Kelly Galloup's Streamer Express

Item #FA046

50% OFF! KELLY GALLOUP'S STREAMER EXPRESS - LONG - Rapid Sinking-Tip Fly Lines with 50-Foot Head. Kelly has designed the perfect fly line for his style of streamer fishing, big flies, big fish (see Kelly's amazing streamer patterns in our fly section). Kelly likes to make repetitive, pinpoint casts with fast retrieves to shaded banks, pockets, ledges, and those dark troughs that hold the biggest predators. The front 30 feet of the line is fine diameter super-fast sinking head, followed by 20 feet of intermediate sinking line which keeps the sinking portion at the right depth, and level throughout the retrieve. 50-feet of super-slick running line allows you to get to the far bank when you need to. SIZES: 200-grain(for 6/7 wt rods), 250-grain(for 7/8-wt), 300-grain(for 8/9-wt).

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