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Sage "ONE" Fly Rods
Item # SG217

CLOSOUT 30% OFF! SAGE "ONE" Fly Rods with Konnetic technology - A new generation of fly rods that gives anglers exceptional tracking and torsional stability, resulting in casting accuracy that's unparalleled. Smooth, precise and with an intentionally forgiving "sweet spot" that complements widely diverse casting styles, the ONE rod makes a full range of close-in and long-distance casts that hit the mark with equal ease. Known fact: Fish feed on accuracy. Being able to feel exactly what the line is doing through all stages of a cast gives you ultimate control to make the micro adjustments needed to place the fly precisely where you want it. Engineered energy: Konnetic technology utilizes a new high-modulus composite combined with a high-compression molding process. This results in greater fiber nesting and fuses the inner core to the axial fibers. This allows for superior tracking with virtually no lateral or torsional movement, resulting in extraordinary casting. Konnetic technology provides more focused energy throughout the entire rod blank, resulting in very little sideways cast deflection due to wasted lateral movement. Custom Cork Handle: Snub-nose, half-Wells grip on 3-6 weights and full-Wells grip with fighting butt on saltwater weights 6FB-12 enable a more relaxed grip for improved control, feel and comfort. Blanks are super-sexy translucent BLACK ICE color complemented by black guide wraps and Bronze trim.

"ONE offers a more fluid transmission of energy from the arm to the fly. The eye sees the cast it wants to make, and that is translated to the hand and through the rod instantaneously." Jerry Siem, Chief Rod Designer

Introducing the Sage ONE Rod - Accuracy Redifined from Far Bank on Vimeo.

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