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W-bandaner: FOUND EM. GIANT BANDANA'S, at the most favorable price for you and me. I'm never without a bandana when fishing, and I keep one in the glove box for assorted uses also. LOOK, this one is a BIG 27x27 bandana(largest available) > and a cotton blend that wont shrink. COLOR: Bug Repel Red or "Evening Dress Black". Solid-colors, not sissy prints or paisleys. Grab one of these babies by each of its widest corners, and spin it into multiple layers. Put it around your neck, and tuck it in and around your collar, for maximum warmth when needed, like first thing in the morning, or the evening rise, when it can really cool down in the mountains. PLUS leave one side hang out of your collar if you are dry fly fishing. Use the side hanging out to clean your fingers after applying dry fly floatant. Do the same tuck-in when you walk into the bar for a sundowner, later in the evening. Cock your hat to one side a bit. Take a look in the mirror now. You look cool, partner, you'll see. In the summer, I pull a bandana thru my wader belt to dry my hands after a fish release. You can wash your hands and face in the stream, and dry up with this big one. IN THE HEAT OF THE SUMMER, dip it in fresh or salt water, and lay it around your neck for a personal air conditioning system. Really, these are nice. Wash the red or blk dye out with hand soap before using.

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