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Flex Coat Tools of the Trade Kit
Item # CP007

TOOLS OF THE TRADE COMPLETE ROD BUILDING START-UP KIT Flex-Coat, the leading manufacturer of equipment and finishing products for the individual rod builder, has bundled together everything needed to get started building casting, spinning or fly rods like a pro. In fact, they like to call this their "SMALL BUSINESS START UP KIT" bcuz everything is here to turn you into a custom rod builder and rod repair shop. THIS KIT INCLUDES: Professional Hand Rod Wrapper, Professional Finishing Motor, "Step-By-Step Rod Building" book, Rod Building "How We Do It" DVD, all of the necessary epoxies, glues and adhesives, utility knife with 6-extra blades, 12-foot roll of reamer abrasive, thread and line clippers, finishing brushes, measuring syringes, mixing cups and sticks. THE WORKS > $195 Please add an additional $5 shipping over our regular shipping charge. Ground shipping only.
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Douglas Dxf Fly Rods
Item # DG100


INTRODUCING: DOUGLAS DXF FLY RODS - Born of proven tapers that have evolved over 20 years of design and practice. The DXF series fly rods are built on an improved version of the same high-modulus graphite blanks that famous fly tyer and White River, AR guide, Davy Wotton, has been endorsing for years. Every rod in this series is built to purpose, and don't overlook the 10-footers. They are spectacular nymphing and wet fly rods, and will also present a dry fly with the best of them. DXF fly rods are a collaboration of modern action, fresh carbon matrix and a traditional fit and finish. Great balance, progressive med-fast to fast actions that cast, shoot and mend beautifully. 7-12 wt single hand rods have a faster saltwater action. AAA cork grips with first class hardware in Fresh (3-6 wt), Salt (7-10 wt). Rods come in a Cordura triangle case with rod bag. Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.
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Douglas Dhf Fly Rods
Item # DG101

DOUGLAS DHF FLY RODS - These days, tackle performance happens with surprising value. The vast offering of 'value-priced' fly rods requires the sharpest design resource to break out of the crowd. DHF is about years on the water. Reliable for the expert and first casters alike, they are the common ground that proves enthusiasts participate in each proficiency. DHF features IM7 Blanks with Dura Resin for strength and durability, carbon fiber insert reel seat with anodized up lock, cork grip with fiber-cork edges for durability, and power-cast actions with fine tips for tippet protection. THREE CORK GRIP/REELSEAT CONFIGURATIONS: Fresh (4-6 wt), Salt (7-10 wt), Switch and Double-Hand (6-8 wt) configurations. Freshwater blanks are green, saltwater blanks are blue. Cordura tube with integrated sleeve-pockets. Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
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Echo Carbon
Item # EC101

ECHO "CARBON" SERIES FLY RODS Tim Rajeff has designed the next generation of affordable trout rods. These rods are so smooth and easy to cast. Medium-fast actions (except the 6-wt) that will load in close and have just the right power and accuracy for long casts. Matte Brown blanks with single foot guides, half-wells grips with composite pressure zone, section alignment dots, and even a 20" fish hero mark. All rods include a Cordura-covered rod tube. Lifetime warranty.

ECHO "CARBON" COMPLETE OUTFITS include the rod of your choice with tube, appropriately matched ECHO "Ion" Fly Reel, floating WF Fly Line, backing, and FREE RIGGING. Tell us whether you reel Right or Left handed and your outfit will arrive ready to fish.
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Echo Ion
Item # EC102

ECHO "ION" SERIES FLY RODS Tim Rajeff designed this series to be easy (non-fatiguing) to cast all day in the salt, while maintaining the high line-speed and fish fighting power that is necessary. A wonderful blend of action and power. Really cool matte Stealth-Grey blanks, full-wells grips with composite pressure zone, salt-safe reelseat with fighting-butt, over-size stripper guides, Single foot snake guides, section alignment dots, and even a 30" fish hero mark. All rods include a Cordura-covered rod tube.

ECHO "ION" COMPLETE OUTFITS include the rod of your choice with tube, appropriately matched ECHO "Ion" Fly Reel, floating WF Fly Line, backing, and FREE RIGGING. Tell us whether you reel Right or Left handed and your outfit will arrive ready to fish.
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Echo "SOLO" Fly Rods & Outfits
Item # EC106

ECHO "SOLO" 4-PIECE SERIES FLY RODS Creating a travel rod that helps more people get into the sport of fly fishing was something that Tim Rajeff had waited a long time to do. ECHO SOLO rods blend performance and durability into a great looking new four piece design that will turn more than the fish's head. A beautiful gloss brown blank and premium components wrapped around a forgiving Medium Fast action blank will help every new fly angler get the feel for a sport that will stay with them for a lifetime. Carbon fiber reelseats with anodized components, hard chrome single foot snake guides and first-class cork grips. Cordura covered rod tube included. Available in three trout sizes as well as an eight weight to cover salmon, steelhead, and saltwater species. Lifetime Warranty.

