30% Off Sa Sharkskin Magnum

Item #FA036

30% OFF SA SHARKSKIN 'MAGNUM TAPER' Floating Fly Lines with STREAMLINED LOOP INSTALLED: Powerful yet smooth taper design. Casts extremely big flies with ease. Excels in windy conditions. Color is Mist-Green. WF4F thru WF10F.

Groundbreaking lines that yield greatly improved line-to-water floatation, casting performance, overall line suppleness and durability. The Sharkskin texturing process allows lines to sit higher in the water for less drag, easier mending, roll casting, and pick-ups. Line friction in the guides is greatly reduced; shoot distance is increased for longer, easier casts-even when the line is dirty. This line SINGS through the guides!! >> We recommend using finger protection with Sharkskin and Mastery Texturted Fly Lines, especially when stripping streamers or saltwater patterns. WAS $99.95 NOW $69.96

Starting At: $69.96

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