Alaska Flies
Item # 158

ALASKA FLY ASSORTMENT - Includes Hot Head Jigs, Flesh Flies, Eggs, Alaskabous, streamers and more. 20 FLIES IN ALL. Retail price $45 - $50 NOW $24.95
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Borden's Magnum
Item # 205202

The Borden Magnum is made from two rabbit strips (think double bunny) with an epoxy head (with eyes!). Amazing shad or small trout immatation. We are closing these out by the dozen. Originally priced at $2.25 each ($27.00 per dozen), our closeout price is only $13.50/dozen. These wont last long at this price and are only available in limited quantities. This is a great BIG fish fly! Available in size 2. Roach is shown in the picture (Roach sz 4 is sold out). Tui Chub is has olive and tan rabbit strips.
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Borden's C Cut Leech
Item # 205257

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Borden's K Dub Leech
Item # 205307

Borden's K-Dub Leech: Lots of people love this one for still water situations- but it is a killer in moving water as well. 50% OFF by the dozen and available in black and olive, sizes 8 and 10.
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Hopper 6 Packs
Item # 448509

HOPPER 6 PACKS What a great way to stock up your box with some good looking hoppers! These are top notch patterns that are not in our catalogs anymore, so we have put together a mix of 6 effective hopper patterns at a ridiculous price. These retailed at about $2.50 per fly, but you are getting them for half that at $7.49 per 6 pack. The pic shows the hoppers we are making these six packs from (Grand Hoppers, Morrish Hoppers and more!) While supplies last. Once they're gone, they're gone!
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Mercers Lemming
Item # JF213

MERCER'S LEMMING From Kamchatka to Alaska, this one really put the hurt on 'em. Size 2 Was $5.95 Now $2.95
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Marc O Midge
Item # JF276

MARC-0-MIDGE Hot new midge pattern for tail-waters everywhere. (1)Black, (2)Red, (3)Olive - Sizes: 18, 20 Was $1.95 Now $1.00
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Butt Munch Beetle
Item # JF302

NEW! BUTT MUNCH BEETLE These realistic metallic beetles are sure to be the ticket on windy afternoons. (1)Blue, (2)Copper, (3)Green. Size: 10, 12 Was $2.50 Now $1.25
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Craig Riendeau's 'HAIRY FODDER'
Item # JF377

Craig Riendeau's 'HAIRY FODDER' This combination of rabbit, sili-legs and flash is simply deadly on all warm water species. It has a removable and flexible rubber ring that holds the bar-bell eyes on. Bar-bell eyes can be switched out to change their color or size (vary the weight for different depths), or removed altogether for shallow fishing. (1)Brown/Red, (2)Olive/Chartreuse, (3)Chartreuse/White, (4)Fire-Tiger - Size: 4 Was $2.95 Now $1.85
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Quigley's Sparkle Flag
Item # JF379

QUIGLEY'S "SPARKLE FLAG" Stacked hackle and a flag post make these flies easy to see and fish effectively. They are delicate, durable, and a perfect choice to fool selective fish. (1)Trico, (2)BWO. Sizes: 18, 20, 22, (3)PMD Sizes: 16, 18 Was $1.95 Now $1.00
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Quigley's "Film Critic"
Item # JF380

QUIGLEY'S FILM CRITIC Stacked hackle & flag post make these easy to see & fish effectively. Deadly pattern for trout who've "seen it all". (1)BWO - Sizes; 16, 18, 20, (2)Pink, (3)PMD - Sizes: 16, 18
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Wilcox Vw Emerger"
Item # JF383

WILCOX "VW EMERGER" Gorgeous little glass bead-head emerger, proven on the most selective wild trout. (1)Chartreuse, (2)Gray, (3)Pheasant-Tail - Sizes: 18, 22 Was $1.85 Now $1.00
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