Flies & Assortments

NEW! F-C Micro Trico
Item # JF542

NEW! F-C MICRO TRICO When tricos are on the menu, often times the smaller the better. Keep a few of these hard to find sizes with you at all times for those picky eaters. You'll be glad you did. Sizes 24, 26, 28
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NEW! SALVINI'S Click Emergent
Item # JF543

NEW! SALVINI'S CLICK EMERGENT Right in the film is where this little guy sits. Try one next time they are keying in on midges right below the surface. Sizes 14, 16, 18, 20
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NEW! Para Wulff
Item # JF544

NEW! PARA WULFF This parachute series of flies cover all of the must haves, including a parachute version of the Royal Wulff. The signature 'Wullf' upright wings make this one easy to spot on a drift and available in four fish catching colors. (1)Royal, (2)Hare's Ear, (3)Mahogany Sizes: 12, 14, 16 (4)Green Drake Sizes: 10, 12
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Item # JF545

NEW! RAINY'S BLACK/ORANGE ULTIMATE CICADA The foam construction makes this one float like a cork and it's 'meaty' profile make it a meal for a hungry fish. Sizes: 6, 8, 10
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NEW! GRANATO'S Chubby Muffin Cicada
Item # JF546

NEW! GRANATO'S CHUBBY MUFFIN CICADA One of the top performers last time we had a MAJOR hatch. Keep a couple cicadas with you when it warms up. Sizes 6, 8
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NEW! Rubber Legged Stimulator
Item # JF547

NEW! RUBBER LEGGED STIMULATOR Your classic Stimulator with a twist. The added rubber legs really drive em' nuts. (1)Orange, (2)Yellow Sizes: 8, 10, 12
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NEW! MASON'S Gas Bag Chernobyl
Item # JF548

NEW! MASON'S GAS BAG CHERNOBYL You are going to love this incredibly boyant Chernobyl. Tied with these 'air filled' bodies, you can be sure this one will ride high while floating a heavy dropper! (1)Brown, (2)Yellow, (3)Black Sizes: 6, 10
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NEW! Black Beauty
Item # JF550

NEW! BLACK BEAUTY While this midge is new to these pages, this little guy has been hammering picky trout along the Front Range for years. Used all over with the same success. Sizes: 18, 20, 22, 24
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UV2 Scud
Item # JF551

NEW! UV2 SCUD Scuds are a main food source for trout nationwide. This one has a built in advantage. UV2 materials make this one stand out. Always have a row full of scuds in your box. (1)Grey, (2)Olive, (3)Tan. Sizes: 12, 14, 16.
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NEW! NICKLO'S Hmg Sowbug
Item # JF552

NEW SIZES! NICKLO'S HMG SOWBUG The HMG Scud has been one of our best selling (and working) scuds we have carried and this sowbug is no different. Have these ready to tie on for all tailwater trips. (1)Grey, (2)Tan Sizes: 16, 18, 20
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NEW! Trip Saver
Item # JF553

NEW! TRIP SAVER The once secret competition pattern has made it to the masses. Grab a couple for the next time fishing gets tough and you need a 'trip saver.' Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16
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NEW! ASHLIN'S Hellraiser Hellgramite
Item # JF554

NEW! ASHLIN'S HELL RAISER HELLGRAMITE Has taken trout, smallies, largemouth, steelhead , bream, crappie and more. Fish this one on a dead drift or a crawl it on the bottom (rides hook up). Size: 6
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