Echo Tr Fly Rod

Item #216812

What do you do when you have a slight hitch in your giddy up? If you are a two hand fly fisherman who owns their own rod company you simply create a family of rods that help you cast better. Tim Rajeff took the popular ECHO classic rods and gave them a little more oomph in the bottom half of the rod to keep up with his slightly more abrupt power application. The new ECHO TR rods look like something from a TV battlefield and perform like they mean business. With modest tip power combined with a little extra butt power, ECHO TR rods will throw tighter loops farther than you ever dreamed possible. Load them up with a Skagit head and they slow down enough to make fishing sink tips a breeze. Available in a #5 trout Spey size all the way to a 15 foot #10 rod to keep long casters like Larry Aiuppy casting well past dark.

The rods feature a four piece travel design, alignment dots for quick assembly, premium grade cork upper handle with composite pressure zone at top of the handle, premium grade cork lower handle with composite pivot knob, handle lengths vary with each model, black anodized reel seat, matte army green blank, black stripper and snake guides and a green cordura case. $349.99

Starting At: $374.95

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