Rio Fluoroflex Tippet

Item #GF002

RIO "FLUOROFLEX PLUS" TIPPET MATERIAL Made with 100% Fluorocarbon-some of the strongest, thinnest fluorocarbon available. INCREDIBLE STRENGTH plus higher density to sink just below the surface for "no-shine" making it equally effective for dry fly & nymph fishing. Dispensed from interlocking, rotating spools that are well marked for easy ID. SIZES: 7X(2.5-lb), 6X(3.6-lb), 5X(5-lb), 4X(7-lb), 3X(8.5-lb), 2X(12-lb), 1X(13-lb), 0X(15-lb) $14.95/30-yd spl

Starting At: $14.95

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