Bauer MacKenzie "CFX" Reel

Item #BU102

BAUER MacKenzie "CFX" Large Arbor Fly Reels The retro look of the original MacKenzie's, but with the awesome, completely sealed carbon fiber disc-drag from the Rogue reel. Silky smooth performance, no maintenance. V-Arbor spools retains the detented star drag knob when removed from the frame (no loose pieces). Spools ride on stainless-steel ball-bearings with 3X the load capacity of the original. Easily converted for right or left-hand retrieve. Machined bar stock. Red drag hub. ANODIZED COLORS: (1)Jet-Black, (2)Jet-Black/Pearl-Gray, (3)Jet-Black/Titanium

Starting At: $345.00
  Jet Black
Black/Pearl Gray


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