Borden's Magnum
Item # 205202

The Borden Magnum is made from two rabbit strips (think double bunny) with an epoxy head (with eyes!). Amazing shad or small trout immatation. We are closing these out by the dozen. Originally priced at $2.25 each ($27.00 per dozen), our closeout price is only $13.50/dozen. These wont last long at this price and are only available in limited quantities. This is a great BIG fish fly! Available in size 2. Roach is shown in the picture (Roach sz 4 is sold out). Tui Chub is has olive and tan rabbit strips.
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Borden's C Cut Leech
Item # 205257

Borden's Rabbit Leech: The cross cut rabbit strips gives this fly a life like, pulsating action that drives trout crazy- also a great for smallmouth! A few strands of krystal flash on the end finish off this great looking leech pattern. Try throwing them on a sink tip, just make sure you get em' down deep! Available in Olive/Brown and Black. Sizes 6 and 8. These are priced 50% off retail and like the rest, we only have limited quantities and these are only available by the dozen.
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Borden's K Dub Leech
Item # 205307

Borden's K-Dub Leech: Lots of people love this one for still water situations- but it is a killer in moving water as well. 50% OFF by the dozen and available in black and olive, sizes 8 and 10.
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1 Dozen Adams Midge
Item # 352142

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