Pattern Sheet - F-C City Rat

Item #EW193

The F-C CITY RAT trout fly is part nymph, and part not. It can be fished dead-drift deeeep as a great nymph pattern, and by using the Jim Liesenring-Lift at the end of the drift, expect this trout fly pattern to be very productive. Others have skipped the pattern with the rod tip as you do when fishing a streamer or F-C Crackleback, and found this to be productive. Allow the fly to get deep in any depth of water, meaning just off the bottom. The key material for tying this fly is the philo-plume(after-shaft) marabou like feather found under most feathers on a ringneck pheasant skin. Here we offer a pattern-Sheet to include THE HISTORY AND ILLUSTRATED EASY TYING INSTRUCTIONS. > $1.50 (This pattern will be one of your favorite go-deeep trout fly patterns

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