Fly Tying Tools & Materials

ZUDDY'S Leg Puller
Item # TB085

NEW! ZUDDY'S LEG PULLER Simple, completely effective tool for adding rubber-type legs to foam poppers of sliders. Push the "spear" tip thru the foam, thread the rubber lead thru the hold in the tip & pull back out of the foam head. Makes fast and easy work of it.
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Fish Skull "Crawbody"
Item # TL147

NEW LARGER SIZES! FISH SKULL "CRAWBODIES" - Realistic, anatomically correct crayfish (crawdad) exoskeletons made of the same lightweight, synthetic suede material as the Fish Skull Frantic Tails. They are easy to use enable even a novice fly tyer to create simple, but effective crayfish imitations. Can be colored with permanent markers. Designed to be tyed on any 4XL Streamer hook. COLORS: (1)Olive, (2)Brown in SIZES: SMALL(size 6-8 hooks), MEDIUM (size 2-4 hooks), LARGE (size 2-1/0 hooks), X-LARGE (size 1/0-3/0 hooks) 8-per pak
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Fish Skull Fish Mask
Item # TL150

NEW! FISH SKULL "FISH MASK" - If you have ever used Fish Skulls, you know they're a great way to add weight and a polished look to any streamer pattern. What about flies that don't require the weight? Enter the Fish Mask. This ultra-light Fish Skull is the perfect way to put the finishing touches on any baitfish pattern, especially if finishing the "head" of the fly isn't your strong suit. This is essentially a pre-molded, epoxy head for streamers. It is clean, quick and simple and eliminates the hassle and mess associated with 5-minute epoxy and like products. The clear transparent Fish Mask features recessed eye sockets that are sizematched to the ultra realistic LIVING EYES (our item number TL146) for the perfect Mask/Eye combo every time. Use Clear Cure Goo Hydro or Zap-A-Gap super glue to seal the eyes deep inside the mask. See table for sizing and pricing:
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Prismacolor Double Ended Markers
Item # TQ001

PRISMACOLOR "DOUBLE-ENDED" PERMANENT MARKERS are the best for coloring (dying) foam bodied flys & foam poppers, PLUS feathers & furs right at the bench. One end has a wide-tip for general use, the other is a fine-tip for marking (barring) feathers, or drawing gills, eyes and other details on foam poppers and sliders. Used to dye the wool on our F-C Woolhead Sculpin, the "shell-back" on Bill Miller's Crayfish, saddle hackles and more. COLORS: (1)Crimson-Red, (2)Pink, (3)Orange, (4)Yellow, (5)Chartreuse, (6)Olive-Green, (7)Dk-Green, (8)Ultra-Marine, (9)Dk-Brown, (10)Lt-Tan, (11)Cool-Grey, (12)Bronze, (13)French-Grey, (14)Dk-Purple, (15)Metallic-Silver, (16)Metallic-Gold, (17)Black

NOTE: Metallic-Gold & Metallic-Silver have one end (the fat one).
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Ice Wing Fiber
Item # TU068

NEW! ICE WING FIBER What a great streamer material. The best selling Ice Dub in 8" long fibers perfect for streamers, nymphs, emergers and any patterns that you really want to add a little extra flash to. Just the right amount of thickness for support when tied in. (1)Baitfish Mix, (2)Black, (3)Blue Steelie, (4)Blue Purple Back, (5)Fl. Chartreuse, (6)Fl. Hot Pink, (7)Fl. Shell Pink, (8)Gold, (9)Gray, (10)Green, (11)Hot Orange, (12)Lavender, (13)Lt. Blue Smolt, (14)Light Olive, (15)Minnow Back, (16)Olive, (17)Peacock Eye, (18)Peacock Green, (19)Pearl Green Hue, (20)Pearl Red Hue, (21)Pearl UV Hue, (22)Pink Pearl, (23)Polar Wind, (24)Purple, (25)Red, (26)Silver, (27)UV & Pearl Minnow Mix, (28)Yellow Pearl
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New Age Krinkle Flash
Item # TU070

NEW! NEW AGE KRINKLE FLASH A three color/texture mix that incorporates Krinkle Mirror Flash, UV Enhancer, and Holographic Flash. Comes in long hanks to be used on virtually any size streamer pattern. All blended and dyed to produce irresistible blends. COLORS: (1)Winter Run Purple: Blue and Gold Holographic with Electric Purple UV fiber, (2)Winter Run Blue: Peacock Blue Holographic surrounded by Blue Krinkle and UV Fibers, (3)Green Apple: Bright Chartreuse Krinkle and UV Fibers with Light Olive Holographic, (4)Fools Gold: Yellow Yummy with Dark Olive tones, (5)Midnight Fire: Red, Blue and Purple Holographic with Purple Krinkle and UV fibers, (6)Kaleidoscope: Pink and Purple Holographic with Red UV and Pink Krinkle, (7)Cherry Pearl: Vibrant Gold holographic with Deep Red UV and Cranberry Krinkle, (8)Sparkling Wine: Deep Scarlet UV fibers with a blend of Red Holographic and Krinkle, (9)Gold Stone: Tanish Orange UV Fibers and Gold Krinkle with Chartreuse Holographic, (10)Midnight Rainbow: Peacock Black Krinkle and Red plus Blue Holographic with Deep Purple UV fibers, (11)Orange Crush: Gold and Orange Holographic with Hot Orange Krinkle and UV Fibers, (12)Yellow Yummy: Bright UV Krinkle and Yellow Holographic, (13)Amberstone: Soft Orange UV with Bright Holographic Orange Krinkle Flash
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Speckled Flashabou
Item # TU071

NEW! SPECKLED FLASHABOU Same colors you are used to with standard Flashabou but with small spots to give it a mottled or grizzly look. We special ordered this in for a customer who loves the stuff and were immediately impressed with it. Great addition to any streamer pattern. (1)Speckled Copper, (2)Speckled Silver, (3)Speckled Gold
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Sandable Foam Cylinders
Item # TX021

SANDABLE FOAM CYLINDERS - Make bass & bluegill poppers or Sneaky Petes. (1)White, (2)Chartreuse, (3)Yellow, (4)Black in SIZES: Mini 1/4" 6-PAK, X-Sm 5/16" 6-PAK, Sm 3/8" 6-PAK, S/M 7/16" 6-PAK, Med 1/2" 4-PAK, Lg 5/8" 4-PAK, X-Lg 3/4" 4-PAK
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Loon RE-USABLE Mixing Cup
Item # TZ058

NEW! LOON RE-USABLE MIXING CUP Great for fly tyers and rod builders alike. It's the perfect vessel for modifying head cements, mixing epoxy and all of the UV products hitting the market. This handy little cup all but eliminates clean-up. Epoxies and cements will not bond to the Mixing Cup once hardened; just bend the cup and the remaining material pops out for repeated use. Great addition to your bench.
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