Sa Textured "Capt Bruce Chard's Grand Slam Taper" Fly Line

Item #FA060

40% OFF! MASTERY TEXTURED "CAPT. BRUCE CHARD'S GRAND SLAM TAPER" Floating Fly Lines with STREAMLINED LOOPS INSTALLED. Short, powerful front taper for turning over heavy flies on long leaders, even in a saltwater wind. A slightly over-weighted belly helps to load your rod immediately for those quick, short presentations when visibility is sparse. A longer rear taper helps transfer the energy smoothly into the belly of the line. Color change to show optimum loading point. COLORS: (1)Pale yellow with Horizon-Blue head, (2)Pale-Yellow with Turtle-Grass head. SIZES: (WF7F-WF8F ideal for Bonefish), (WF9F-WF10F ideal for permit), (WF11F-WF12F ideal for Tarpon).

MASTERY TEXTURED FLY LINES The best of both worlds. The tried-and-true Mastery Series lines with SA's exclusive Micro Replication technology. They've given the surface of the lines a new patterned texture of small round divots similar to golf balls. This texturing means less casting effort, greatly improved distance casting and accuracy, very little memory and increased durability. The finished surface has no unwantd line flash, and it yields greatly improved line-to-water floatation. Line friction in the guides is greatly reduced; shoot distance is increased. This line also sings through the guides, but a bit quieter than the Sharkskin Textured lines! We recommend using finger protection with Sharkskin and Mastery Texturted Fly Lines, especially when stripping streamers or saltwater patterns.

NEW FEATURE: SA ID Scientific Anglers Line Identification Now standard on MASTERY TEXTURED FLY LINES. Line size & type are clearly printed on the front end of each line, about 10" back from the tip. NICE!

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