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Bug Collars
Item # TL155

50% OFF CLOSEOUT! BUG COLLARS are donut shaped beads that have a small cone on one side and a countersunk hole on the other. The cone side is designed to fit snugly behind most similarly sized or larger beads or cone heads. Creates an awesome 'hot spot' or unique two-tone head/collar on streamers, nymphs and wet flies. STANDARD COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Copper, (3)Fl-Chartreuse, (4)Fl-Orange, (5)Fl-Pink, (6)Fl-Red, (7)Fl-White, (8)Gold, (9)Jet-Black, (10)Nickel, METALLIC COLORS: (11)Green, (12)Olive, (13)Blue, (14)Brown, (15)Orange, (16)Pink, (17)Purple, (18)Red in SIZES:

7/64", 1/8", 9/64" REG $4.95/25-pak, NOW $2.48/25-pak

3/16", 7/32" REG $5.95/25-pak, NOW $2.98/25-pak
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Item # TM069

CLOSEOUT 50% OFF: STALCUP'S "STARBURST" DUBBING Looks just like our best-selling ICE DUBBING. Ridiculously finely shredded, super soft flashy dubbing mixed with a soft binder. COLORS: (1)Bright-Blue, (2)Granny-Green, (3)Burning-Amber, (4)Blueberry, (5)Olive, ((8)Golden/Olive, (9)Purple, (10)Lt-Shrimp-Orange, (11)Shrimp-Tan, (12)Gray, (13)Brown, (14)Pearl-Red, (15)Golden/Tan, (16)Cocoa-Brown, (17)Yellow, (18)Turquoise, (19)Rust, (20)Pearl-Green, (24)Emerald-Green, $.95/pak

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Item # TM071

CLOSEOUT 50% OFF: STALCUP'S "COTTON CANDY" DUBBING Super soft and airy dubbing that's perfect for Compara Duns and other dries, or can be used as a binder when mixed with Angel's Breath Dubbing (above). COLORS: (1)Forest-Green, (3)Dark-Brown, (4)Black, (6)Asphalt, (7)Sand, (8)Sage, (9)Peach, (10)Fern-Green, (11)Spring-Green, (12)Red-Rose, (13)Burgundy, (14)Snowball, (15)Yellow, (16)Tan, (17)Hunter-Green $.95/pak
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