Streamside Accessories

Strike Foundry Coil Indicators Yellow
Item # HD156

STRIKE FOUNDRY "CZECH NYMPH COIL INDICATORS" - These hi-vis Coil Indicators let you see the strike with no tension building in the line, so the fish feels no pressure until YOU strike. These are made from a "hollow" braded material that has some buoyancy built in. This allows it to ride a bit high in the water column than the Mono versions, and they are about three times thicker, making them very easy to see. Micro loops at both ends allow for easy attachment. Tie the Coil Indicator in between your leader and tippet section. COLOR is YELLOW 2-per pak.

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Strike Foundry In-Line Indicators
Item # HD157

NEW! STRIKE FOUNDRY "IN-LINE" INDICATORS - Ultra buoyant, super sensitive, hi-vis yet stealth bottom and In-Line rigging option allows for a hinged leader effect (right angle) presentation for better mending, bite detection, and castability. Can also be rigged like standard indicator. Made in Wisconsin. One size, about 3/4" diameter, perfect for most trout fishing situations. SPECIFY COLOR: (1)Pink/Grey, (2)Orange/Grey, (3)Chartreuse/Grey, (4)Squeakie's "special" Red/White. 2-per pak
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Tapered Slip Indicators
Item # HD300

NEW! TAPERED SLIP INDICATORS - These slip indicators hold firm during casting and retrieving until the hook is set. Then they release and slide down the leader letting you bring the fish to the net. Adjustable to any depth (set them to 15-20' if you like), fast and easy to rig (instructions included). Perfect for lake fishing, or any deep water nymphing situation. SIZES: Large(1"), Medium(7/8"), Small(3/4"). SPECIFY COLOR: (1)Fl-Chartreuse, (2)Fl-Orange, (3)Fl-Pink, (4)Fl-Red, (5)Fl-Yellow, $4.95/4-pak OR Color-Assortment(one each color) $5.95/5-pak
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Boomerang Snip
Item # HF075

NEW! BOOMERANG "SNIP" is Compact, lightweight, yet extremely durable, and features precise, corrosion-resistant "Grade 420" stainless steel blades that slice through monofilament, fluorocarbon, and even braided line, like butter. The built-in 36-inch retractor with split-ring allow it to be mounted on a vest, pack or belt loop. After use, just squeeze the aluminum handles on the sides to lock the blades closed in “safe mode” until needed again. Ruggedly made for both fresh and saltwater use. Dimensions: 3.25" x 1.25" x 0.75". Weight: 1.25-oz. Available in Standard Snip, or Snip with built-in LED light for night use. (A)Standard Snip $12.95, (B)LED Snip $14.95

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Smith Creek Middle Fork Fly Patch
Item # HG300

NEW! SMITH CREEK MIDDLE FORK FLY PATCH - The patented, extreme access, double-sided fly patch system designed with exposed ribs that protect your flies from loss due to rub-offs. Never before has it been easier to see and access your flies. It's surprising just how good it is holding the patch in front of you to see and access flies, and no more looking down at your vest or lanyard patch to see your favorite fly is gone. Double sided so it holds a lot of flies within a compact ergonomic and adaptable form. Flies are held securely in custom micro slit foam and protected from damage or loss. Worn on its zinger w/rotating pin attachment, or by its lanyard connector, makes it exceptionally easy to use with unparalleled access to secured flies. Wear on vests or clothing, chest/sling packs. For use on lanyards or D-rings an alternative attachment cable is provided. LOAD IT UP IN THE MORNING AND LEAVE YOUR FLY BOXES BEHIND.

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Smith Creek Rig Keeper
Item # HG301

NEW! SMITH CREEK RIG KEEPER - Carry multiple hook rigs-held securely and protected from damage or loss by its patented exposed ribs. Holds all types of dropper rigs; Czech, truck and trailer, dry fly and dropper, multiple wets, even works with salmon and steelhead bare hook setups. But whatever the style, it holds leaders and rigs without tangles and it is lightweight, quick and simple to use. "Carrying pre-rigs means less time rigging and more time with your flies in the water… fishing." Wear it, pocket it, or throw it in your tackle box. Exposed ribs keep flies, hooks & leaders from getting hung up or damaged, micro slits in the custom EVA body keep them secure. With stainless steel attachment cable. 4 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 3/4"

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Tacky Fly Box
Item # HG302

WINNER: Best Fly Box/Fly Storage System - 2014 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show

NEW! TACKY FLY BOX - These are great (Bob). Tough, sleek polycarbonate box with a clear top, a magnet closure system and a patent-pending "micro-slit" silicone rubber insert. This silicone insert has little to no memory (unlike foam inserts) so it won't wear out or become stretched over time. Flies are held securely in place for the lifetime of the box as "slots" heal themselves as soon as fly is pulled out. Fast and easy to load. Constructed of polycarbonate-the plastic used in the lenses of most sunglasses-because it's extremely durable and shatter resistant. Ideal size for vest pocket or pack at approximately 7"L x 3.5"W x 3/4"D and holds up to 168 flies (both dries & nymphs).
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Simms Thirsty Trout Keychain & Bottle Opener
Item # HK110

Colors Greeback & Simms Orange SOLD OUT

SIMMS THIRSTY TROUT KEYCHAIN & BOTTLE OPENER - COLORS: (1)Greenback, (2)Chrome, (3)Simms Orange, (4)Gold

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Simms Thirsty Tarpon Keychain & Bottle Opener
Item # HK111

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Boomerang Mini Grip Fishing Pliers
Item # HM125

NEW! BOOMERANG "MINI GRIP" FISHING PLIERS - Super light premium grade aluminum construction with ergonomic (grips finger ribbed) comfort handles and replaceable tungsten carbide cutters that easily cut all fishing lines including fluorocarbon, mono and braided lines. Serrated, stainless steel jaws are also replaceable. Internal spring automatically opens the jaws when pulled from it's holster. Holster and tether included. A fantastic value in a high end aluminum pliers with cutter. Dimensions: 5.375" x 2.25" x .3.75". Weight: 2.3oz
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Mini Led Pocket Light with Clip & Magnet
Item # HP075

NEW! MINI LED POCKET LIGHT with CLIP & MAGNET - This lightweight, compact six LED lamp puts out a ton of light (60-lumens). Find your way along the dark trail and back to the car after fishing the moonlight caddis hatch. Clips to a vest pocket or pack. Strong magnet in one end for mounding to your vehicle while you change out of your waders. Handy if you drop a fly on the ground; the magnet will vacuum it right up.
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Ingi's Disco Teaser
Item # JF584

NEW! INGI'S DISCO TEASER - Adds attraction and increased hookups when fishing any streamer pattern for trout, warmwater predators or saltwater. Fish are attracted to this flashy "teaser" then pounce on your trailing streamer fly. Of course, sometimes they hit the teaser, so there are several rigging options, including using a bare hook to secure it. Disco Teaser is tyed on a tube and is meant to ride 3-18" in front of your streamer anchored with a barrel swivel (included), non-slip mono loop, or a bare hook (rigging instructions/diagrams included). Try these and watch your fish counts immediately increase. 2 1/2" long, can be trimmed to smaller sizes. SPECIFY: (1)Pearl, (2)Silver, (3)Gold, (4)Rainbow $7.95/3-pak OR (5)One-Each-Color $9.95/4-pak
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