TAILS & LEGS: Dry fly tails, divided and flared. Hair tails, straight and divided, pheasant tails, biot tails, rubber tails. Rubber legs and more...

BODIES: Dubbed bodies. Thread bodies. Biot bodies. Peacock bodies. Chenille bodies. Hair bodies and more...

WINGS: Parachute perfection. Synthetic Wulff wings. Perfect Adams wings. Hair wings. Spinner wings. Streamer wings and more...

HACKLE: The best hackle to use. Parachute. Traditional. Wet fly and more...

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Hareline Mega Tying Pad
Item # RF049

NEW! HAIRLINE MEGA TYING PAD - This specially textured silicone pad keeps hooks and beads from rolling or sliding away while protecting your bench top. The reverse side can be used for working with adhesives and epoxies, they don't stick to it, making it easy to clean. Works great! 23 1/4" x 17 1/2"
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NEW! Mp Magic Tool Stacker
Item # RP018

NEW! MP MAGIC TOOL STACKER actually stacks feather fibers, deer hair, flash... you name it, WHILE THE MATERIAL IS STILL IN THE MAGIC TOOL'S CLAMP. Also has a built in flip-out metal hair-pick and comb. So fast and easy to use you won't believe it 'till you see it. Check out the video at A have-to-have-it accessory for all Magic Tool owners. And if you don't own a Magic Tool yet, you'll want one after seeing the videos of it in action.

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Stonfo Thread Splitter
Item # RS012

NEW! STONFO "THREAD SPLITTER" - This high-precision tool makes quick work of splitting threads for tying dubbing loops on smaller flies. The splitting operation, very difficult to perform manually, becomes fast and easy thanks to Thread Splitter. Another one of those MUST OWN tools for serious fly tyers. Imported from Firenze, Italy.
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Stonfo Hair Clips
Item # RS013

NEW! STONFO "HAIR CLIPS" - Similar to the MP Magic Tool (our item RP001), Hair clips are like a third and fourth hand, letting you create your own custom made dubbing loops. Integrate synthetic or natural dubbings, any kind of feathers (including CDC), rubber, along with any other materials you like. The clips hold everything in place until you're ready to load the waiting dubbing loop. Custom designed and produced of strong clear plastic material, the locking surfaces have a slight roughness that allows for secure clamping of all types of materials. Two SIZES: LARGE (1.92-inch), SMALL (1.1 inch). $19.95/set of 2 (please specify size)
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