White T-Base Feathers

Item #EW126

The Nov-Dec 03 issue of FLY ROD & REEL MAGAZINE has an article by A.K. Best regarding using our White T-Base Feathers as the winging material for the wings on Royal Wulffs, rather than hair wings, like calf tail. It's an easy wing to tie, and I think it's the most beautiful wing for the Royal Wulff in sizes 12 thru 16. Almost looks hair like, because it's the nature of the feather-fibers on a T-Base Feather. You have to know how to do this, so get this issue of that magazine OR if you miss it, ask for Ed. Another thing, I have a number of Lee Wulff flys. He was friend and customer for many years. Lee never used a hair stacker for the hair wings on his Wulff patterns. The hair wings are not only un-even, but also sparse. More sparse then any I've ever seen tied, other then by Lee. Another thing, the bright-white MARABOU at the base of a T-Base feather is perfect for small white marabou streamers or jigs. We package T-Base in $2.50 bulk paks, or a BIG 1-ounce(small pillow) bulk-pak for $8 (see ITEM EW125 for 1 ounce pak).

Starting At: $2.50

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