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Airflo Whizz Lube
Item # FL014

AIRFLO "WHIZZ LUBE" Fly Line Cleaner and Treatment - The clever flip top system incorporates the applicator into the tube's cap, making it quick and easy to apply to your fly line, even out on the water. A unique blend of lubricants keeps your line slick and water repellant, adding shootability and keeping your line floating high. Safe to use with all fly line brands.
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OmniSpool "Switch Box" Complete Kit
Item # FX021

NEW! OMNISPOOL SWITCH BOX LINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A brilliant way to manage, store and clean your entire fly line collection for both home and travel. Lightweight, compact, durable... simply genius. Change out or clean your fly lines with the greatest of ease, ANYWHERE-even in the boat. Purchase and carry FEWER expensive spare spools for your reel, and travel with less weight. Locating the lines you want when they're stacked at home takes no time. Identifying your lines is easy. Label your Switch Boxes and stack 'em together in groups (line weights, densities, whatever...). Your line isn't a mess when you need it; it's in good working order, stored just like the factory would. You don't need four hands or a buddy to deal with switching out or cleaning lines either. The ingenious design allows for one-person operation. Lines transfer from reels to Switch Boxes and vice versa using loop-to-loop connections, fast and simple, NO KNOTS. To clean your lines, simply snap on the LINE CARE BOX and run the fly line through it. As you wind, the line is scrubbed clean in the first half of the box, then coated with line dressing as it enters the box (line dressing not included). COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: One Switch Box Spool, Crank and Line Care Box. SPECIFY COLOR: (1)Blue, (2)Green

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OmniSpool "Swich Box Spools"
Item # FX022

OMNISPOOL "SWITCH BOX" SPOOLS - Here are the Switch Box Spools offered separately to accommodate all of the fly lines that you own, or plan to own. Compare this price to the cost of an extra-spool for your fly reel! COLORS: (1)Blue, (2)Green
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OmniSpool "Line Care Box"
Item # FX023

OMNISPOOL "LINE CARE BOX" - Clips onto the Switch Box to make short work of line cleaning. Included with the Complete Kit, sold here separately if you'd like.
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Fishpond Hook Jaw River Tool
Item # HF055

NEW! FISHPOND HOOK JAW RIVER TOOL - It's a bottle opener, line cutter, and tippet gage in one convenient tool! Aerospace aluminum and titanium construction, replaceable razorblade line cutter, bottle opener and a retractor/lanyard attachment hole. Accurate tippet gage from 2X - 7X. Laser engraved. Looks great on the key chain too! COLORS: (1)Pine, (2)Lichen

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Magnum Ultra Clear Fly Boxes
Item # HG114

NEW! MAGNUM ULTRA CLEAR FLY BOXES - Molded from nearly indestructible ultra-clear plastic with metal hinge pin. Make great boat boxes for trout and panfish flies. Also great for storing your backup inventory at home, see everything at a glance. Huge capacity in a small space, slide one or two of these babies in your boat bag and you're set! 11" L x 7" W x 7/8" D. SPECIFY: 470 Slits, 352 Slits, or 52 Slits-Longways.
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Upg Fly Badge
Item # HG213

NEW! UPG FLY BADGE - Keep your key patterns handy and dry. Attach Umpqua's sleek, unobtrusive patch to your shirt, vest, pack, waders or boat with either the carabineer, pin, or Velcro attachment. Micro-slit foam holds a range of fly sizes securely, while the strong magnetic compartment makes dealing with the small-to-medium size flies almost effortless. 4.75" x 2.875".
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Ez Tie: Blood Knot Tool
Item # HJ005

NEW! EZ-TIE BLOOD KNOT TOOL - Tie blood knots quickly and easily. This small, lightweight, corrosion resistant, precision-made tool makes it so easy, you won't believe it until you see it. Check out the video. Graphic and written instructions are also included. Use this handy tool to attach tippet to leader, or to build an entire tapered leader from butt to tip. Attaches to lanyard with provided ring preventing loss. Aluminum, brass and stainless construction. Made in USA. Lifetime guarantee. 1" x 1" x 3/8"

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Streamworks Nighthawk Lighted Pliers
Item # HM118

NIGHTHAWK LIGHTED PLIERS is the newest creation from the guys at Streamworks. You've gotta check these out. Not only is this an affordable salt safe pliers, but it has an industry first... a built in light! The light module is completely sealed and the batteries are replaceable (the pliers have batteries installed, so it is ready to light up from the day you open it up). You also will love the replacable tungsten carbide cutters that will slice through braid, steel wire and mono with ease. Also included is a black cordura holster to slide onto a belt with stretchable lanyard to keep these by your side at all times. If you have been in the market for a quality pliers that will do it all (and more!) at a great price, you will love these.
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Chota Hippies
Item # LB120

NOW IN CAMO! CHOTA "HIPPIES" CONVERTIBLE WADING SOCKS - Sometimes you need a hip wader, sometimes you need a knee high wading sock and at other times you need "something in between". Now you can have all in one with the Chota "Hippies" convertible wading socks. The Hippies feature a 3mm neoprene stocking foot attached to a three ply breathable laminate upper with an adjustable draw string at the top for a secure fit at any height. The Hippies also have a built in cinch strap just below the knee to help keep the socks in place and help prevent flooding just in case you go in a little too deep. SIZES: Small(5-8), Med(8-11), Large(9-12), X-Large(10-13), XX-Large(11-14). COLORS: (Tan $129.95), (Camo $139.95)

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Orvis Encounter Wading Jacket
Item # LJ108

ORVIS ENCOUNTER WADING JACKET - Take on unexpected weather with confidence. Lightweight, packable, breathable, and waterproof, the Encounter Wading Jacket is a fantastic value. The large, highly water
resistant single patch pocket on the left chest holds fly boxes or other accessories at the ready. Elastic cuffs with easy adjuster and a draw-cord around the waist provide a snug, comfortable fit. Easily packable in a vest or pack when not in use. SIZES: S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52), XXXL(54-56)
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NEW! Pulse Disc Sets
Item # TL148

NEW! PULSE DISCS SETS Lots of requests for these since their debut in the Summer 2013 issue of Fly Tyer magazine. Pulse Disc fits on your tippet in front of the fly and adds realistic side-to-side movement as you strip the fly, as well as putting out the same hydro-acoustical signature of bait fish. Talk about moving water, you can actually feel the pulsation in your hand! As in nature and fly fishing, one size does not fit all, this also applies to the Pulse Disc. There is a learning curve in order to size the disc to your fly. Start off with a small disc, then pull it through the water and note the action. If the oscillation is tight, and that is to your liking go no further. But if you want more oscillation, go up one size with the disc you are testing. If the disc is too large it will lock up and skate the fly sideways. Pulse Discs are installed in front of the fly using a non-slip mono loop, complete instructions are included. FRESHWATER SET: includes 6-each 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" discs $24.95, SALTWATER SET: includes 6-each 7/8", 1", 1 1/8" and 1 1/4" discs $26.95

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