Umpqua Red-Hot Power Taper Leaders

Item #GG009

RED HOT Power Taper Leaders by UMPQUA This 10ft leader features a 24" section of vivid NEON RED mono integrated into the rear half of the leader. The first 36" of butt section is matte-milky color, followed by 24" of NEON RED, then 5-feet of clear mono to the front. The two butt-section colors combine to offer the highest visual color contrast and vibrancy of any indicator leader, and a bright visual separation between butt and tippet sections. For high sticking or Euro-nymphing, depth control is visually calibrated with the raising and lowering of the rod butt section five feet above your fly. The RED HOT also acts as a 'gun sight' for tracking the fly in slow or still waters. SIZES: 3X (8.5lb), 4X(6lb), 5X(5lb) and 6X(3.5lb)

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