OmniSpool "Switch Box" Complete Kit
Item # FX021

NEW! OMNISPOOL SWITCH BOX LINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A brilliant way to manage, store and clean your entire fly line collection for both home and travel. Lightweight, compact, durable... simply genius. Change out or clean your fly lines with the greatest of ease, ANYWHERE-even in the boat. Purchase and carry FEWER expensive spare spools for your reel, and travel with less weight. Locating the lines you want when they're stacked at home takes no time. Identifying your lines is easy. Label your Switch Boxes and stack 'em together in groups (line weights, densities, whatever...). Your line isn't a mess when you need it; it's in good working order, stored just like the factory would. You don't need four hands or a buddy to deal with switching out or cleaning lines either. The ingenious design allows for one-person operation. Lines transfer from reels to Switch Boxes and vice versa using loop-to-loop connections, fast and simple, NO KNOTS. To clean your lines, simply snap on the LINE CARE BOX and run the fly line through it. As you wind, the line is scrubbed clean in the first half of the box, then coated with line dressing as it enters the box (line dressing not included). COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: One Switch Box Spool, Crank and Line Care Box. SPECIFY COLOR: (1)Blue, (2)Green

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OmniSpool "Swich Box Spools"
Item # FX022

OMNISPOOL "SWITCH BOX" SPOOLS - Here are the Switch Box Spools offered separately to accommodate all of the fly lines that you own, or plan to own. Compare this price to the cost of an extra-spool for your fly reel! COLORS: (1)Blue, (2)Green
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OmniSpool "Line Care Box"
Item # FX023

OMNISPOOL "LINE CARE BOX" - Clips onto the Switch Box to make short work of line cleaning. Included with the Complete Kit, sold here separately if you'd like.
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OmniSpool "Crank Handle"
Item # FX024

OMNISPOOL "CRANK HANDLE" - Included with the Complete Kit, sold here separately if you'd like. COLORS: (1)Blue, (2)Green
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Fishpond Hook Jaw River Tool
Item # HF055

NEW! FISHPOND HOOK JAW RIVER TOOL - It's a bottle opener, line cutter, and tippet gage in one convenient tool! Aerospace aluminum and titanium construction, replaceable razorblade line cutter, bottle opener and a retractor/lanyard attachment hole. Accurate tippet gage from 2X - 7X. Laser engraved. Looks great on the key chain too! COLORS: (1)Pine, (2)Lichen

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Magnum Ultra Clear Fly Boxes
Item # HG114

NEW! MAGNUM ULTRA CLEAR FLY BOXES - Molded from nearly indestructible ultra-clear plastic with metal hinge pin. Make great boat boxes for trout and panfish flies. Also great for storing your backup inventory at home, see everything at a glance. Huge capacity in a small space, slide one or two of these babies in your boat bag and you're set! 11" L x 7" W x 7/8" D. SPECIFY: 470 Slits, 352 Slits, or 52 Slits-Longways.
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Orvis Adjustable Fly Boxes
Item # HG125

THEY'RE BACK! ORVIS ADJUSTABLE FLY BOXES - have returned after a 10+ year hiatus, one of our all-time best-selling fly boxes. Read why: Customize your fly box with precision-fit tapered dividers that fit in slots on the sides of the box. Neoprene gasket in the lid protects your flies in case of a dunk. Small box can be adjusted from 3 to 9 compartments. Medium and large fly boxes can be adjusted from 3 compartments to 15. (SMALL 4 1/4" x 3 3/8" x 3/4" $12.95), (MEDIUM 7 1/16" x 3 5/8" x 13/16" $14.95), (LARGE 7 5/8" x 5" x 1 1/2" $16.95)

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C&F Threader Chest Pack
Item # HG214

NEW! C&F THREADER CHEST PATCH makes it easy to see your flies without looking sideways. Features four ways to hold flies; interior magnets, micro slit foam and threader, plus front cover foam. Large side gates for ventilation. Two lanyard snaps for securing to a lanyard or D-ring, or use the hook pin on the back to attach to your vest pocket or pack. 4.85" L x 2.55" W
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Ez Tie: Blood Knot Tool
Item # HJ005

NEW! EZ-TIE BLOOD KNOT TOOL - Tie blood knots quickly and easily. This small, lightweight, corrosion resistant, precision-made tool makes it so easy, you won't believe it until you see it. Check out the video. Graphic and written instructions are also included. Use this handy tool to attach tippet to leader, or to build an entire tapered leader from butt to tip. Attaches to lanyard with provided ring preventing loss. Aluminum, brass and stainless construction. Made in USA. Lifetime guarantee. 1" x 1" x 3/8"

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"UnHookUm" Fish Hook Remover
Item # HL230

NEW! "UnHookUm" FISH HOOK REMOVER - One amazing little tool. It's simple, quick and easy to use PLUS extends the life of the fly. Remove hooks from tiny size-20's all the way up to size-1/0 with the same tool. Works equally as well with barbed and barbless hooks. Doesn't require a lot of force, and takes only a few fish to become a pro using it. Comfort grip handle, sturdy construction w/stainless steel tip & neck lanyard.

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Abel Hemostats
Item # HM957

NEW! ABEL HEMOSTATS - With the huge success of their machined nippers, ABEL has moved on to the next most-used tool for many fly fishers, the hemostat. Like Abel's nipper, expect this hemostat to be far superior to anything like it ever offered. The perfectly aligned stainless-steel jaws safely remove the tiniest fly, and crimp down the smallest barb. Completely machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and 17-4 ph stainless steel. While traditional hemo's can be very difficult to unlock (especially with wet, cold fingers while holding a slippery fish), the jaw locking mechanism is as easy as pulling a trigger to release the locking mechanism. A quick squeeze of the ergonomically designed handles or sliding back the sleek thumblock releases the jaws. Abel hemos come standard with Abel's signature hi-gloss black anodizing treatment, and are available with all Abel solid color and artistic finishes for an upcharge. With replaceable jaws and a lifetime warranty, these hemos are constructed like all Abel products; to be passed down from generation to generation. 1.2 oz. Length: 5.6" Hi-Gloss Black $125

Available in any Abel Solid Color Finish: $150 or any Abel Fish Graphic Finish: $200 (allow 3-4 weeks delivery for fish graphics). Call for availability.
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Sportsman Bumper
Item # HP025

NEW! SPORTSMAN BUMPER - Magnetic fishing rod and gun holder for the side of your vehicle. This handy accessory will hold three fly rods or two shotguns while you're slipping on/off your waders or stopping for lunch. It's a series of soft, molded rubber clips that stick to the side of your vehicle MAGNETICALLY. Magnets are embedded in the soft rubber so there is no chance of damage to your vehicles surface. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Orange, (3)Forest-Green


- MAGNETIC for easy placement and removal
- EMBEDDED magnets keeps paint scratch-free
- 3 small clips for fishing rods
- 2 large clips for shotguns and rifles
- Clips are flexible to accommodate double-barrel and over-under shotguns
- Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting at home if you like
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