Frog Hair Tippet

Item #GK481

FROG-HAIR "HIGH PERFORMANCE TIPPET MATERIAL" by Gamma Technologies is made from a unique co-polymer nylon that is subjected to an irradiation process that alters the molecular structure of the material. This dramatically increases the suppleness and elasticity of the material while achieving an incredibly high break and knot strength. Spools snap together and dispense neatly. SIZES: 8X(1.8-lb), 7X(2.8-lb), 6X(3.7-lb), 5X(4.9-lb), 4X(6.2-lb), 3X(8.5-lb), 2X(11.1-lb), 1X(13.1-lb), 0X(15-lb). (30 Meter Spool)

Starting At: $7.95

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