Scientific Anglers Wet Tip Clear

Item #FA013

40% OFF! MASTERY "WET TIP" CLEAR INTERMEDIATE Clear "invisible" tip sinks a SLOW 1.5-2-ips. WF4F/S thru WF9F/S in Mist-Green/Clear.

If you don't own a Sinking Line or Sink Tip line, you're not prepared. These lines have a sinking-tip section that varies in length relative to the line weight. HOW I FISH SINKING LINE: You can clean out a pool (please don't) "SKIPPING" the size-12 F-C Crackleback on a 4-ft, 4x tippet right off the end of the loop in the line. Let the fly sink, then begin skipping it as you would a streamer, with your rod tip a couple feet over the water. I only use "moving" fly patterns with sinking lines (F-C Cracklebacks, F-C Rabbit Leeches, Streamers etc). It's a deadly method.

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