Simms Sun Gaitor
Item # LX343

SIMMS "SUN GAITOR" keeps your skin safe longer thanks to Solarflex UPF50 stretch fabric, a longer cape for enhanced neckline coverage, and enough height to fit over the back of your fishing cap. Quick-dry, breathable fabric with laser cut breathing holes in the front. One size fits most. COLORS: (1)Simms-Camo, (2)Tribal-Wave-Nightshade, (3)Flow-Camo, (4)Water-Splash-Capri, (5)Slate-Blue, (6)Grey
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Chums Eyeglass Retainers Black
Item # PA012

CHUMS EYEGLASS RETAINERS Our favorite. Completely adjustable fit, made in the USA. Color Black
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R.L. Winston Trout Belt
Item # PB014

R.L. Winston Trout Belt - Tough, long wearing, super classy leather/nylon combo belt with repeating pattern of five different trout species embroidered all the way around. Looks great with jeans and khakis. ACTUAL BELT LENGTHS: 38", 40", 42".
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Sage Logo Trucker Caps
Item # PB177

SAGE LOGO TRUCKER CAPS - (1)Blue, (2)Green, (3)Sand, (4)Graphite
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Winston Logo Twill Caps
Item # PB178

WINSTON LOGO TWILL CAPS - (1)Black, (2)Khaki-Tan, (3)Cayenne-Red, (4)Slate-Blue
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Winston Logo Trucker Caps
Item # PB179

WINSTON LOGO TRUCKER CAPS - (1)Black, (2)Forest-Green, (3)Cayenne-Red, (4)Slate-Grey
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Aloe Gator Sunblock Lotion
Item # PC001

ALOE GATOR SPF-40 TOTAL SUNBLOCK LOTION: The best sun protection product that we have ever used. Protects from tropical sun and wind, PLUS re-moisturizes your skin with aloe vera to help prevent cracking and peeling. 8-HOUR ULTRA-WATERPROOF PROTECTION. One application lasts all day. 3-oz. tube. (Economical bcz you don't reapply all day, no matter how wet you get!)
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Aloe Gator Lip Balm
Item # PC002

ALOE GATOR MEDICATED LIP BALM with SPF-30 protection prevents burned, chapped lips AND moisturizes.
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Wool Buff
Item # PC105

WOOL BUFF HEAD/NECK GEAR - Made from 100% natural Merino Wool for soft, next-to-skin comfort. Warm-even when wet-the WOOL BUFF can be worn as a neck gaitor, pulled up over your ears and head or as a facemask, protecting from wind, rain or snow. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Cedar
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Buff Head Gear
Item # PC106

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