Simms Sun Gaitor
Item # LX343

SIMMS "SUN GAITOR" keeps your skin safe longer thanks to Solarflex UPF50 stretch fabric, a longer cape for enhanced neckline coverage, and enough height to fit over the back of your fishing cap. Quick-dry, breathable fabric with laser cut breathing holes in the front. One size fits most. COLORS: (1)Simms-Camo, (2)Tribal-Wave-Nightshade, (3)Flow-Camo, (4)Water-Splash-Capri, (5)Slate-Blue, (6)Grey
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Chums Eyeglass Retainers Black
Item # PA012

CHUMS EYEGLASS RETAINERS Our favorite. Completely adjustable fit, made in the USA. Color Black
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R.L. Winston Trout Belt
Item # PB014

R.L. Winston Trout Belt - Tough, long wearing, super classy leather/nylon combo belt with repeating pattern of five different trout species embroidered all the way around. Looks great with jeans and khakis. ACTUAL BELT LENGTHS: 38", 40", 42".
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Sage Logo Trucker Caps
Item # PB177

SAGE LOGO TRUCKER CAPS - (1)Blue, (2)Green, (3)Sand, (4)Graphite
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Winston Logo Twill Caps
Item # PB178

WINSTON LOGO TWILL CAPS - (1)Black, (2)Khaki-Tan, (3)Cayenne-Red, (4)Slate-Blue
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Winston Logo Trucker Caps
Item # PB179

WINSTON LOGO TRUCKER CAPS - (1)Black, (2)Forest-Green, (3)Cayenne-Red, (4)Slate-Grey
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Aloe Gator Sunblock Lotion
Item # PC001

ALOE GATOR SPF-40 TOTAL SUNBLOCK LOTION: The best sun protection product that we have ever used. Protects from tropical sun and wind, PLUS re-moisturizes your skin with aloe vera to help prevent cracking and peeling. 8-HOUR ULTRA-WATERPROOF PROTECTION. One application lasts all day. 3-oz. tube. (Economical bcz you don't reapply all day, no matter how wet you get!)
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Aloe Gator Lip Balm
Item # PC002

ALOE GATOR MEDICATED LIP BALM with SPF-30 protection prevents burned, chapped lips AND moisturizes.
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Wool Buff
Item # PC105

WOOL BUFF HEAD/NECK GEAR - Made from 100% natural Merino Wool for soft, next-to-skin comfort. Warm-even when wet-the WOOL BUFF can be worn as a neck gaitor, pulled up over your ears and head or as a facemask, protecting from wind, rain or snow. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Cedar
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Buff Head Gear
Item # PC106

NEW COLORS/PRINTS! BUFF HIGH-UV PROTECTION HEAD/ NECK WEAR - Guard against flying raindrops, cut wind noise in a moving boat, wick activity-generated moisture, guard against insect bites, absorb glare, are highly breathable, and protect skin from sun damage. BUFFs are the one piece of gear utilized at all times by the participants on the TV show Survivor. Made of stretchy, seamless, quick drying, highly breathable COOLMAX microfiber with extreme wicking properties and UV protection. Polygiene technology prevents odor-causing bacteria. Wear it a dozen different ways depending on the level of protection required. One size fits all. COLORS/PRINTS: (1)Rainbow Trout-2, (2)Brown Trout, (3)DeYoung Rainbow Royal, (4)DeYoung Brown Trout Mosquito, (5)DeYoung Brookie Flank, (6)Warpaint, (7)Bonefish, (8)Dorado, (9)Pixels-Desert, (10)DeYoung Tarpon Flank, (11)DeYoung Wahoo Flank, (12)Turtlegrass, (13)Bluewater Camo, (14)Water Camo Forest, (15)Water Camo Green, (16)Water Camo Grey Scroll down for colors

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