Fancy Marabou

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ED'S "Fancy Marabou" - AND HAVING FUN TYING AND FISHING MARABOU STREAMERS: Beautiful STRUNG Premium-Marabou about 2-1/2 inches long, in Multi-Colors you might never have tied with before. This Multi-Color Marabou is great for woolly-bugger tails, easy to tie marabou streamers, like the one I offer in white-marabou elsewhere here in a kit, plus a number of other methods to tie marabou streamer patterns like the Alaskabou's, and more. I've never found a marabou-streamer that I don't like. My favorite is to cover the hook-shank on a size-10 through 14 hooks with gold, silver or Holographic silver tinsel. Then with the thread a bit behind the hook eye, I tie-in a not to bulky, rather sparse, clump of marabou, allowing it to flow a bit around to the sides of the hook shank, and about a half-inch to an inch past the hook-bend. A Bead-Head can be used to get the patterns deep, or tye it on a fly rod jig. TO FISH THE MARABOU STREAMER: Skip the fly with your rod tip a foot off the water, in moving water. The method is to simply skip your rod tip in a short series of skip-skip-skip with a rhythm. Or strip the fly deep in still-water. The action of the marabou will do the rest for you. These little Marabou-Streamers and these simple fishing methods will take trout for you anywhere you go. FANCY-MARABOU COLORS: (2)Barred Light-Purple/Dark-Purple, (3)Barred Light-Pink/Dark-Pink

DISCONTINUED BY MFG. Only Two Colors Remaining.

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