ECHO "SOLO" COMPLETE OUTFITS include the rod of your choice with tube, appropriately matched ECHO "Solo" Fly Reel, floating WF Fly Line, backing, and FREE RIGGING. Tell us whether you reel Right or Left handed and your outfit will arrive ready to fish.
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Hardy "PROAXIS-X" Sintrix Saltwater Fly Rods
Item # GY102

HARDY PROAXIS-X SINTRIX SALTWATER FLY RODS - Hardy's development team, led by five-time Tarpon Gold Cup Grand Champion, Andy Mill, have pushed Hardy's SINTRIX technology to the absolute limit. The end result is staggering in performance and durability. Fast-action rods loaded with cutting edge features, like lightweight salt-safe hardware, titanium recoil guides and Hardy's revolutionary SINTRIX resin (described in detail above). PROAXIS rods are lighter, stronger, more impact resistant and capable of withstanding much higher loads than standard graphite fly rods. These are built to take the punishment and perform at an ultra-high level in any situation. Blanks are Blue-Slate, and equipped with a new heavy-duty machined/anodized aluminum reelseat with fighting-butt and Full Wells grips.
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Hardy Zenith Sintrix Fly Rods
Item # GY104

CLOSEOUT 30% OFF! Multi-Award-Winning HARDY ZENITH SINTRIX FRESHWATER Fly Rods - Built from HARDY'S industry changing SINTRIX material, which makes rods 60% stronger, up to 30% lighter and with hugely improved impact resistance over conventional carbon fiber. Specially treated silica nanospheres are blended into a SINTRIX resin. 1000s of the nanospheres surround every individual carbon fiber, giving an even distribution of the particles throughout the resin, which results in rods with unparalleled smooth casting actions. A SINTRIX fly rod will bend further without damage and will also take incidental impacts far better than any conventional fly rod design. High performance fast-action design delivers smooth casting performance. Blanks are Olive-Slate. Titanium recoil guides and Fuji strippers. Trout models equipped with new Burl wood/machined aluminum anodized reelseats and Reverse Half Wells grips, 9'6" 6-wt and heavier rods come with salt-safe anodized machined aluminum reelseats with fighting-butt and full-wells grips.

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Smith Creek Rod Clip
Item # HP060

WINNER: "Best Of Show - Accessory" 2012 International Fly Tackle dealer Show

SMITH CREEK "ROD CLIP" - The most innovative fly fishing accessory to come along in years! This wearable rod holder frees your hands to change a leader system, tie on a fly, eat a snack, or to show off and safely release that trophy fish you've just landed. Plus the ROD CLIP eliminates the need to ever set your rod on the ground, subjecting your reel to sand, dirt, grit or mud. The ROD CLIP securely holds most any size fly rod; and the rod CANNOT accidentally be knocked free. Mastering the use of the ROD CLIP is an easy single-handed operation that becomes second nature on the first day. The clip is built tough from anodized marine grade aluminum. The pin-on, custom made zinger has a short 3 1/2 inch cord, and has been tested to over 50,000 pull cycles without failing. The entire unit is very compact and lightweight, you don't know it's there until you need it. COLORS: (1)Blue, (2)Olive

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Getter-Back Rod Recovery System
Item # HP070

GETTER-BACK ROD RECOVERY SYSTEM - Rods and reels are expensive and fishing time is priceless! GetterBack installs in seconds with a non-destructive, high-grip Velcro strap. In as little as a few feet of water, a safe, eco-friendly reaction jettisons the high visibility recovery float to the surface. Grab the float and the attached high-strength braided line and pull your fishing rod back up. It's that easy! Works up to 100-foot depth. A must item for anyone who fishes lakes and ponds from a watercraft.

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Item # HS001

EGGGSERCIZER: SORE CASTING ARMS CAN BE PREVENTED (or cured)!Tennis-Elbow is no laughing matter. It can be prevented using this "EGGGSERCIZER". Fact is, in 3-days you can have a stronger grip. In 7-days you can crush a rod-grip (if you wanted to). You won't believe how fast this egg-shaped thing works. Complete instructions included. Endorsed by surgeons, therapists and trainers. Use it at the office or while driving for near instant forearm and hand-grip strength. If you're fishing a 7-wt or larger rod, it's a must. You saw it on ABC's 20/20 and THE TODAY SHOW.

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Tfo Lefty Kreh "OFFICE ROD"
Item # HS100

NEW! TFO LEFTY KREH "OFFICE ROD" - The first yarn-type practice rod that really feels like you're casting a fly rod! You can make virtually any cast with the OFFICE ROD that you can make with a fly rod, including standard overhead and roll casts, spey casts like the circle-T and snap-T, you name it. This rod will even make these casts on a slick floor if you like, the only yarn-type rod that we know of that will do that. The OFFICE ROD breaks down into 3-pieces (21.5-inches long), easily packs in luggage or carry it right on the plane (fits easily in overhead) on your next business trip. Practice your casting in hotel rooms, home or office. If you're just learning to fly fish this is the ideal practice tool. If you already know how to fly cast, this is an outstanding tool for refining your technique and learning new casts to make you a more complete fly fisher. Instructional Flash-Draive included.

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