Original Saltwater Insurance Rod (PS70MF3)

Item #AM001

F-C ORIGINAL SALTWATER INSURANCE ROD(tm) 3-Piece Graphite Two-Handed 7-ft "SPINNING" carry-on-the-plane "Travel Rod" by ST. CROIX. Many trips both salt and fresh water saved every year with this rod and the "LAUNCHER" (see below). Waves and wind may blow us off with our fly rods, but not with this outfit. We load this rod with a LAUNCHER. Then CONTINUE TO FISH OUR FLY-PATTERNS. We will not be beaten by the weather. Many fishing the flats in the morning with fly rods return in the afternoon with this outfit to fish the bay and surf just for the fun of it, and kick butt. Mom or the kids can easily cast this "Two-Handed" model, and have a great time. It's rated fast-action, 6-12 pound line, 1/4-5/8 ounce lures. Cordura case included. (Matches well with the EF30 SPINNING REEL)

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